Elaine McKewon 2 months ago

I did not expect to gain such valuable insights into the realities of working in this field - for example, I am now more conscious that managing stakeholder relationships is a huge part of the job.

Carli is personable and knowledgeable. Her workshops cover a lot of ground, yet they are engaging and well-paced. I came away feeling happy and confident that I understand UX writing basics and can do well in this field.

I most enjoyed Carli's warmth and her fascinating stories from the frontline :-)

I am pivoting from academia at the age of 54. After completing the UX Writing course, I am now confident that I will be able to excel as a Content Designer. I realised that my role will be to advocate for users in organisations that are not yet user-centred. So I'll get to exercise and further develop my soft skills.

Thank you to Carli and everyone at AWC! Check them out! I had a great learning experience - well worth the investment.

Taryn Lindsay 2 months ago

Knowing that my completed 145K word novel needed some structure, some editing, and some refinement, I sought to know how to say everything well and with fewer words to make it publishable. I can take criticism and want to know how to improve, and want to do everything I can before giving it out to beta readers. The price was affordable, and the self-pacing made it do-able, as the tutored course I would have chosen was fully booked, and not suited to my work hours.

Whether or not I would have read the same or similar content elsewhere made me wonder if it would be money well-spent, but it was definitely well-spent, and I have advised my writers group friends to take AWC courses on. Sometimes hearing words spoken by a teacher opens ideas differently to just reading them.

I also wondered if I'd be up to the task, but knowing I had a year and was very motivated made me realise it was do-able.

I'm very grateful for the voice of Valerie, as she's easy to listen to and speaks well. Tuning in to her tutorials puts me in a 'work' mindset, and when I listened to a podcast recently, I could feel myself tune in to her words. I'm looking forward to hearing more of her in the next course.

I'm so grateful, as well, for the multitude of topics to choose from on the website, and can't wait to do other courses. I've already chosen the next one, and am saving up for a possible third.

I'm very grateful for the 12 months access, and also to be able to download content. It's so helpful to be able to refer back!

Most enjoyable is hearing the things I haven't heard, read, or learned before, and of course that's not always something that can be pinpointed. It won't stand out because everyone hears something different. I enjoyed the simplicity, the handouts, the humour, and the sensibility of it. It's actually very practical, and very plainly put. Doing the handouts and filling in the worksheets is very telling, and also a very enjoyable process. I love the review process and the editing insight.

The course has been refining things I knew about but didn't know how to apply. I've been writing for almost twenty years, but have been reminded that 'just write' is still the best way to get it done, and that there are not always single 'right' formulas, and that arriving at a solid endpoint can happen in different ways depending on technique. The main thing is being encouraged! I liked the focused learning. You guys have put a lot of time in, and it feels very complete. It's worth doing this course.

Don't think about. Just do it. Get online and choose a course TODAY. Suck up your pride or fear or worry, and go for the jugular. Choose the course that you feel fits your weakest link, and TAKE IT. You won't regret it. After all, everything helps, right? You will grow, and love the process.

Rose E. 2 months ago

My school cancelled English Literature class, and I really love writing. This led me to search for online writing courses and instantly found this one. I was impressed by what it provided and I was ready to give it a shot!

Pamela was great! She gave me really good feedback and advice and I think it was really great that I was able to get actual feedback on my own work that I had produced.

Personally, my favourite part of the course was the audio activity in module 8 that walked me through the 'describing a setting' process step by step.

It has taught me so much about writing that I didn't know before. I have learnt so many things that I am positive will make my writing much better than it was prior to this course.

The way to structure a story! Inciting incident, turning points, climax, resolution! I enjoyed it so much!!

Peta Henshelwood 2 months ago

I had completed the Creative Writing Stage 1 and Fiction Essentials: Characters, so thought it was a terrific follow up to this. Also I've been working overseas for the last 13 years and wanted to make sure, now I'm back in Australia, that I'm writing in British / Australian English, not American, which I had to do overseas.

I enjoyed that I could take the quiz, check where I went wrong and retake it if I wanted to. I found this further consolidated my knowledge.

I actually knew more than I had thought. Although I definitely plan to continue creative writing, I'm currently engaging in University study again after a number of years away. As I've had to write educational information in American English over the last 13 years, I was worried I couldn't remember the correct Australian / British punctuation and grammar rules. It was a fabulous refresher course. Thank you! Now I have the confidence to continue creative writing and studying. A win, win!

Alanah Issa 2 months ago

I enjoy writing and was looking for a way to improve my style of writing and also learn skills that can help make my writing better. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't be able to complete all of the assignments.

The tutor seemed very nice, and it seemed like she knew what she was doing, and enjoyed doing it as well.

I found it fun to listen to the lessons and learn tricks and advice for writing. It helped me to increase my writing skills and learn more about characters and writing in general.

It's a good way to strengthen writing skills and learn how to improve techniques and style. It's a fun and engaging program and it has helped with my confidence in writing and storytelling. Thank you for giving me this experience.

Pame Price 2 months ago

I have been blown away by this course. I didn’t expect to gain so much. In the short five weeks I have looked back at how my writing has improved. Many lightbulb moments of how I can improve my book...

The tutor was excellent. I particularly loved the feedback. So helpful in a compassionate way.

I was telling my daughter about the course. Her reply: “Mum, you sound so happy, obviously it is just the right fit for you.”

I didn’t believe it would have such a positive and challenging effect on me. I love my book, yet realised the frame is fine, but I have missed so much ‘colour, feel and juice.’ I know it will take me longer, yet I am excited. I have clarity.

Jacqui Nicholson 2 months ago

My grammar and punctuation were better than I thought, but I learned some things I didn't know as well. It's been very helpful and an educational experience for me. It has made me aware of my weaknesses and strengths. Now I know what I need to work on:)

Robyn Elliott 2 months ago

This was an exceptionally good course with a very good group of writers. I enjoyed it. Thank you for all the office staff help too. I think the fact I had already completed Short Story Essentials helped me. I have done many of your courses through the years and they are informative and stimulating. But this was the best. Perhaps I will try one more with an unfinished novel waiting in the drawer for final draft. Thank you to you all.

Feedback from Cathie was excellent, encouraging and very informative. She gives such a lot of extra graphs and info sheets. I have downloaded them for future reference. Sometimes it takes a while to absorb all the information and it is good to have this feedback and also the module downloads to do at a later date. I can't praise Cathie enough; she is an excellent tutor. Thank you, Cathie.

I enjoyed the interaction with the other students - they are now good friends - reading their work and seeing how each one progressed. I wish it went longer as it seems as if we could have had a month more to work on the editing and publishing side of things. It would be interesting to know how they get on later so this is a reason to join the Facebook page.

I finished this memoir. It was tough work and emotional to go back and find what I needed to keep, what I needed to add, what needed to be left out. I'm glad it wasn't completed beforehand.

What I had considered just an urge that wouldn't go away, and that kept insisting I needed to write it, had benefit for others. The students loved the story and this was encouragement. Cathie too has said she loves it. One of the men said he couldn't put it down. High praise from a man, I feel.

I am grateful for all the service and help given through the office as well as tutor and audios and written handouts. I have a sense of having achieved something worthwhile. I had three copies printed and bound at Office Works to give to beta readers outside of AWC students and feel proud to have something of worth for them to read, prior to a final print run.

Susy Boyer 2 months ago

It was fabulous, and exactly what I needed to learn. Spot on! I felt I had my money's worth by the end of week two :)

Zanni was really great. Her feedback was thorough and insightful. I found her personality warm and friendly, and felt she genuinely cared about helping us with improving our work. She encouraged me tremendously.

The length of this intensive 5-week course was perfect. Long enough to cover a lot of ground, but short enough for me to be able to put other areas of my life temporarily on hold, and really throw myself into it. I worked from 5am-7am each morning on the modules, and completed the assignments each weekend. Sometimes spending 12hrs on Sundays for the longer ones (but loving the process).

Having a weekly assignment deadline was fabulous...they really helped me stay on track, and put the course first in my priorities! Then eagerly waiting to hear Zanni's reviews which were always informative, motivating and spot on.

Firstly it has given me a huge confidence boost. I've written stories on and off for many years, but have not done anything about them as I knew I had much to learn. What I was taught in the course has changed the way I approach my writing, and filled in the gaps I knew were there (without knowing what they were). This new knowledge has turned a key for me, and unlocked a flood of writing!

Secondly, I'm now mentally ready to pursue writing in a serious way. I plan to keep learning and improving with the goal of one day being published as an author. Eventually writing the books I illustrate.

Thank you to Zanni Louise, Valerie Khoo and Cathie Tasker for presenting this excellent course. I intend to follow up with the Writing Picture Books Masterclass and Writing Chapter Books.

Wendy Westbrook 2 months ago

The presenter was very clear and inclusive of all attendees. Hard to do sometimes when on Zoom.

I loved the way Michelle was on top of all situations.

Take the plunge. You will be swimming, with better strength, within moments of finishing the course.

Thank you for opening your doors to everyone that needs this type of support.

Ian Acheson 2 months ago

I've been receiving the AWC weekly email for a couple of years now and been reading about this course. Now was a good time for me to dive in and see what it was like.

The assessments were the most valuable part of the course as Cat's suggestions were especially eye-opening for me.

Cat was very perceptive and appeared to give everyone solid counsel as well as good encouragement.

I enjoyed Valerie's podcasts. I learnt many new things that are particular to feature writing which I appreciated.

Well done, Valerie and Cat. And thank you!

If you're wanting to be a freelance writer then do this course!

Alanah Kerec 2 months ago

I'd always leaned more towards being a big reader and editor rather than a writer myself. This year, though, I wanted to try something different. I've written short stories and the starts of so many novels over the years, so when I received an email from AWC with this course listed I thought, why not?

Pamela's feedback and the comments from other students were fabulous and really helped me develop my work over the course. Pamela was super helpful and understanding and her feedback was wonderful. It was constructive but she also pointed out parts of our stories that she loved.

I enjoyed writing in different ways and reading other's work.

The course has helped me discover my writing style and develop more ideas in my head that I now can't wait to put on the page. It's a great way to develop your skills and keep your creative mind active.

Danielle Phelan 2 months ago

I've been interested in writing a memoir for quite some time. I'd heard about Patti Miller from other writers who recommended her books on writing. So, when I saw this course advertised in your newsletter, I couldn't go past the opportunity.

I've done some life writing before but never shown it to anyone. I was a little apprehensive about the writing exercises and the prospect of reading or presenting my work to other course participants.

Course participants had varied backgrounds and experience, different motivations and writing styles. Rules around privacy and respectful commentary were agreed to upfront and this created a safe space in which to share our work. Patti led us through basic life writing techniques, including ways to access memory. We then analysed example text to see the techniques in action and consolidated our knowledge through targeted writing exercises.

Patti is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable. She is a clear and personable communicator, generous with her feedback and encouraging throughout.

I felt privileged to hear the work of other course participants, provide them with specific, positive feedback and to receive it from them in return. I also loved the structured writing exercises and the opportunity to connect with other budding writers.

I've learned a number of techniques to access memory and bring the details to life. The feedback I received has also inspired me to keep going with my project.

AWC is a gateway to a knowledgeable and supportive writing community. The courses are affordable, easily accessible and led by very experienced tutors, who are generous with their time and input.

Sarah Lightfoot 2 months ago

I've listened to the podcast and loved it and heard the testimonials for this course. Also I liked how short it was (although once it started I didn't want it to end).

I was worried I would not have time to complete the assignments but it was very manageable.

I got so much out of this course. LOVE! I feel so excited to keep writing. All of the practical tools and knowledge this course gives was exactly what I was hoping for.

I love the tutor. OBBSESSED! Is that too creepy? I thought she gave such great constructive feedback and really broke everything down clearly. She was a wealth of knowledge and definitely the highlight of this course for me.

The practicality and straight to the point approach. It didn't waffle on and it wasn't airy fairy. I loved that it focussed on trying to get as much information about the picture book process into the 5 weeks as possible.

It's given me the writing bug and now I'm obsessed; I just want to keep writing.

Amazing loved it!! 10/10

Linda Kemp 2 months ago

I needed more in-depth advice about the beginnings of creative writing. Although I studied creative writing at uni, and have done numerous masterclasses since, I wanted more structured assistance in character development, and POV, tenses, etc.

The audio lessons were fantastic. I like the way they were broken into roughly 30-minute chunks, so that we could stop if we needed to focus on something else. The tasks were brilliant. Everything was just so good.

Pamela Cook was fantastic. Her feedback was spot on and it was given in a clear and supportive manner.

I write every day already. And I've written my manuscript and I'm currently working on Draft 5, so this course will help in small ways to tighten and improve this current draft.

Thank you so much for you wonderful course options. I'll definitely be back for more.

Just sign up, you won't regret it!

Erin Burrows 2 months ago

The tutor was very engaging to listen to. Knowledgeable. Provided personal experiences as examples. Most importantly, provided tailored feedback, making this course personable and student-focused.

I enjoyed putting the course content into practice through the assignments. Thereby showing us, we CAN do it!

By giving me the tools I need, the course has bridged the path forward for me to start out! Now, I just have to find self-confidence to overcome imposter syndrome lol.

Lisa Mason 2 months ago

The tutor was down to earth, easy to listen to, knowledgeable, professional. The homework modules were quick and easy but also fun

I feel like I now understand what copywriting is which has meant I am more confident in exploring this option as a potential career change.

Iris Cassell 2 months ago

Bernadette provided fantastic content that I felt was really good value for the cost of the course. She was easy to understand in the video modules and it was very easy to follow the course process and expectations. She gave very constructive feedback to everyone. I gained confidence after the feedback and am now a bit sad that I won't have anyone telling me that I have done something brilliant next week.

After the initial shock of the publishing of our warts and all copy to everyone, I found it helpful and I learned a lot from others’ input and their creativity.

I have gained confidence and now just want to do this for life.

Cree Oliver 2 months ago

I very much enjoyed the course and it gave me a big confidence boost.

I thought the feedback was great. It was very detailed and encouraging and personalised. It exceeded my expectations.

I really enjoyed the assignments, reading other people’s work and receiving and reading feedback (both my own and others).

It was so wonderful to receive personalised feedback and to begin to understand the craft of writing. It has given me tremendous confidence and ignited a spark to push forward.

Alishiya Andrew 2 months ago

I have had an interest in doing creative writing for a few years and I finally decided to join the course.

The tutor was very good. Great feedback and very encouraging. She showed personal interest in all students.

I enjoyed the systematic teaching, the assignments, and meeting fellow writers on the same journey.

I feel I am using a talent I never knew I had. It has given me so much confidence to keep writing.

Tess Palmyre 2 months ago

My only hesitation was that I might not have the time to do it properly with work and home life. I delayed signing up for years because of this but always kept an eye on when the next course was coming out.

I loved the tips and examples in the course material! I finally have a method for feature writing and pitching to editors. I had no idea about either of those things before, it was very much trial and error. I feel more confident incorporating freelance writing into my communications consultancy now.

Jenny Stapledon 2 months ago

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information and its detail in the course. The feedback on assignments was excellent in the care taken to consider different aspects of the writing

The tutor was generous with her time and encouragement, well prepared, attention to detail, feedback unfailingly delivered in a constructive and positive way.

I enjoyed the opportunity for self-paced learning and appreciated the care that had gone into the lessons and resources. It also forced me to write several stories for children which otherwise I might not have done.

It has made me think again about the start of my novel. I will shorten the lead-in and get into the action sooner than before. There was something about the first chapters that was niggling at me and this course clarified what the problem was. Also writing the elevator pitch for the last assignment led to me revising the elevator pitch for my novel and clarified for me what the novel was really about. I also revised the synopsis giving it a new emphasis.

Tabitha Bird 2 months ago

I wanted a kick start to write that picture book I'd always been wanting to write.

Zanni was wonderful and very thoughtful in her feedback. She knew exactly what she was talking about and provided actionable steps to improve the manuscript.

I now have two picture book manuscripts that I'm proud of. One is more polished than the other but I feel I'm ready for next steps and learning more.

Hannah Brooks 2 months ago

I didn't know what to expect but I really enjoyed the course, and really learnt some great new skills from it, so thank you.

Bernadette was great. Really engaging delivery. Great tips for structuring content, which is what I was after. She inspired me to think about things differently for my writing and my business.

The assignments were good, and feedback useful. All in all I enjoyed the course.

Jazmin Saetrang 2 months ago

I absolutely loved learning from Bernadette! I learned so much each week and it was really cool to watch my writing get better (and easier) just with a few tricks. Her feedback was always so encouraging as well as helpful. I was really able to learn from it and see things I could do to improve next time.

I loved it all! The videos with the audio was really engaging and the content was amazing. I loved that all the assignments were really practical and we actually got to put what we learned into action.

My ability to come up with things to write has taken off. Having a guide for how to come up with and write copy has been so fundamental and I feel more prepared than ever to get running with my freelance writing business. So, so thankful I chose this course!

It's absolutely worth the cost and I can personally recommend it. I'm excited myself to take further courses in the future!

Lesley Leadbetter 2 months ago

I've been unsuccessful in submitting to Agents and Publishers, so felt this course would help.

The facts were set out in pinpoint and Natasha spoke with a clear voice. She encouraged with examples of her own experiences.

The course is comprehensive and easy to follow.

Rose Grubits 2 months ago

The tutor was excellent. It was interesting to have feedback provided in audio form, rather than just written.

The videos were easy to watch and well structured. I loved seeing what all the other students were coming up with. Also enjoyed listening to the feedback and hearing Bernadette's thoughts and ideas on our assignments.

It has given me new confidence that I could 'put myself out there' as a copywriter and potentially create an income stream from this. The course has shown that copywriting is not especially difficult, but that there are formulas and 'tips' to use to give the copy more impact and make it more successful.

The formulas (and tricks) explained in the course are all definitely being used out there in the 'real world', especially in advertising. And once they're pointed out, you start seeing them everywhere!

I'd say that the course is a good introduction to copywriting and can be easily undertaken in your spare time without any stress/pressure.

A big thank you to Bernadette for tutoring the course.

Ciara Bastow 2 months ago

I wanted to get back into writing and really wanted to get a start on my novel. So going back to basics was the best possible start.

I thought Margaret was so very kind and even when she was giving criticism it was always so helpful.

I really liked completing the assignments and getting feedback from both the tutor and my peers; I thought that was very worthwhile. I also thought the handouts and recordings were beyond beneficial. I learnt so much from that that I could put into practice.

I am ready to get working on my characters and start writing my novel.

I would say that it is a safe, creative environment with like-minded writers and it is a great starting place for getting your writing career on track.

Vanessa Traynor 2 months ago

Angela is wonderful. Her expert feedback is honest, supportive, and always positive. She always starts her assessment with something positive, this is just so wonderful for a budding writer, but at the same time, she always helps you understand how you can improve. I cannot speak more highly of her; I would most definitely be a repeat customer if she was leading the course.

I enjoyed the regular exercises to develop skills and reading everyone's writing. It was so wonderful to see how other people write, that they too struggle with similar issues to myself and that there are so many ways in which you can approach a scene. I learned so much from my fellow writers in a short five weeks.

It completely changed my approach to how I write. I realise now I was trying to magic up fantasy from a place where nothing was familiar to me and while I would often begin with a great idea, I would fast lose momentum as I got into the minutiae. But when I started to look for inspiration from all the little moments in my own life - which this course helped me realise was the best place to start - writing the guts of the story came much more easily. This was a big and fundamental change in mindset for me.

I would paraphrase my favourite author Neil Gaiman and say ""everybody has a secret world inside of them... no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Inside them, they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds...” So why not go write them, just make sure you visit AWC on your way.

Great course, awesome tutor, an amazing group of fellow writers. If you are on the fence and an expert procrastinator like me - let it go and take the dive. You won't regret it.

Karen Jackson-Hope 2 months ago

Bernadette offered very insightful and crucial feedback, especially on my first submission. She was very encouraging and clear, which was very helpful

The course was very accessible and flexible. The podcasts and written materials were great. I think the subject and content of each module was spot on. Not too heavy, not too light.

The course has given me the courage to keep going with my novel. It has made me realise the magnitude of the task and given me some key clues on how to achieve that all-important first draft. The course has also made me feel I am not alone in this pursuit and there is plenty of help and guidance around, which is great.

Andrea Howard 2 months ago

I loved the amount of detail we covered, and Zanni's constructive and honest feedback. The way she explained different methods was inspiring and you could tell she is very knowledgeable!

It has inspired me to keep writing. Zanni's encouragement gave me the boost I needed to submit a manuscript to a publisher. Wish me luck! ;)

Sally Darby 2 months ago

Margaret was positive, warm and compassionate. I loved how she found something to love about everybody's writing and found a way to connect with it.

I really enjoyed the online tutorials and learning about the technical side of putting a story together.

Although posting my work made me feel very vulnerable, having people comment on my writing and saying what they enjoyed about it gave me the confidence to keep trying. I think the community was really important for all of us.

I learned what a disciplined and highly skilled craft this is and that great writing doesn't happen by chance or accident. I'd always imagined people writing because it came naturally to them, but I've come away with an understanding that it's hard work and that having a passion for it is only half the job.

It was engaging but also highly practical for those wishing to pursue a career in writing.

Gemma Patience 2 months ago

I heard Bernadette Schwerdt on the So You Want to be a Writer Podcast and thought she sounded like she would be a great tutor. I was a little concerned I wouldn't have enough time each week for the course, but the workload was fine.

Bernadette was knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging. I enjoyed learning the rules of copywriting and then getting in there and giving it a go.

The Australian Writers' Centre is your go-to place for courses on all forms of creative and professional writing. Each course I have completed has provided me with the comprehensive foundation, practical skills, and confidence required to seek work in the industry.

Thanks so much!

Laura Senkewitz 2 months ago

The feedback that I received on my writing: previously I have only ever shared my work with friends, who have always been 'too kind'! Receiving negative feedback (though delivered kindly) at first was unpleasant, but then actually made me realise that my work can be improved and potentially go somewhere rather than just languishing in a forgotten folder on my computer.

I just want to say again how much I enjoyed this course - although it was a short course, it felt very well-rounded and rich in useful information. Margaret was a wonderful teacher and I sincerely appreciate her feedback and advice.

AWC provides wonderful courses run by experienced and knowledgeable teachers. The advice they give is practical, honest, and invaluable, and I finished the course feeling informed and inspired.

I've started writing again in a serious and committed way.

Jennifer Norris 2 months ago

I loved the checklists to help better know your characters, introducing them, and relationships between them. Will be using these a lot!

I enjoyed doing the mind maps. In fact, all the exercises - they were very helpful.

Valerie Miller 2 months ago

Patti's feedback was always honest and authentic. She is exceptional in running an online course and managing the time to discuss, share work and for information to be relayed to us.

I enjoyed writing and hearing other people's work. I learnt new things that I wasn't aware of.

I am committed to getting this project I started a few semesters ago in my Master of Letters (creative writing). I am also seriously thinking of changing my dissertation this year to my memoir. Either way, I am committed to writing regularly to get a first draft written and have started a Facebook group with other members so we can meet to encourage us all to write regularly.

If you have a story inside you about a moment in your life and you don't know how to start, the AWC Life Writing course will set you on the right path, armed with strong tools to get you started. Patti Miller is an expert and you will be learning with a master in this genre.

Rochelle Gosling 3 months ago

I very much enjoyed working with Sue. I enjoyed the very helpful, practical recorded modules and the ability to be able to go back and review.

I have focused mostly on adult fiction to date, but am now looking at how I can split my time (and personality! Just kidding!) to write something manageable for children.

It’s an approachable, practical and hands-on course that is both motivating and hugely helpful.

Julian Beckedahl 3 months ago

There's actually a lot to take in and think about; so I will go over the materials at a later date. It felt really comprehensive with heaps of tips and ideas.

The tutor was very encouraging and supportive. Angela took time to provide tailored, considered and constructive feedback to all course participants. Her writing experience, knowledge of the industry and passion for words shone through!

I enjoyed the actual writing of the assignments and meeting the challenge of keeping within the word limit - which forced me to edit (something I love to do!)

It's made me realise that I enjoy the writing process in and of itself. Whether it's pen to page or fingertips to keyboard, the actual act of writing opens up a channel of creativity which, in turn, can lead to sentences and stories that bring a lasting smile to my face.

There's more to writing than meets the eye. A story comprises so many elements – from point of view to turning points and much, much more – and a writer needs to understand all of these if they want to grab the reader's attention from the get-go!

Just do it! Find a course that speaks to you and enrol in it. You will learn a lot and much fun will be had as you do.

Carol Brocklesby 3 months ago

Really great information. I will need to go over it again as there was a lot but it provided a good grounding.

It has given me more incentive to take the next step and write and gain experience.

I enjoyed the bonus information about writing for big businesses. You never know where writing opportunities might be.

Grace Craddock 3 months ago

Absolutely excellent! I learnt so much. The editing examples as well as being able to ask questions was truly enlightening.

The industry knowledge was awesome. Learning about different techniques for writing was also great.

Helped with my writing hugely! I now have a lot more framework for what to consider when writing a piece and what to make sure to include.

You’re gonna learn so much! Don't let the price tag scare you!

Viv Young 3 months ago

Zanni was knowledgeable, down-to-earth and kind. I thought she did a fantastic job and hearing the feedback was very useful though I was hesitant (just because of time constraints) at first.

I enjoyed the lectures and especially the course notes. It's a great to go away with clear, precise information that I can refer back to as I revise other manuscripts.

There were several concepts which I thought I understood (e.g. show don't tell, pacing, structure) but I clearly hadn't grasped them completely or wasn't applying them successfully. This course provided clear, straightforward instruction and practical advice. It has made a huge difference to my writing—thank you!

Great experience —well worth the money! Some of the concepts and advice will be familiar but the way the information is presented makes all the difference.

Dave Clark 3 months ago

It's shown me in practical ways what I need to do to improve my writing. I had a gut feel before that, but this has highlighted specific ways I can improve. That's a relief.

Do it. It's a great resource to help write better.

Brigita Ozolins 3 months ago

I'm working on a first draft of a novel and had become a bit stuck. The Bootcamp sounded like a really great way to boost my writing and develop a more disciplined approach.

I was surprised at how disciplined I was completing the daily targets for writing. No one was checking in on me, so I guess I could have cheated, but I didn't because the course itself was so motivational - and I found I often wanted to write more than the daily word count!

I know I can complete my writing goals by setting myself daily targets, whether I am in the mood for writing or not. I also know that I CAN do 500 words in 30 minutes, even though I found this the hardest writing challenge of all. I'm going to start the course again and repeat it, because I just loved the structure.

If you want to improve your writing and build your confidence as a writer, do a course with the AWC! You won't regret it!

Robyn Veugen 3 months ago

I have been working on the same middle grade/YA novel during NaNoWriMo for several years and have got stuck. I wanted something specifically to give me skills/knowledge for the age group AND give myself a kick in the backside.

There were so many aspects to writing for children/YA that I hadn’t considered. I had many “lightbulb” moments doing the course.

Stephen’s feedback was extremely helpful. Seeing his feedback of other people’s writing as well as my own was useful. I started to see the things I was doing in the other students’ writing too, which helped me to recognise where I needed to improve my own.

Online learning is great for me because I’m in a rural location and can’t easily get to the city for courses. Also, being able to listen to the audio repeatedly helps to cement things for me.

Maxine Monroe 3 months ago

The scope of the course and the fact that it was moderated by a published author attracted me together with the fact that the course covered all the areas I needed to understand in order to move forward with my writing.

I thought Angela was great and gave very fair/balanced feedback and where possible also provided additional information to illustrate her feedback which is always useful.

Having never participated in a writing course before, I found the interactions and the generous and encouraging feedback from the other online students really awesome. Lovely bunch of people.

As a complete novice I had no idea of the importance of preparation work and how it can drastically improve the process. The technical information was priceless. Loved it.

If you are thinking about developing your writing skills either purely for fun or for your career, AWC have a course designed for you. I found the process and the course so enjoyable and have no doubt that what I have learned on the Creative Writing Course 1 will be the foundation of my writing going forward. I plan to take additional courses in the next few weeks.

Vicki Milliken 3 months ago

A fantastic introduction into the world of freelance writing. The course is well paced and each module builds on the previous one. At the end, you have the basics to get out there and start writing and pitching articles.

Tony Neilson 3 months ago

I wanted to increase my motivation and confidence to start doing creative writing again.

I wrote pieces that I wouldn't have attempted before, and because I was actually thinking about writing, and the process around it, I managed to come up with the kernel of a possible novel idea that I'm now having a go at writing.

Have enjoyed reading Angela's comments on all our works, and picking up both very practical tips on "mechanics" of writing as well as on how well our story concepts worked.

I enjoyed being pushed to create. Often did so under the pressure of a deadline, which means I probably wouldn't have done so under my own steam.

I have started writing a novel! Even if it peters out after a few chapters, I've at least gone through the process of thinking about and defining characters, locations, a future state of the world and sketched out in my head at least some of how the story might work. I have also downloaded and started using Scrivener as a result, which feels like something that works for me in terms of adding structure to what I'm doing, and aligns with lessons in the course.

If you're not sure if you want to start writing creatively, this will really help you to make a more fully informed decision.

Stephanie Steinsvaag 3 months ago

I love picture books and reading them to kids! Also wanting to write children's picture books but not really having any idea of where to start, apart from the ideas in my mind.

I realise that I knew very little about the constraints of writing picture books and this course has enlightened me.

I found Zanni's feedback to be constructive and delivered in a very positive way. The video feedback sessions were especially helpful.

It has motivated me to actually start working at writing rather than just thinking and talking about it.

Thanks to AWC and to Zanni. I look forward to many more courses with you.

Helena Rawlins 3 months ago

I knew I had a structure problem. What I didn't know was how to pinpoint exactly where the structure fell down, and how to fix it. Now I do know how to find the structural faults and fix them. In fact, I have done so in my book. Thanks!

Bernice Shepherd 3 months ago

I really enjoyed the course and found it extremely practical.

The feedback from Sue was great, very useful and constructive and very welcome. I think the feedback on my work and on others has helped me a lot in understanding what might be required of a freelance writer and what editors are looking for.

It is very confidence boosting and makes you feel like this is not totally out of reach. It has given me the very practical tools required to actually start putting myself out there to see what happens.

I think it has improved my writing by giving me more structure and focus, and a framework within which to work.

I'd just like to thank Sue for her very helpful and supportive feedback!

James Madden 3 months ago

Sue provided great feedback. It was great to hear her voice in the first module too. The assignments and feedback were a great addition to this. I'm sure I wouldn't have learned as much had this not been offered.

My pitching has improved as well as my writing. Valerie's tips were great and really helped me see features in a different light. I can pick up on the format when I read a feature now, and identify the conventions. I also feel more confident in interviewing. I really appreciate the way the course was laid out. Previously I did a tiny bit of research and would then pitch. Unsurprisingly my pitches were rarely commissioned. Now, I can see the work that goes into a story idea before pitching, and I hope this will make the difference between my pitches before and after.

If you're at the beginning stages of wanting to freelance and you're wanting to learn more tips and tricks of breaking into the industry, leap at the chance to study the Freelance Writing Course with AWC. You won't regret it and it's great value for money.

Kim Robyn Smith 3 months ago

The course reinforced some of the scenes in my writing that I was doubtful about. It helped me improve with character building. I now need to include some other aspects about major characters that are currently missing.

A worthwhile course for tips and pitfalls. Easy to navigate modules. Good value for money and generous timeframe to complete.

Lirize Loots 3 months ago

The feedback provided was excellent and thought provoking. It was really helpful to hear comments on both my own work and that of other participants. Lots to reflect upon and to go back and review in future.

I enjoyed challenging myself weekly with an assignment, reading the assignments others submitted and hearing the feedback on all of our work.

It gave me a starting point and a structure and was the catalyst for setting out ideas for a first story.

Rebecca Spencer 3 months ago

I'm an illustrator who wants to explore writing children's picture books, and was recommended your course by a librarian.

Our online tutor gave us helpful feedback and explained well where our stories could be improved in a constructive manner.

I enjoyed the results, and having my own stories that I can now work on further.

This course has further shown me the enjoyment that comes with the creativity in storytelling, and has opened my eyes to the possibility of this as a career.

This course helps you dip your toe into writing stories for children, how to learn to edit your own work and how to make a career from it.

Julianne Lord 3 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am a bit sad that it's finished! It felt like it was providing me with everything I needed to know in order to improve my work and prepare it for presentation.

Loved the really positive tone of the course, it was upbeat and fun without being patronising. I felt like I got a lot of meaty info!

I would say go for it.... the self-paced learning is great, and you can revisit any of the modules at any time.

Aly Kenna 3 months ago

Pamela, as will all the tutors I have had with AWC to date, exceeded my expectations. She was friendly, approachable and encouraging. She helped us refine our work as well as troubleshoot along the way. I will miss Pamela as well as my classmates.

I enjoyed the Zoom experience, added bonus, no travel time. Being able to attend the classes from home, even when my life was at its most chaotic was a real bonus. In addition, being able to discuss our work in real time and with a shared screen was immensely helpful.

I am now more confident to take on a novel.

Don't just think about it. Do it! Whatever you want to write, AWC will have a course to help you on your journey. Take one, take two... it will be the best thing you ever did for your writing and most importantly the best money ever spent in your pursuit of writing.

Thank you, Pamela for a wonderful course, and thank you to my classmates whose thoughts and opinions I value.

Karen Young 3 months ago

Pamela was fantastic, I could listen to her talk about writing for days! I learnt so much about all the topics covered by taking on board her feedback about all of our assignments.

I loved the Zoom classes and hearing the feedback from Pamela and my fellow students. I learnt so much from reading and commenting on everyone’s assignments.

I started Writing Workout with a vague idea for a book and through doing all the exercises I was able to finish the course with a solid outline to continue on with. For me, this course was invaluable.

There’s a huge amount involved in writing a fabulous book! But I’m now much closer to doing that than I was before I started this course in November. I enjoyed it so much that I’m thinking about doing it again.

Just a HUGE thank you to Pamela... she was absolutely fantastic!

Vivienne Barrett 3 months ago

Pamela is lovely and very knowledgeable having published 32 books. Her feedback was very helpful and her insights have allowed me to think more deeply about where my story is going.

I enjoyed the ability to have a published author comment on my work and to have the group comment/workshop the ideas. The group were lovely and I'm hoping that a few will continue on together.

The course has made me feel that is a lot I don't know but rather than getting caught up in all of that - I know that I need to get a first draft written so that is what I will concentrate on now.

Kylie Dufty 3 months ago

I learnt a lot about different aspects of writing. I have done some other AWC courses and my first one, Creative Writing Stage 1, was with Pamela. This course seemed to bring a lot of my previous learning together.

I definitely enjoyed the workshopping with others and feedback from Pamela. The Zoom meetings were a great way to do this.

I have gained the skills and confidence to get out of my own way and just sit down and write what I want to write. I realise it will be a lot of hard work, drafting and redrafting, but I have gained skills which will help me write a novel and get published. I lacked the belief in myself before.

If writing is your dream, AWC can teach you the skills, give you the confidence and inspiration to write. Thank you. I feel closer to my lifelong dream of being a writer than I ever have.

Randa Mushcab 3 months ago

I appreciated that the tutors were veterans in the writing field and could provide real practical advice for any beginner writer.

The tutor was encouraging yet constructive. Alex provided great advice each week. I enjoyed listening to her weekly feedback.

I liked having an assessment to complete each week. It helped me to get out of 'listening' mode and begin practising from day 1.

This course was like a blueprint to becoming a freelance writer. Valerie has considered every possible step along the way and covered it with great advice.

This is a great course for anyone who is serious about a career in freelance writing.

Valentina D. 3 months ago

I was drawn to the idea of workshopping with other like-minded people and learning to be comfortable with constructive criticism.

Stephen was very measured in his feedback. He was encouraging but also offered good suggestions at changes.

I've learned to appreciate constructive feedback. In fact, I found myself looking forward to hearing what people had to say about my writing so that I can continue to improve.

It helped me to decide which of the stories in my head I want to start writing and I'm determined to get a book finished. I'm also not afraid to tell people that I'm writing anymore. I've found a way to channel my creativity and I love that.

The weekly deadlines keep you accountable, the exercises challenge you and the feedback helps you improve. If this course doesn't get you writing, I'm not sure anything will.

Amelia Lewis 3 months ago

Lesley was an enthusiastic, clear and engaging presenter. Her feedback was considered and helpful.

The exercises were fun and complemented the course material well. I loved the advice about story arcs within a limited word count - it was very helpful to visualise this.

This course has given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try something new - I completed my first chapter book manuscript.

If you're looking for something targeted and informative to help you engage young children with your writing, enrol in this course. You'll learn a lot! Thanks for a fun and informative course!

Amy C. 3 months ago

I've been writing novels and short stories for a while and wanted to improve my writing to make my stories more engaging.

I have a severe visual impairment so I was a little unsure of how I'd access this course. However, I found the course very accessible, especially with the audio lessons and audible feedback.

I found my tutor very knowledgeable and encouraging. Their feedback was very helpful too.

I most enjoyed seeing my writing progressively improving over the time I was in this course.

This course has taught me different ways of looking at creating a story, from construction to completion. It has also made me more aware of using all the five senses in description.

Natasha Minns 3 months ago

I was more interested in the Write Your Novel program, but figured I might as well start with a smaller commitment first and see what I thought of the course, and how I managed to find time for the course as well.

I was pleased to find that although I've been writing creatively for as long as I could remember, there were still things for me to learn in a structured creative writing course. Many of the things I critique in my own writing were the same things that the tutor was picking up, so that means I was already on the right track, and I appreciate the positive, encouraging way that this was done.

The course was well planned and thorough, presented by a tutor with solid industry experience, and is worth taking the time to do. The feedback was constructive but always positive. Most importantly, many careers require you to study to be successful, why not writing too? It just makes sense.

I am keen to do more courses, as time and funds permit, to assist my on my journey to completing my novel and preparing it for publication.

Janelle Adolphe 3 months ago

I was looking for a course online to support my current role. The course content was clearly defined and related to the areas in which I was seeking to improve as a writer.

The videos, the slide show presentation and downloads provided were easy to access from all mediums, namely my mobile phone, iPad and computer. The content was in-depth, with clear examples. In addition, the modules were sectioned in to short sessions making it effective time-wise, without being overwhelming.

I enjoyed the introductory videos presented by Paul, as the content was relatable and entertaining. I felt joy and excited to go through the module I was up to by his words of encouragement and sincerity. Loved the quotes.

I feel confident knowing I have the knowledge to write professional correspondence. I look forward to modifying my templates as per the guidelines provided.

Highly recommend. Well worth the time and money as the course content is spot on.

Emily S. 3 months ago

My Mum was doing some research and suggested I do this course, and I thought I could give it a go, since I do homeschooling anyway.

Amazing job, guys!!

I liked the audios most, actually. The person who spoke was easy to listen to and understand and I think she did a great job.

Oh, man, it's changed my whole perspective in writing in every way!!

Oof, the entire thing was like 'OMG I DID NOT KNOW THAT - AWESOME!'

Natalie Devlin 3 months ago

I am a Primary School teacher and have an avid interest in picture books. I would like to explore the possibility of writing picture books for children and use my teaching background to write books to help improve children's literacy and build a positive reading culture for young people. I thought that doing this course would help me in this endeavour, and it has.

Zanni was really positive and helped me move forward in my writing. I always value feedback and a critical eye as I feel it is the best way forward (in writing and life). I valued Zanni's feedback as she helped me discover aspects of my writing that are working well and where I need to exert myself more.

I really savoured the content in each module and absorbing the info about children's books. The course also 'forced' (in a good way) me to write more. I love a deadline so having a weekly assignment really helped.

This course really opened me up to the other side of picture books (I have the teacher perspective) but the author and publisher perspective was eye-opening for me. I didn't realise just how much goes into writing children's books.

If you want to build your skills and build your writing toolbox I strongly recommend you do a course through AWC – it will inspire you and assist you in your writing journey, whatever that is.

Thanks for a great course. I have completed a few courses through AWC and while I haven't had anything published yet, I do so love the course content and learning skills and connecting with likeminded people. It also influences what I read from time to time so the courses keep me interested and stimulated.

Alexis D. 3 months ago

I wanted to grow my writing skills and it was the only one available for my age group. I was looking for direction for my future career when I leave school.

I didn't really know what to expect in the course, but it was really thorough and the most detailed course I've ever done.

Allison Tait was a wonderful tutor, and she gave detailed answers to my questions. She gave in-depth feedback on my assignments and pointed out things that I hadn't thought about.

I loved the audios every Monday and the fact I was able to devote as much time as I did to writing. I enjoyed the story building blocks that challenged me to think about my story and how it was going to grow and what was required for me to get it to that stage.

I can now do basic planning for my stories and I know what is involved to make them interesting for readers. It was a big help being told that there is no right way to write.

Alex G 3 months ago

I enjoyed getting to learn more about the different elements of creative writing in-depth in a course that was designed for young, aspiring writers. I liked that it gave lots of advice and guidance, as well as opportunities to play around with ideas and develop your skills further. I also liked that you were able to work through the modules and exercises at your own pace.

The tutor was helpful and gave great guidance and insight. I also found them to be genuinely interested in their students and their stories.

I enjoyed the story building block modules, because it was fun to see a story gradually developing week by week, but I also enjoyed the other exercises where I could experiment with other ideas and story elements.

This course has had a significant impact on my writing, as it has given me more clear direction in relation to the writing process and what the necessary steps are for writing novels. It has emphasised how much time, effort and extensive thinking and planning is needed, both before, after and whilst you are writing, as well as the importance of redrafting.

Debbie Toomey 3 months ago

I've been wanting to write a novel for the past couple of years and did the basic creative writing course. When this course came up on special, I thought it was time to learn more.

I enjoyed the whole thing. I liked the examples and the presenter who made it very easy to understand and relate to.

The suggestions and ideas I learnt have made me rethink completely the relationships between some of my characters in my first novel draft.

I would recommend (and have!) Australian Writers' Centre courses to anyone interested in writing as they are motivational and very informative and enjoyable.

Sarah Bashforth 3 months ago

I was looking for a writing course that would let me "dip my toe in the water" so to speak without outlaying thousands of dollars if I then found that writing wasn't for me.

The resources are extremely helpful, in particular the audio lessons that you can download and listen to as many times as you need to. The lessons by Valerie are explained in easy-to-understand terms which was very beneficial to me because I have never had anything at all to do with the writing industry before.

Sue White was very helpful with the feedback she provided so you knew where you got it right and where you could improve.

I really enjoyed the way the online classroom is set out whereby you can chat and comment with your fellow classmates and tutor. I also felt that because you could view your classmates' assignments and the feedback they received from the tutor, it meant you could learn more about what to do and what not to do when writing a feature article.

I am longing for a new career path because I have been doing the same job for 10 years. I want a new direction in my life and to do something I am passionate about and something that gives me the flexibility to work from home or from anywhere at all really. My dream would be to go road tripping around Australia and to be able to write for publications about our beautiful country.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone. For a small monetary and time commitment you learn so, so much! And not just how to structure an article but about how to actually pitch to publications so you earn money from writing.

Justine Field 3 months ago

I started publishing pieces on Medium.con this year and this gave me the confidence to consider freelance writing. I found this course and it looked practical and useful as well as affordable. I liked the flexibility of the Online learning platform.

Cat was very supportive and approachable and provided useful advice.

I really liked the listening materials- very informative and entertaining. It was great being able to listen to them in my own time. They're a really good resource and I'll be dipping back into them over the coming months.

It turned the idea of freelance writing from a fanciful dream to a realistic prospect and gave me the tools to get started.

I think it's a really good course and I'm looking forward to more.

Juliet Fieldew 3 months ago

I was listening to the podcasts first, and developed the impression that you really knew your stuff! This brought me to the website to research your courses. I chose to do this one first as it is the recommended foundation for the others and I knew it would be a good start for me in the midst of writing my first novel.

I found the course content really fantastic and comprehensive. I learn better in a classroom environment with direct interaction with the teacher, but this was a really good compromise (anyway, do I want to go out one night a week for an evening class? Nah.) I think the fact that we can download the content and audio is priceless, because there were things which were really great but not relevant to the current stage I'm at (such as redrafting) that I can go back to and refer to again whenever I need to.

Stephen was really good, and gave lovely clear constructive feedback.

If you're thinking of writing, then go to AWC website: they have courses on all sorts of writing and they really know their stuff!

Thank you, Pamela, Valerie, Stephen and AWC! I've really loved this course. I will take a while to work on my current story and allow things to percolate from this course, and then I'll be back for more!

Bianca Stewart 3 months ago

I was looking for inspiration from a reputable organisation that could provide me with practical advice and writer success stories to help me carve out my own writing journey.

The course was always going to make me confront some of my fears about writing but I knew it was an opportunity I could not pass up!

The access to downloadable resources including the workbook, videos and client success stories was great. It means I can revisit them whenever I need a motivational boost.

Reinvent Yourself was the first step I needed to reconnect with writing after spending too many years listening to my inner-critic. I knew the course would not only provide me with the necessary motivation I needed to break free from my comfort zone but also remind me that it is entirely possible to be a successful writer.

I learnt from some of the stories that even if you are exposed to writing every day in your current job and have the confidence in your writing, everyone can absolutely benefit from a course to build on their skills. The confidence to create engaging content is learned by having the right tools and even better support.

The AWC is a go-to professional resource for all your writing needs. It is a cost-effective and, more importantly, flexible option to attain new skills in a supportive environment. It does not matter if you have 20 years' experience or no experience in writing, there are courses for everyone. The AWC provide the reassurance that everyone is capable of shaping their own writing career.

Jan Samuels 3 months ago

I’m more confident in developing dialogue. I have previously relied too much on scene setting and now understand that dialogue can move/change pace more quickly than longer passages

Highly practical, focused courses that build skills and knowledge quickly.

Alison Evans 3 months ago

I had seen good reviews online for this course and the description sounded like what I had been looking for. Initially, I was unsure because of the cost but after some thought I felt it was a good investment to learn the skills I need to pursue my interest in writing picture books

I really appreciated the prompt feedback and the video format was helpful. It was also helpful to be able to hear Zanni's feedback for others in the course.

I enjoyed reading people's stories - it was lovely to see the different creative ideas people came up with and this provides inspiration to see the world in different ways for future stories.

It taught me the skills needed to develop picture books and the knowledge of what is required and involved in getting published.

The course is a great place to start if you have an interest in writing picture books but limited knowledge about how to structure and format them and how the publishing process works.

Natalie Livings 3 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the 12 month Write Your Novel course, which I completed during 2020. I finished, re-wrote and polished my YA Thriller manuscript that I'd been struggling with since 2015. I learnt valuable writing tips and techniques, both from tutor Cathie Tasker and from my supportive course mates, through the workshopping element of the program. We now continue to read for each other post course. Highly recommend!

Brigita Ozolins 3 months ago

I’ve always had a great love of writing, and as I’m transitioning to retirement, and working part-time instead of full time, I made the decision to pursue that love in earnest. I completed two creative writing courses, one with the University where I work, and another through a Writers Centre. They were fabulous, and I learned a lot, but I found myself doubting whether I could really follow my dream and complete the writing project I had set myself. Then I received several emails from the AWC about the Reinvent Yourself course and it sounded like just what I needed to motivate myself and build my confidence, so I enrolled, along with the 30 day Writing Boot Camp.

This course is incredibly positive and made me feel that it was possible to achieve my writing goal. I had already taken nearly all the steps recommended for reinventing yourself before I did the course, so rather than teaching me something totally new, it reinforced that I was on the right path and was doing the right things to achieve my goal.

I really enjoyed hearing about all the different options for careers in writing, the stories from past graduates and those from other, more established writers in the extra workbook. It’s also great to have both the audio to listen to and the text-based documents to refer to later - and to hear about other courses offered by the AWC that might be useful as I progress with my writing project.

It has motivated me to keep going, despite moments of doubt, so I feel much more positive about my writing as a result of this course.

If you are interested in following a career path in writing, and you don’t want to do a university degree, do a course with the Australian Writer’s Centre. They have an amazingly varied range of courses, they are highly professional, and the content is incredibly motivational.

Michael Morell 3 months ago

I am an avid listener of the So You Want to be a Writer podcast. When I heard the new (at the time) course advertised, it was perfect timing. I was just about to start the editing process on my first novel and didn't really know much about how to go about it.

I enjoyed being able to work through the course at my own pace. It enabled me to adjust to my work commitments and customise each step of the process appropriately for my manuscript.

I now have a tried and tested editing process that I would definitely use again. The course also made me feel confident in my writing, assured me during those moments of insecurity and encouraged me to persevere.

The course opened my eyes to the power of a robust spreadsheet. I created a detailed KIC list, scene list, character charts and time line that organised my thinking and clearly highlighted what I needed to change and what was working well.

Australian Writers' Centre is a friendly and welcoming writing community. The courses are accessible, engaging, packed full of valuable information and professionally presented. Both courses that I have done have delivered exactly what I was expecting.

Glen Morgan 4 months ago

The pace and course content were excellent.

Margaret was able to balance criticism with encouragement. I have held off for many years and so taking this step into a world where I would be open to others was a bit daunting - but Margaret has made the difference. So instead of using the delete key, I will continue to add to my story.

I have confidence to keep writing and have already gone back to the early modules for help. I had started writing a story before the course and have now completed the first few chapters, applying what I have learnt. A second story has come out of my assignments and that will sit on the sideline for now.

The course takes a beginner writer on a journey of discovery with practical help and lots of positive encouragement to keep writing and make it to the end page of your story.

Eleanor Meyer 4 months ago

Cat is professional, experienced and kind. I really loved how the information provided was so clear, and brought to surface the information a new starter needs to know - it didn't assume information. It makes this feel possible...!

I quit my job! It gave me the mechanism by which I could build a future in writing. It was supportive and clear with its teachings.

A lot of this course is about making things obvious, clear and relevant, but a lot of it is also about being proactive and how to do that. Clearing the muddy waters. I wish you'd write a similar course for life, I'd drink it in! Thank you!

Chantal Harrison 4 months ago

I was thrilled with the understanding and emphasis on diversity and representation as well as the care taken with that which made it clear it wasn't a performative thing; it was a genuine recognition of what is needed in modern society.

I feel validated in what I've got and motivated to actually see it through for once!

AWC exceeded my expectations and I was very impressed with their vast knowledge in many areas and the care and thoughtfulness of what goes into their curriculum and feedback.

Kate Humphreys 4 months ago

I enjoyed this course and the feedback. I think it’s the right length too, and the requirement to complete an assignment each week works very well for me and to maintain a discipline of 'doing'.

It was very informative and covered everything from the structure of books to the potential earnings and practicalities of getting published. I also found the links to societies of writers super helpful.

I wrote two stories! Amazing indeed.

There is a lot of information packed into a short and punchy schedule. Easily understood and well structured. I'll be signing up for another course soon!

Emily Dawn Willmett 4 months ago

After a lot of thought in 2020, I had committed to studying Journalism in 2021 - then the fees were released. After being deflated and shocked by the 133% increase in fees, I began looking for other options. I quickly came across the AWC online and decided to begin in November 2020.

I was surprised at the level of detail shared, and felt it was all very valuable and well set out.

I have enjoyed the comments Cat has provided, and her feedback has helped me rework some ideas. I enjoyed learning about writing profiles, and receiving industry insights from Valerie.

I feel more confident to write for publications and I am more inspired to continue courses like this instead of university.

I'd say that it's a comprehensive, professional and affordable way of harnessing skills in communication to assist in many areas of business. It's not just for freelancers. Thank you.

Deb Brown 4 months ago

I have wild ideas every day. The course has provided a great outlet and enabled me to put those ideas into a format. Really appreciate it. Thank you! The course provided an opportunity to put ideas into motion.

The tutor was excellent. The honesty was very much appreciated. I had one dud week, and I knew it. Always constructive. When praise was in order, Zanni provided it. Very appreciative. Honesty is the key here. So thank you.

I enjoyed exploring ideas and getting them out of my head. Having a great laugh along the way!!

The course was awesome - get onto it! The more the merrier. You will be supported and really get to the grit of learning.

Katherine A. Knight 4 months ago

I’ve wanted to be a writer since childhood but never knew where to start. I liked the idea of having a structured course and lessons with other participants who were also learning with me. The online component worked well, especially with the current Covid-19 concerns. I also liked not having to make a set time to attend - I could make it fit my schedule each week.

I was quite nervous about putting anything up for review or comment by anyone else, especially never having done any kind of writing course before. However, both the tutor and other participants were really encouraging but also gave specific feedback and suggestions which were quite helpful.

I was surprised by how much more I got out of the course by reading everyone else’s pieces and giving them feedback, as well as the expected feedback on my pieces. I also found it helped to see the feedback others gave each other.

I thought Pamela was great; she didn’t focus on tiny little spelling or grammar issues so much at the beginning until later on, which I thought was quite helpful. It encouraged myself and possibly other nervous newbies to gain confidence and just keep writing. I felt that was a good way to learn and gain experience. I appreciated Pamela still giving her time and feedback when I sometimes didn’t hit the exact brief of the assignment (eg. myself and some others struggled with the word count limit). I think this was important for new writers in a beginners-type course to help encourage them and grow.

I liked being given a set task to complete, or a scenario to describe, as this really helped me to just start writing. Having a deadline each week pushed me to submit something at least. I was very nervous initially getting feedback but found I really enjoyed it, both the positive and negative, probably as I stayed open to learning and taking it all on board. Also, we didn’t need to write a whole complete story, it was just a short scene or description, so there was less pressure which I liked.

It gave me a craving to write more regularly which is great, and I feel I’ve learnt so much just from these few weeks of assignments and feedback. I wish I’d done a writing course much earlier - I’ve already signed up for another one and given a voucher to my Mum for her to start her writing journey too :-)

If you’ve always wanted to write but never thought you could, this is a great way to jump in and learn great skills and gain confidence. Especially if you think you’re a complete novice, but I think it’s also for anyone who’s written or done courses before but are stuck. I’d also recommend being quite active, reading everyone pieces and giving feedback, and pushing yourself just to get something in by each deadline. I couldn’t wait to get feedback and it helped encourage me and gave me confidence to keep writing.

Narelle Albrecht 4 months ago

I had completed a couple of self-paced AWC courses and felt they'd really improved my writing and knowledge of how to write a novel. They also got me started on writing my first chapter. I thought this course would be great to get me started more seriously on my manuscript.

I really enjoyed having Bron as our tutor. She was an astute commentator on our work and tailored her feedback to each of our pieces and styles. She also combined positive and encouraging feedback with more critical feedback to enable revisions. She was very generous with her time and I had a separate conversation with her about a dilemma I was having in writing true crime/memoir where she gave me some very useful tips and, most of all, encouragement to continue writing this story.

I enjoyed the workshopping component- both by the students and tutor. It really opened my eyes to some of the flaws in my writing and gave me concrete ideas on how to revise it. Workshopping others' stories and reading others' comments gave me the skills to critically appraise a piece of writing. It also made me aware that some feedback is subjective or inappropriate and needs to be evaluated by the writer with respect to overall intention and instinct. Judgement on what to change and what to keep is a skill I will need to keep honing!

I now have over 10,000 words written and I have a draft structure with an idea of my POV characters that feels right for me at the moment. Starting to write seriously has also thrown up a whole lot of ethical and legal questions on writing true crime/memoir about people that are still alive. It has shown me how important it is to read widely in this genre to understand where the boundaries lie between fiction and non-fiction. My goal over the next few months is to saturate myself in creative non-fiction writers and techniques, while continuing to write my first draft. I have also enrolled in the creative non-fiction self-paced AWC course.

It's an amazing course, especially if writing fiction, that will set you up with the skills, discipline and community to begin your manuscript.

Karen Makarucha 4 months ago

I commenced my Masters of Writing this year and it became apparent that part of being a writer is to be a published writer. Some of my classmates already had their own blogs and I thought blogging would be a great way to develop my writing skills and work towards being a published writer.

There was so much more content is this course than I expected. Thank-you for being so helpful.

I enjoyed how each section was broken up into small achievable components. Also, the detail provided on developing a blog as opposed to just setting one up. The final section on gaining and maintaining a readership was great as well.

Kevin Lynch 4 months ago

I guess the most important thing for me, which surprised me, was that the course didn't attempt to give me a formula for how to write. Rather, it gave common sense general parameters and the encouragement to write in my own style and then relevant feedback.

The tutor was first class; very direct at times, but encouraging, which is the best style for this sort of endeavour.

It’s a funny thing to say but I found I just loved writing and the course forced me to write and not to be afraid.

I have had a story in my head for twenty years and now I'm confident it will be written. I have enrolled in the Write Your Novel course.

Linda Swadling 4 months ago

I went into the course with no expectations really but I have come out with a direction on where I want to go. I was umming and ahhing about freelance writing and blogging and whether they were for me but this course opened up various aspects of freelance writing I hadn't considered and that I am very interested in.

I enjoyed hearing from people who had worked through AWC courses and how they were applying these to their lives - what work they have secured because of the courses.

I have a direction in freelance writing that I had not previously considered and, when I develop my knowledge in those areas, that will allow me to reduce my work hours in my day time job.

If you are considering writing as a career option or a way for extra income or a hobby, then you won't regret doing one of these courses. They are very informative and will open up avenues you haven't even considered.

Kate Hecimovic 4 months ago

The section on creating an editorial plan got me excited about turning my writing into a business. It gave me the 'how-to' structure my time and planning.

I have all the information I need now to start creating my blog. There are no excuses anymore!

AWC has a wide range of relevant courses that are affordable, with strong content that will give you everything you need to start your writing business.

Melissa Lourey 4 months ago

I would say that the course is great in providing practical, up to date information on not only writing feature articles, but the business side of becoming a freelance writer.

I recently sent my first pitch to Essential Baby. I followed the instructions on the module on following up and I'm happy to say they published my article. This would not have happened if I hadn't have done the course.

Thank you, Valerie and Sue!

Lyndall Ryan 4 months ago

I have an interest in copywriting and looking at shifting into the area to supplement my income. I have completed various courses with the AWC and know they are great. Our tutor had a very solid background in this area so there was no doubt it would be worthwhile.

Our online tutor was excellent. We had great constructive feedback on all assignments, as well as additional tips and tricks and valuable handouts and information to move forward in this area. Greatly appreciated.

I enjoyed all of it, but I would say applying what we had covered in lessons to the assignments was really rewarding. Then getting the feedback on those was great.

It has made me realise that I am capable of taking up a path in Copywriting after completing this course, and just need to get out there and do it.

Jordan Charters 4 months ago

Creative writing is a passion of mine and I've always been interested in learning to write for young children. The course overview seemed very comprehensive and exactly what I was interested in learning. I work in environmental education and one of my 2021 projects is to develop two digital picture story books about conservation issues in Victoria. This course seemed like a fabulous starting point to learn more about the structure of picture story books and to practice writing :)

Zanni is very approachable and provides such thoughtful and constructive feedback. She made me feel very comfortable presenting assignments, having a go and trying again. It was a good experience being able to listen to an expert in the field :)

I enjoyed seeing how different everyone's writing style/topics were and being able to learn from each other in the feedback sessions. I also thought it was pretty cool that you could see a massive difference in your writing when you compared week 1 to week 5 assignment responses!

It really opened up my eyes to all the different ways you can write for children! Participating in this course has given me the confidence to continue writing and possibly even pursue writing for children in the future. It's also been great to feel a part of a community of writers :)

Australian Writers' Centre is a wonderfully supportive community that not only improved my understanding of writing for children, but made me feel comfortable to practice and present my work for feedback. My course provided me with real life examples, great advice/knowledge and a new network of like-minded people :)

Thank you Zanni for all your advice, tips and tricks for writing engaging stories. You're such an approachable tutor and your feedback was so thoughtful. Thank you for making the course so much fun :)

Amanda Maxwell 4 months ago

I thought that the feedback that Bronwyn gave was excellent. She was very thorough and constructive and went into great detail too with lots of good suggestions.

It was great to see the way that other people write. Our "stories" were all so varied. There was never one that was the same, so it was interesting to read genres that I would not normally read.

Richard Regan 4 months ago

I have had trouble with the correct use of commas, colons and semi-colons, and wanted a quick refresher course.

I learned far more than I expected. Or to put that another way, I didn't know as much about punctuation, grammar and tenses as I thought I did.

This is an ideal course for those who need to brush up on their use of punctuation; especially in the use of commas and the correct way to punctuate dialogue.

Kate Taylor 4 months ago

Bernadette is a true professional. She gives expert advice which really sticks with you - not only in the clear content she delivers, but also in her friendly, conversational tone. Her modules don't feel like stiff lectures at all, which I found really engaging and refreshing.

The downloadable audio format was great. I'm an auditory learner, so this suited me perfectly and really allowed me to get a lot out of the course. It also allowed me to listen to the modules any time - from train journeys to treadmill sessions - which was really convenient.

I've learnt to let go of the university essayist in me and be less "precious" about my writing. I now don't get so attached to what I write and I no longer feel the need to impress readers with big words and complex language. I've learnt that less is sometimes more and that plain English is more impressive than verbose academic English.

I'm looking forward to doing the Content Writing Course next and continuing to improve my writing skills.

Gail Turnham 4 months ago

The course is informative, well-structured and provides the tools for you to write your picture book. I enjoyed learning throughout the course. At the start of my picture book journey, I would never have believed how much work goes into creating a picture book.

Thank you for creating the Masterclass course. The information I have learnt is valuable and provides me with the tools to create my picture book.

Andrea Wilson 4 months ago

I liked hearing how the other authors manage to balance their jobs and families while finding time to write. It made me change my thinking and realise I am not the only busy person who wants to write. It made me examine my own time and strategies that would work for me.

I am actually writing again. My husband has overheard parts and I think he fully understands his role in helping this to happen!

If you 're having trouble getting started writing, take this course!

Alison Kuen 4 months ago

I had purchased this course some time ago but never got around to viewing it! However, now I have some projects that I want to start, I felt it was the best time.

Natasha was fantastic! She made it so easy to follow. I really enjoyed how she explained the different features of Scrivener and showed how they work using examples from her own projects.

This course is brilliant! In two hours, I learned so much. I am really inspired to use Scrivener for my writing projects in 2021.

Kayla Saddington 4 months ago

I started a blog years ago, wrote a couple of posts and have not touched it in years. After starting a new social media account on Instagram dedicated to sustainable living, I wanted to see if going back to blogging could be a good option for the future, now that I have a solid idea and plan.

I enjoyed exploring the references and going down a rabbit hole of blogs, discovering some I was very interested in and even went back to.

I think I'd like to start blogging again!

Having done 5 courses with AWC now, I'd say that it's just so much fun. Every module, I learn something new or have something reiterated to the point where I feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to. I always feel motivated and ready to apply what I've just learned.

Steve Cook 4 months ago

I was attracted to this course because it has an experienced journalist as course presenter.

I enjoyed the friendly, knowledgeable presenter and the easy-to-understand modules.

The course gave lots of templates and examples of different media release types.

I love the Australian Writers’ Centre's self-paced courses.

Wendy Cheek 4 months ago

I thought Bernadette was wonderful; her commentary was supportive, measured and extremely insightful. I appreciated her humour and how authentic the whole course was!

I enjoyed the practical aspects with current resources threaded throughout the modules.

I'd never considered this style of writing till now - after reading the reviews and doing the course - it's a real possibility.

I really liked all the resources that were provided - but again Bernadette was so easy to listen to - great presentations.

The AWC is a very comprehensive, professional organisation that provides you with so many potential opportunities - should you wish to take them.

Natalie Devlin 4 months ago

I wanted to do this course to give myself a kick up the butt and write more. I just needed advice and some helpful tools to assist me as I have a busy and stressful job and family life.

I really enjoyed the course. I now have more words on more pages and am working on something I'm enjoying. I now write almost every day, whether it is 200 words or a couple of paragraphs or a page, I can do it. I've also managed to find time in a busy day to fit writing in.

One major learning moment was using tools I already have access to (Google suite) but tweaking their use. And how successful people overcame challenges similar to mine. It was inspiring to know I'm not alone.

Johanna Baker-Dowdell 4 months ago

I had used Scrivener previously but found I struggled with the functionality so knew I needed direction from an expert. I liked that I had access for a year so I could do the course when I was ready.

Natasha is a great tutor and clearly knows her stuff when it comes to Scrivener (and writing)!

I enjoyed the fact that it was geared towards writers. I tried to use it for an academic project previously and did not enjoy it until I could see how it worked for me creatively.

I can see the corkboard explanation will be valuable for me as I write in a messy way. Natasha showed how I can do that and then organise afterwards.

AWC has writing courses and writing tools that cut through to the nitty-gritty of actually doing the writing.

Valerie Miller 4 months ago

I wanted to be prepared as I write my first draft of a novel. I was also very curious.

It was an excellent and informative course. I learnt so much. I am more informed and feel that I have a clear direction. I am more at ease with the process, what it entails and how I can give my manuscript the best possible chance, and to know that rejection is normal and that perseverance is the key; as is knowledge.

If you are writing the first draft of a novel, you must do this course to help you become more informed. The most informative and helpful course for an emerging writer.

Alexandra Katschke 4 months ago

I enjoyed the clear and precise delivery of the course from Linda. I am going to finish all of my unfinished manuscripts and hopefully self-publish!

I enjoyed the encouragement and inspiration to have full control by self-publishing.

Absolutely do it! Such a fantastic centre to be a part of and learn through.

Artelle Lenthall 4 months ago

I love and write Picture Books and have for several years. I have seen this course offered many times, but 2020 finally made me bite the bullet and spend the money needed to do the course.

Zanni was lovely. She was gentle, upbeat and positive, but was still able to highlight areas in our manuscripts and pitches which needed attention, making suggestions as to how to improve these, where appropriate. We learned from each other’s work.

I loved seeing and hearing what other writers were writing and having our work used to illustrate improvements we could all make. I found the online format extremely beneficial as I did not have to retain copious amounts of information. I could return repeatedly to sift for more PB writing gold and take as many notes as I liked because I could stop and start the audio and video as often as I needed, without having to use half my mind to hear what was coming next, so as not to miss anything important.

It was sooo detailed and well set out; easy to follow, too.

Alexandra Katschke 4 months ago

I loved and really appreciated how the course was structured and delivered.

Lesley was thorough, professional, direct and informative. I really enjoyed having her as my tutor.

What I enjoyed most about the course was the way in which it was delivered. It was all online and self-paced. With 4 small children at home, I found I could dip in and out of the course whenever it was convenient for me to do so. While the kids had their sleeps, or delve deeper into the course later at night. I could do as much or as little of the course modules as I wanted in each sitting.

The course has given me that extra boost of creative energy to keep me going with my writing journey.

Absolutely go for it! Dive into one of their courses. Try the ones that really grab your attention first, then paddle over to look at the other courses on offer. I can guarantee these courses can be addictive!

Thankyou :)

Debra Phillips-Webb 4 months ago

I enjoyed listening to the audio and completing the exercises.

It made me look at the little synchronicities within my story and cause and effect. The effect of an event on a character and then that effect to other characters and the tumbling effect onwards.

Excellent, practical and easy to follow content from experienced tutors. Always giving you many different approaches to problematic pitfalls.

Matthew Buckley 4 months ago

I found the tutor very, very friendly, helpful and encouraging.

I enjoyed doing the assignments and getting the feedback on them.

The lectures were crammed full of information. There was a lot to take in. There is heaps and heaps of information that the course provides. In fact, all but one of the lectures took me literally hours to listen to as I would need to keep pausing to take notes. Thus, the course was exhausting, but worth it.

Thanks for providing such an informative course with such a friendly, encouraging tutor.

Sarah Leov 4 months ago

Cathie is an excellent tutor. Her feedback is always clear and to the point. She's not afraid to say when something isn't working. She is excellent at answering questions promptly and with lots of detail and infographics. I felt in safe hands with her.

I enjoyed the camaraderie amongst the group and the chance to read and feedback on other people's work.

I feel I now have a handle on the structure of a novel. My innate knowledge gleaned from years as a reader is solidified with a concrete understanding of the building blocks of structure, POV, characterisation, use of the senses, creating a setting and writing good dialogue. Whereas with this manuscript I have been feeling my way, I feel confident about getting into the next one.

A major learning for me has been using limited third person POV effectively. I had to figure out how to tell a story without head hopping and it's strengthened my manuscript immeasurably.

The AWC provides quality content through professional tutors in an easily accessible way.

Madylene Planer 4 months ago

Pamela was a great tutor and provided a lot of insights.

I enjoyed getting feedback on my assignments - although daunting and nerve-wracking, it was really helpful for me to see where my strengths and weaknesses were.

The course helped me to see the children's books industry in a way I've never seen before, and removed my misconceptions.

I would say it is very informative, teachers are very helpful and the workshopping is invaluable.

Shayne Collier 4 months ago

Bronwyn is an accomplished author and editor. I've downloaded her feedback for everyone in the course because there's a lot to learn from her in-depth observations. She gave comprehensive, insightful and incredibly useful feedback that will inform the rest of my novel. Thanks, Bronwyn.

I enjoyed Bronwyn's feedback and the online chat where some interesting topics were raised. Also, everyone's different points of view/opinions and some good reading recommendations.

It gave me the kick up the bum I needed to get started, yet again, on this story that has been knocking around in my head for a long time. I also received encouraging feedback from most of the group members, which is motivating as I have very little confidence in my writing. It's nice to know fellow writers liked my work (or at least I think they did!)

I would say, go for it. The course content is good, and I like the balance between the notes and the audio. It is also a bonus to have access to the course for 12 months after completion - I had to rush through it and I still haven't listened to module 8 and some bits of the other modules. Also, our tutor Bronwyn Parry was incredibly professional.

Overall the course was enjoyable. The participants were from all over the place and from all walks of life, which kept the chats lively. Their work was accomplished too. There's a lot of talent out there!

Bridget White 4 months ago

Lesley Gibbes is a great presenter with heartfelt belief in her topic which is then passed on to course recipients.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm within each module.

This is my second course and I have felt supported in my learning. I think I have found my genre.

Janelle Ballenden 4 months ago

I really liked Bernadette - very down to earth with a good sense of humour - easy to listen to and her presentations were easy to follow. She was a great tutor offering extensive and valuable feedback.

I loved the feedback - not just for my assignments but feedback on others' assignments, too.

It's given me confidence - I've never had any formal writing training - just worked off a bit of on-the-job training and a bit of intuition. Having someone critique my work is a great boost for my confidence. It means I'm on the right track.

I'd say, 'You should do this course because you learn quite a lot in a short time, and can access the material for 12 months so you can go over any of it again at your leisure.'

Rebekah Moore-Hart 4 months ago

I was moving into more copywriting at work, and wanted to know the essentials! I've also loved writing for a really long time, and have wanted to make it more of a career.

Thanks so much for this course! It was incredibly enjoyable, and there is so much value within it.

Bernadette is so engaging, incredibly knowledgeable and warm, and I so appreciated her humour and down to earth nature. I feel like she shared so much with us and am incredibly grateful for that generosity.

I really enjoyed the structure of the course, the mercurial nature of Bernadette's delivery (because my mind works in a very similar way!), her openness, and loved the chance to connect with and learn from classmates as well. A fantastic course overall!

I feel like it is possible now to re-direct my course and choose the thing that fills me with contentment. Bernadette has made it feel possible to pursue writing as more than just a pastime, and it's incredibly inspiring to remember how bountiful it is as a path for constant learning and development.

It's an energising platform full of possibilities - you will find something that will light your light there!

Theresa Elmes 4 months ago

The tutor gave considered responses and focussed feedback. Really appreciated her time and input.

I enjoyed the feedback because, in order to understand whether I'm connecting or have potential to connect with an audience, I need feedback on what's working/not working. It's through and with that feedback that I grow as a writer.

Tonya Gastev 4 months ago

I liked how easily explained this course is. Something that a beginner, like myself, needed for a start into writing.

I really liked my tutor. Nicole's comments on my writing were honest and constructive. And she made me want to improve my writing every time.

I liked that the assignments weren't too intense or difficult. Although anyone, at any stage can do this course, I liked that it slowly eases you in to each assignment.

I've always had my idea for a novel, but never believed I could do it because I didn't really know where to start. But now that I have been practicing with the lessons and handouts, I feel more confident about finally starting.

If you want an easily accessible course, with realistic deadlines and a supportive tutor, this is the company for you.

Thank you so much for helping me to build a little more confidence in my writing, Nicole!

Patsyanne Dudman 4 months ago

I have always had an interest in becoming a freelance writer and this course ticked all the boxes. The step-by-step tuition was fantastic and it deals with the now. Sue has an amazing wealth of knowledge and I like the fact that she does not beat around the bush.

Confidence was my biggest fear. I had that weighing heavily on my shoulders: can I do this? But once I knocked that away, I was fine. It was a fantastic course as there was so much to learn and take in.

Sue, poor woman, must have the patience of a saint. Her feedback is constructive and I appreciated that if she didn't like something, she was diplomatic about how she told you. Her knowledge is like finding a gold seam.

I enjoyed everything about the course, from start to finish. Plus the bonus of making new friends. No matter what level they were or niche they followed, we all contributed together.

I know I may not be the glossy mag feature writer; however now I know how to look for what I want and how to go about it with style instead of being a bull in a china shop. I am very thankful for what I have learnt and the teachings and feedback from Sue.

David Hall 4 months ago

I enjoyed learning the information that I didn't know regarding how agents and publishers operate and what actually happens after you've completed your manuscript.

It just reinforced what I expected: that a manuscript needs multiple rewrites and that family/friends aren't exactly the best judge of your work. Also, the work needed that goes into pitching and fully understanding the manuscript was invaluable.

If you want to write, or are already writing, definitely do a course at the AWC. You will improve your skills, learn a lot and have a fun time doing it.

Wendy Banham 4 months ago

I enjoyed doing this course and felt that it prompted me to restructure and finish a story that I'd previously tried to write. The main aspect that made this work for me was learning about how to plan and plot. As a pantser, this was particularly valuable! Thank you.

Vanessa Love 4 months ago

The tutor was great! I could tell they actually read my work. They also gave me great feedback and pointed out some things I hadn't noticed about my writing and gave good advice for how to better shape my scene.

I enjoyed going through the content. I enjoyed writing excerpts for a specific purpose. The exercises were fun and could be adapted to my story or the one specified for the exercise.

I'm actually really excited to write again. That was the reason I took the course and it got me interested in my story again.

I would say it's a great course with supportive, friendly people and it's fun.

Josephine Gagliardi 4 months ago

The tutor was great! Sue was really helpful and was obviously very knowledgeable. It was fantastic being tutored by her.

I loved listening to the module lessons with Valerie Khoo talking. I learnt a lot and it was really helpful to be able to listen when and where I wanted.

It has made me feel like this is something I really can do and really pursue. I'm excited to start!

Jess Wright 4 months ago

I am grateful that the AWC does on-demand courses to suit schedules. I like the ability to pause the audio, download the audio and download the handout. I like the summary of each point that is raised at each time during the audio - this is helpful for revisiting. I like that the content was concise.

The course has made me appreciate back story so much more and, as a result of fleshing out the back story of my three characters, I know additional plot events that I need to explore. It also emphasized how I want the reader to first feel about a character and how that changes over the course of the story (and therefore what I need to do to in terms of plot to bring about the change in the character and therefore the change in the reader's feelings).

I would recommend this course as it is concise and very helpful and informative. It is also ideal as it is on-demand for 12 months (with audio and hands outs being downloadable) so you can go through the course in your own time and at your own pace.

Joanne Roberts 4 months ago

I just attended a 5- week Copywriting Essentials course.

Here's what happened.

    • Eyes opened - tick
    • New skills learnt - tick
    • Provided with tips and tricks of the trade to get you started - tick

(sorry, I couldn't resist trying it with a headline formula!)

I've been a teacher trainer for a long time and have been looking for a new direction for freelance work. I saw a few adverts and Facebook posts for copywriting and it piqued my interest. I was attracted to this course in particular as it was through the AWC.

The course was comprehensive and I loved how you could download all the audio files, handouts and the slides easily.

Bernadette is very knowledgeable and willing to share her experience with us. I loved how she is so enthusiastic about her industry. It was very encouraging to hear from her all the time that this is a growth industry and that anyone can do it (with some training and skill!).

Her feedback was very useful and detailed. I loved how we got to hear all the feedback of all the course members. I listened to all of them and wrote notes for each one.

I've really enjoyed being creative with words and realising that maybe this is a job that I could do. The course has given me a taste of the industry and I feel excited about maybe becoming a part of it.

Gillian Meers 4 months ago

The tutor provided helpful feedback, and was really encouraging without sugar-coating anything - for me personally I am here to learn and honest feedback is greatly appreciated so I can grow. Pamela was obviously knowledgeable and yet I never felt like I was less-than for just starting out and making some mistakes.

I enjoyed learning new skills and brushing up on things I already knew but with greater understanding; being led step-by-step through the creative writing process (and beyond!); reading everyone's work and giving and getting feedback.

It has given me skills, and discipline, and I feel enabled to write in a more intelligent, intentional way. I will be undertaking many other AWC courses!

Kayla Saddington 4 months ago

Valerie Khoo's video explanations and audio lessons were fantastic.

The course has taught me many things and I've learned about so many different styles of writing, as well as how the short story format changes and evolves over time. Since I have not fully completed the course (feedback to be given), I say this course has very well met my expectations. I'm really looking forward to the feedback and love that this course offers the opportunity for an established and experienced writer to offer feedback. This part has definitely exceeded my expectations and probably could be made more prominent in the description of the course.

I now have much better writing habits. And I don't feel guilty when I'm not writing, because I know that even when I'm out for a walk or in the shower, I'm still in the author state of mind, thinking of titles and characters and what's next. I also feel a lot better about having various works on the go at once, and that this is normal and encouraged.

I used to spend so much time editing as I went, and now I know that I just need to get started and write until the end, then come back and polish it later.

I would say that the Australian Writers' Centre really set me up with all that I needed to know, or was unsure about, when it came to writing and what makes a good story. I felt included and like there were so many others out there just like me, not knowing where to start. If only I'd known, just start at the beginning. There were tips and frameworks to change my line of thinking about what it meant to be a writer. Writers write. And that's all there is to it.

Shannon Benton 4 months ago

Bernadette is an absolute copywriting superstar! Couldn't have asked for a better person to guide me on my copywriting journey.

I enjoyed her practical advice, paired with her sense of humour. She's delightful.

Tania Cox 4 months ago

Cathie was phenomenal! Fantastic! Fabulous! Inspiring! Honest! It's a wonderful opportunity for writers to work along Cathie Tasker. Her experience in the publishing industry is priceless to any writer. AWC has excellent tutors, but Cathie is in a league of her own. No one comes close. I'm definitely booking more courses with her.

After writing many years of very short texts, I was struggling to write this particular longer text. I was in 'Ice age' mode! This course got me out of it. While I was struggling, it was good to know I was not alone, especially with Cathie at the helm.

I feel positive about the story instead of waking up frustrated about it. Such a BIG relief! When I changed my POV, the ice melted and Spring arrived! Hooray! It's obvious, but I'd dug myself into such a dark place, I'd lost my way.

These courses are a necessary part of the writing process in today's world. I can't imagine a year going by without AWC being part of my writing life.

Thank you, Cathie! Thank you, fellow work shoppers! Thank you AWC!

Elizabeth McClenaghan 4 months ago

This course actually got me excited about writing for SEO purposes, and helped me to see just how valuable it is for a business. It gave me practical skills that I can now take back to my employer and hopefully use to improve our SEO rankings and onsite traffic.

The course also helped me understand how valuable my skills are as a writer. Bernadette really has a way of making you feel important and needed and good about yourself for having these skills and for pursuing them further. In my experience, people don't always appreciate the value of good copy and can make you feel like your career choice was a waste.

Bernadette is obviously an expert in the field and gave excellent insight and feedback.

I was taking my learnings back to my manager and to my current role and I was able to point out things we should be doing and things we can do better, and he now calls me an "seo expert" even though I've only done this one course!

Alinta Boyce 4 months ago

As a Mum to three young children, I’ve barely got a spare second left in my day so I was looking for an online course that wasn’t too pressing timewise. One assignment a week was achievable on top of my other commitments.

I was nervous about sharing my work in an online forum, but did not find it daunting once the course kicked off.

I loved Zanni’s video feedback. She was very supportive and gave constructive advice.

I enjoyed building the confidence and knowledge in an area I’d been wanting to explore for a long time ... and writing first drafts for two children’s picture books in the process!

I feel confident now to give writing picture books a red hot go. I’ve already enrolled in your Masterclass!

Give it a go. It’s great fun!

Courtney Gould 4 months ago

I loved having Cathie as my tutor. She is kind, insightful, and provides detailed feedback that generally includes helpful resources as well.

I enjoyed swapping submissions, giving and providing feedback. I found this aspect very valuable. Also, I loved hearing from different authors in the audio classes for each module.

When I first started writing, I thought I knew what I was doing. Boy, was I wrong! This course (+ the others I've completed) have opened my eyes and taught me the essential fundamentals of writing that I was missing.

I learned that I am actually a good writer - the feedback I received was amazing and I'll always be thankful that this was my starting point.

Thank you for this course - it's wonderful! HIGHLY recommended. Can't praise these courses enough. I'll definitely be back for more!

Megan Ralfe 4 months ago

The course provided a complete toolkit to enter the workforce as a copywriter. It was super practical, the information was generous and well-delivered, and left me at the end feeling like I could make the step into paid work.

Bernadette was excellent. She is very knowledgeable in her profession, and generous in sharing that knowledge. She communicates effectively, and in a down-to-earth way. She has developed useful templates and strategies for effective copywriting which she stepped me through logically - this built me up to a sense of competency and confidence in my ability to work as a copywriter.

I enjoyed writing creatively. I loved the excitement of new horizons and learning new skills, after a long time of same-same. I also really liked the dynamic nature of tailoring ideas to hook different target markets, and doing this quickly (challenging my tendency towards perfectionism).

Doing this course has ignited the spark of new adventure within me. It reminds me of when I was younger, when I felt there were lots of exciting things waiting to open up to me. It has made me realise how long it's been since I have felt that excitement for the unknown. Being a Mum has both expanded and contracted my universe in profound ways. The contraction has been tough, so it is great to feel inspired by new horizons!

It is a great kicking off point to begin working as a copywriter. It is a small time and financial investment to then be able to work and earn writing copy. Within the profession there is a lot of scope to start small, be flexible, and build your business as you build your skills.

Thank you, I have really enjoyed this course :)

Mandy Heath 4 months ago

Sue gave great feedback, keeping her comments upbeat and positive. I always looked forward to reading her feedback.

It's achievable to complete in the time given. The content is very interesting and you walk away with tools to achieve your travel writing dreams.

I now have direction and motivation to start writing my travel book.

Thank you, Sue, for your feedback and encouragement. Thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Emilie Deacon 4 months ago

Bernadette is excellent. I have learned so much both from the course content and the feedback. There was so much crammed in to learn.

Do it. Mad if you don't.

Colleen Golafshan 4 months ago

Patti covered the topics as stated with abundant examples, which brought her text 'Writing True Stories' to life; encouraged us to write and share our writing from the first class, with thoughtful comments and suggestions; and encouraged us by asking about our reading and sharing her reading.

Patti's last lesson pulled the entire course together effectively, encouraging us to continue our writing journeys, including as a writing group online, which some class members initiated immediately.

The course and my reading of the last weeks, together with discussion with others, helped clarify more about my work-in-progress as I piece together articles I've written over past years in a first draft.

Robyn Bambury 4 months ago

I was excited to learn from professionals working in the field. I thought Sue provided constructive criticism as well as positive encouragement. Great for someone like me who is just starting out.

I liked the structure of listening to the modules, completing the assignments and reading the feedback. I looked forward to learning something new each week.

It has encouraged me and given me confidence to pursue freelance writing as a career.

I really enjoyed this course and see this as the beginning of my journey. It's also made me realise how much I have to learn. I am keen to continue my education.

If you are interested in writing as a profession, AWC will give you the knowledge that will help you get into the industry.

Christine Childs 4 months ago

I enjoyed the overall format of fortnightly modules, submissions and feedback. I didn’t find the time commitment onerous, despite working four days per week. I think reading other students’ work and giving feedback is a really valuable experience. It was a great experience doing the course in 2020, in the midst of the Melbourne COVID-19 shutdown. It really helped keep me focused and productive.

I really appreciated the 12-month online format. Previously I think there was just a six-month option and I was hesitant to do that given my work commitments. I was able to get my first draft written and do a complete rewrite second draft with this format.

I found Cathie’s feedback to be very measured, sensible and relevant. I liked that she read everyone else’s feedback and acknowledged where other students had given sound advice.

I don’t think my writing style or novel changed much during the course but the course helped keep me motivated to keep writing and get my novel finished. The positive feedback reinforced that I was on the right track.

The courses are well structured and draw on a wide range of writers’ experiences. An online course means that you can be flexible with your time requirements. Committing to a course helps you keep writing come what may. Having your own set of Beta readers is a worthwhile thing. There are a huge variety of programs to choose from. AWC courses are good value for the financial and time commitment.

Ryan Tolliday 4 months ago

I now know where I belong in the industry, as a writer looking for a publisher. This and the other course have helped me sort out my career pathway, and freed my mind quite a bit. I see the boon of being a part of the traditional publishing industry, rather than going at it alone and self-publishing.

This course is great, and especially helps you understand the industry: you'll approach the publishing industry better, and what you will learn will help you on your way towards making and publishing your book.

Julian Beckedahl 4 months ago

I really enjoyed listening to the course's modules, instead of just reading the PDFs. Valerie has a nice voice and it's easy to listen to her commentary. I also liked hearing from graduates and understanding how they started their writing careers. Real-life stories really help.

I can see how you can keep your day job but explore writing on the side - in a meaningful and rewarding way.

Tegan Hamilton 4 months ago

Extremely comprehensive and great for getting you thinking about different aspects of the writing craft and how it can be applied to current and future works.

Ellen Stanfield 5 months ago

Patti is exceptional. Very kind, generous, patient without losing momentum, knowledgeable, unjudgmental and always found something nice and some constructive criticism for each and any piece.

I enjoyed the sharing and catching up with lovely people, as well as learning from Patti in a face-to-face way that didn't require me to leave my home.

I now have a writing practice, and confidence that I could "be a writer".

This course helped me find a practice, a community, a framework to shape my stories and courage to share my stories. It might do the same for you.

Nadia Eschler 5 months ago

This grammar course has taught me in depth and I found it more helpful than what I learnt in school. I found it hard to learn English grammar at school and although English is my first language, this course simplified it without making it confusing.

I have no regret completing this course. Go for gold! I highly recommend this course for people who are needing a refresher or struggled with their English grammar and punctuation like I did.

Gregory Lewis 5 months ago

I really appreciate the 'insider' comments/anecdotes and true stories as told by Valerie. I enjoyed the positivity of the presenter and the valuable information provided in the Modules.

It has 'enthused' me to write and achieve some enjoyable additional income.

Follow your dreams/goals and have a go!

Jenny Wilson 5 months ago

Pamela is such a gift. Her ability to hone and polish made our work way better than it was and I will always be grateful for her constant encouragement.

I enjoyed the feeling of being part of a group. I believe that everyone in the group has improved in our writing and has a far clearer understanding of our story. I know I certainly do.

Thank you for the opportunity to do this. It's made a huge difference to my writing and they were two hours every fortnight I've really looked forward to. I'm going to miss it.

Shelley Dark 5 months ago

The Writing Workout course with Pamela (I've done it twice!) has been my favourite so far for many reasons - I really enjoyed the animated Zoom class atmosphere and I benefited greatly not only from the live feedback on my own assignments, but on those of my classmates. I really recommend this course.

Pamela has a marvellous capacity for communicating writing technique in a spontaneous manner. She's lively and interesting, and has incredible knowledge and skill.

I particularly liked being able to use the writing I'm working on as homework for the class.

The tutors at the Australian Writers' Centre are all proven authors themselves, so the courses are sound and practical. Pamela is a treasure.

Katia Spies 5 months ago

Bernadette has a wonderful way of breaking things down into bite size pieces and making each step seem easily achievable. She is a perfect coach for those of us who need to overcome our self-doubt, procrastination and perfectionism.

I enjoyed the well-structured step-by-step breakdown.

Thank you AWC and Bernadette. No doubt you will see more of me.

Allison McCrindle 5 months ago

I have been interested in writing picture books for a couple of years but didn't know how to get started. I was initially concerned about putting our stories up for everyone to see but reading everyone's stories and listening to the feedback on each was one of the most valuable parts of the course.

Zanni was amazing. Her feedback helped point us in the right direction. It was such an important part of the course. I valued her feedback very much.

The most valuable thing about the course was that it made me write or update a story every week. It got me started.

I enjoyed the whole thing but looked forward to the feedback as I learnt so much from the feedback on everyone's stories.

I loved this course. You need to do a course like this before you start writing your book.

Janet Stone 5 months ago

I enjoyed learning all the practical and insightful information. I have had 4 stories commissioned with MiNDFOOD, and stories published with The Saturday Paper, Kids on the Coast and Reader's Digest.

Do it or you'll regret it.

Marg Griess 5 months ago

I loved Tim Harris' zany approach to teaching. Exactly what the material is about. I savoured each lesson and will be going over the material again. Well done! The course has helped me develop my funny bone... just what I was looking for!

I loved Tim Harris' videos. His props and gags are exactly the attitude a writer of humour for kids needs. I may have to get a few wigs to wear while I write! Besides, his content is spot on. I was able to write a funny story much to my relief at the end. Mission accomplished!

Tim's feedback on my submission was just the best feedback ever. Top notch!

I really had a hard time reading my own material, thinking it just was not funny enough and cringing at my submission. When I received Tim's comments and his genuine giggle at parts of it, I was heartened to think I do have it in me to write funny. I was struggling with that before the course.

Go for it. It is worth money well spent!

Michele Slatter 5 months ago

I didn't really think it would change the way I viewed writing but it has. Begone Lady Dabbler, Welcome Determined Author!

Kiera Archer 5 months ago

Alex was great and provided great feedback and always explained what she meant. Once Alex gave me feedback on my ideas and how to angle them more, I was like, aha! I get what you mean! and could go away and change it.

I enjoyed the assignments! I didn't think I would but once I got going, I loved it.

It's given me something to be excited about again. Also helped me to decided which direction I would like to go in.

100% worth the time and every cent!

Carolyn Hall 5 months ago

I thought the tutor was great and explained everything very well.

I always had the stigma that I was bad at writing, but with the process she taught us, I now have a method to follow.

I enjoyed the assignments and realising; hey, I can actually do this!

I got a lot out of the course - working in the same industry a lot of information was not new to me, but it gave me a huge dose of confidence to say, "I'll take a crack at that" and I did and it actually worked.

Norman Pauline 5 months ago

Being a father, I read stories to my children when they were young. When we were away from home without any storybooks I would 'make up' stories to amuse them. Now that I am retired, I have spare time and decided to attempt to write stories for young children and maybe get some published.

I enjoyed reading all the excellent material provided. The discipline and commitment required to complete and lodge the assignment on time.

It has inspired me to become creative and write more stories for children’s picture books and when I am satisfied with my stories and have checked them against the criteria advised in the course then submit my manuscripts to publishers.

The Australian Writers' Centre courses are very well structured, the procedures are easy to follow, the handouts and instructions are excellent. For any budding writer, the Australian Writers' Centre will show the right way to write professionally or just for pleasure.

I am glad that I enrolled in the course which has given me the confidence to pursue success in writing children’s picture books.

Emilie Deacon 5 months ago

I was looking for something accessible that I could manage while working full-time crazy hours that change without notice. I reviewed the material the course would cover and thought it would be perfect. It didn't disappoint.

Bernadette was great - such a knowledgeable lady.

My mind is somewhat blown at how much there is to learn on this topic and how much I have yet to learn.

My entire life has been spent writing for a specific purpose, be it in news reporting or compiling statements and briefs of evidence for trial, and yet, copywriting was completely new to me. The strategies and processes in the course were extremely helpful and I learned just how much I still have to learn.

I got so much out of this - I can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't do it. Thankyou!

Callum Methven 5 months ago

There was not a wasted word in any of the lectures. It was far more interesting than I expected it to be.

The tutor was professional and approachable.

I now feel confident enough in my copywriting abilities to start looking for work in the field.

It is a fantastic opportunity to upskill with the help of a reputable institution.

Kat Carr 5 months ago

Bernadette was awesome. Respectful. Encouraging but honest. Knowledgeable. Great!!!

I enjoyed meeting a diverse range of writers. Learning to give and receive feedback. Great advice.

The exercises are fantastic. They really made us think about things we do instinctively and unpacking the process gives us a tool kit for when we are stuck. Bernadette was awesome in pointing that out. So that was a revelation. When you are in the learning craft phase it is so easy to be overwhelmed - trying to remember everything. So the notion of writing with your creative brain, but falling back on craft when you need to dig deep really cleared my mind for me. I can seeeeeee!

Honestly, great theory and like minds ... what’s not to love???

D'Arcie Wilson 5 months ago

Writing has always been a huge hobby of mine so I really wanted to learn how to put it all together into a story.

I liked how honest the feedback was. It was constructive and really helped me with all of my assessments. I liked that everyone could see everyone else's comments and assessments and give feedback to each other.

For me personally, I learnt everything I wanted to and more. I would love to keep going so I wish it were longer.

It's made me learn so much about different points of view and ways to write and even read my own writing. It also taught me how to take criticism in a good way and improve myself.

It really struck the creativity in me and motivated me to not worry about what other people think about my writing.

Zoe Disher 5 months ago

Tim's video lessons were very engaging and full of great insights.

Doing the course and receiving feedback on the assessment piece has improved my confidence in my writing abilities. The course also introduced me to more funny books for kids to read. Realising that humour can be broken down and scrutinised to find out what makes it work.

Go for it! It's lots of fun and packed with information about what kids find funny and how to incorporate it into your writing.

Michelle Thomas 5 months ago

Bernadette knows her stuff. She explains tough concepts in an easy to understand format. Her calming and warm nature squashes that inner critic and helps you focus on learning and giving it a go. The cadence of weekly assessments keeps you motivated.

It removes the belief that you need to be feeling creative all the time to write. It shows how through logical steps and appropriate groundwork you can get it done. It prevents writer's block. It also makes you look like a professional.

It's easily digestible; you can balance it out with work and home life and in your own time. It provides foundational knowledge to help you on your journey as a copywriter - but you get out what you put in - do the work!

Thank you!

Catherine Riedl 5 months ago

I really looked forward to receiving feedback from my tutor, Stephen Hart, about the previous week's writing assignment. I looked forward to each week's new challenge. I also appreciated listening to and responding to the learning opportunities provided by the audio lessons.

Stephen Hart is a terrific tutor. I found him to be intelligent, knowledgeable, thoughtful and personable. Thank you, Stephen, l take on board your suggestions and appreciate your words of wisdom!

I believe the combination of the following worked really well for me:
- Combination of theory (audio tutorials) and practice (assignments)
- Learning in a supportive group of writers
- Provision of an expert tutor to provide weekly feedback.

I feel more confident to keep writing. I have resources to assist and don't feel isolated. Feedback from Stephen following the first week's writing assignment meant a lot to me. Thank you.

Take the opportunity to do this course! I felt really supported along the way and now have a sense of enrichment and confidence to follow my writing ambitions.

Thank you to the team at AWC. I appreciate your expertise in putting together this course.

Karen Goldrick 5 months ago

Kate has given us a blueprint for planning our novel, and also for digging ourselves out of writer’s block or finding ourselves if we lose our way. Kate is a delight. The images on her slides were magic.

Kate Burns 5 months ago

Bernadette is very knowledgeable and provides helpful and specific feedback. I enjoyed getting feedback from someone within the profession and also being in a group with other passionate and driven writers. I have really enjoyed being a part of their writing journey and I am excited to keep working together with some of them and seeing their stories flourish.

I think it has provided me with a good understanding of where my writing is at (and areas to improve), the process of writing, encouragement to keep going, and a group of people I hope to stay in contact with to support each other on the journey.

I would like to thank Bernadette for being a part of my writing journey. Thank you!

Katie Hoskins 5 months ago

Great presenter and easy to follow knowledge which I can put into practice right away. Carli was very experienced in the field and very approachable.

Good real-life examples and easy to follow instructions.

I'm going to investigate UX and SEO writing further and make it a bigger part of my career.

Jessica Deery 5 months ago

I'd just finished Mojo month and wanted to take the next step. I liked the theme and opportunity to be part of a group. Having fortnightly sessions also seemed easy to fit into my schedule.

I loved it.

The tutor was brilliant. I felt comfortable from the first session and she was so encouraging and knowledgeable. I thought she facilitated our online sessions well so that we all had a chance to speak and engage with each other.

I enjoyed the workshopping with the group. I learnt so much from the process and had a lot of fun. I looked forward to our sessions each fortnight.

Thank you, it was wonderful and I hope my group keeps in contact.

Elyse Harrison 5 months ago

What especially attracted me to this course was its structure and writing schedule. Without this, I know I would still be dreaming about my story instead of actually writing it.

I was initially hesitant about people being able to read my (unpolished) work, but these fears were unfounded, and everyone in the course (both tutor and students) were really supportive and gave really insightful feedback.

Bernadette was amazing! She gave both professional and objective feedback, whilst also getting behind your story and becoming one of its biggest supporters. I cannot thank her enough for her insight and enthusiasm regarding my story.

I definitely enjoyed reading the feedback from other students. It was very exciting and rewarding to see people genuinely enjoying your work.

This was truly a magnificent course that I will be recommending to anyone who wants to kick-start their novel writing. I have actually found the motivation and inspiration to write! And having completed this course, I actually feel as though I have taken massive strides in becoming a writer.

Australian Writers' Centre provides the most comprehensive yet straight forward courses regarding writing. It is the best place to go for all your writing needs. Completing their courses will bring you closer and closer towards becoming a successful writer. I cannot recommend them enough!

Just thank you for this amazing course!

Polly Taylor 5 months ago

I was interested to learn more about UX. Having a Zoom with direct feedback seemed like an excellent idea.

The presenter was absolutely exceptional. The entire group was very fun. Really supportive. Great group and vibe.

Debbie Harris 5 months ago

I needed to get my MOJO back in lots of areas and this sounded good fun as well.

It was bite sized, not overly demanding and interesting - a real joy to open up every day! It was topical, interesting, entertaining and fun.

It made me feel happier, helped me to focus on something else apart from what was going on in my life, gave me a boost with my writing and was thoroughly enjoyable. I woke up each morning with a thrill wondering what would be waiting for me. I'll miss it.

Karen Young 5 months ago

I finished Creative Writing Stage 1 at the start of October and wanted to do something else so I came across this as I was searching for courses. It sounded fun so I thought I'd give it a go.

I enjoyed the variety of everything ... I had no idea what was coming and I loved the surprise factor of it all!

It really made me think outside the box and look at writing from different angles. I loved that. And I've now set up a writing habit that I plan to keep because of MOJO Month.

I absolutely loved MOJO Month and can honestly say it's the best $97 I've ever spent on a course in my life! You get out of it what you put into it but everything's there to get you started and the daily emails are like little encouraging shoves in the right direction. I'm also doing Writing Workout at the moment and I highly recommend everything I've done with AWC so far. I am loving it and growing so much as a writer ... and as a human :)

Bridget White 5 months ago

The FUNK: I have been deeply buried in the belief that everything worth writing has been done ... but sheer relief to find out my ideas are valuable. I've found stories everywhere and love MY LIFE again. HUGE thanks!!!!

My life has changed and self-belief abounds. Now I awaken, do my morning pages, and see inspiration. This course was BRILLIANT!!!!

I've signed up for Writing for 6-9-year-olds with Lesley Gibbes, ordered all of her books to assist me in learning that style and feel lighter!!! Might even have lost a few grams in no longer being weighed down by my oppressive thoughts.


Debey Green 5 months ago

I liked the idea of being part of a group and hearing the feedback from my classmates. It felt a bit daunting at first but I wanted to stretch myself out of my comfort zone by responding to and hearing from, others.

Bernadette was a great tutor, and I found her feedback very encouraging and helpful. And she had a great way of telling us if something needed improvement without us being left with the feeling that we’d failed.

I enjoyed the diversity of each module, and being pushed where some of the exercises were hard to grasp. Also the Zoom interaction.

Being enrolled in the courses that I have over the last few months have been exactly what I’ve needed to help me have creative focus during a very difficult year personally.

Amy Adeney 5 months ago

I had a 'free month' in November between finishing uni and my kids finishing school, and wanted to do something structured to ensure I used the time creatively and productively, and didn't just waste the month. MOJO fit my requirements perfectly!

I enjoyed the variety of different topics - I seem to constantly be talking about something interesting I'd learned that day...

Made me more aware to stay alert as I'm out and about in the world, taking in stimuli and looking for new ideas for my writing.

I've done lots of courses at AWC and always found them to be not only fun and inspiring, but full of very practical, user-friendly advice as well.

Sally Holmes 5 months ago

I have loved writing since I was very young, but not taken the time to be creative over the past years.

I enjoyed the variety of different creative 'operations' included, opening up my eyes to the plethora of writing fuel at my fingertips each and every day. Also reading other's submissions on the feed was interesting - I like to see the different approaches taken and learn from how others put their words together so differently to myself.

I've reconnected with my creative self and found my voice in writing again.

I surprised myself by what I could create in a short time each day, and how it all came back to me with the right prompts. That even when you feel completely unmotivated you can still push through this and create some content you had no idea was inside you. On reflection, sometimes this is actually the best content.

It's life enriching to explore your creativity and do it with other like-minded people and with the support of experts in the writing field.

Maggie Slater 5 months ago

I worried that perhaps it might be too basic, given that I had published a dozen short stories prior to signing up. But I was delighted by the modules, and felt like they really fleshed out my understanding about scenes and structure, and particularly gave me some worthwhile exercises to practice.

Margaret seemed very knowledgeable and was wonderfully encouraging. I really appreciated her feedback on my work, which was always insightful.

The modules were really fantastic, and were the biggest value-add, but I also really loved getting to know other writers and forming early bonds with them. I look forward to seeing their work in print in the future!

I definitely feel more confident in my grasp of the basics of crafting a story, and it really filled in some gaps in my knowledge base. I'm definitely looking forward to signing up for the Novel Writing Essentials course soon!

I've mentioned the course to pretty much any writer friend who will listen, because there's just so much intellectual meat (or jackfruit, if one prefers!) in each of the courses. I've taken other online courses before, but this one never made me question whether my money was well-spent. It absolutely was! And the fact that they can be done online from anywhere and any time zone (I'm in the US) is fantastic!

Elisabeth Bridson 5 months ago

I was attracted to the course because I needed something to help me focus on making daily writing more of a priority. Well - to actually write daily, really.

I loved the breadth of experiences, challenges, tasks, activities, etc. The course is aimed at the whole person, not just the writing bit of the person.

I enjoyed the fact that I felt successful even if I didn't complete all the activities ('operations'). There were some days when I wasn't able to get to the activities and had to catch up the next day, or the day after that (once). I didn't feel bad about having to do that. I also like that I have the extra month to complete those operations that I skipped - I fully intend to do that.

I entered Furious Fiction for the first time. I'd first found out about it and subscribed over a year ago. My story was long listed!!! I now feel as if I can call myself a writer :) Though trawling back through the dozens of half-filled notebooks should have made me realise this.

I love the humorous approach and the very encouraging attitude that the AWC has.

Tanya Enright-Kynoch 5 months ago

The diversity and variety in content -- activities, quotes, writing stimuli, URLs and videos -- were fantastic!

Sparked creativity and the desire 'to carve out more time' to hone my craft. I can do it!

Creative, informative, inspiring and fun!

Janelle Rebgetz 5 months ago

This course seemed to be different to other courses, non-specific as far as what one would achieve. I saw it as an adventure.

It is good that there is an extra month to complete everything. Great for people like me who have a chronic illness and limited energy. Having said that I am really surprised by how much I achieved and how much it energised me at times.

I really enjoyed the variety in the operations and in the subjects covered, including personal development.

I feel more confident in myself and in my writing. I write poetry and thought I couldn't write short stories. Now I know I can.

Everything about the course is positive and affirming, bright and cheery.

Morgen Brown 5 months ago

The exercises were fun and the information about YA writing was invaluable. I feel I have gained more of an understanding about the differences between audiences of various ages.

Very helpful if you are serious about writing. It has helped me to be a more organised writer.

Mark Yule 5 months ago

Bernadette impressed as knowing the content very well, and excelled as a communicator, providing a well-structured short course, and well considered constructive feedback. It provided many key insights into copywriting for a beginner and useful tools to get started in the industry.

It made me very eager to get started in developing my skills further and starting to practice my copywriting as soon as possible.

AWC provides a well-structured short starter course for those wanting to gain some really important insights into developing effective copywriting skills.

Nadia Falovic 5 months ago

I found this course fantastic. It helped me a great deal with structure, and how to set the scene and summarise.

My tutor was great. I really enjoyed Pamela's feedback. It helped me to see where I could improve my writing. We could hear what she said about our fellow writers' work, and we could read their work and understand what advice she was giving.

I enjoyed reading my fellow writers' work, and I really enjoyed other people's comments on my work. It helped with my structure.

I have enrolled in Furious Fiction, and I hope to do Novel Essentials in the new year.

It is an effective course with how it is structured from week to week. It is also a doable amount of time if you have other commitments.

Vicki McCracken 5 months ago

I have actually completed a short story! And feel equipped to write more.

Naomi Shippen 5 months ago

I wanted to use Scrivener to set up my second novel from the start. This course offered the overview I needed to use Scrivener to best advantage. I thought I should be able to work Scrivener out for myself using free information online. However, I knew that AWC would deliver the comprehensive course I needed and save me time in having to work things out for myself.

At first, I was concerned that Scrivener may be somewhat prescriptive and would inhibit the creative process of writing a novel. I have been pleasantly surprised that seeing the plot of my novel mapped out in front of me actually makes the creative process much easier and more enjoyable. After doing the course in full, I can easily dip back into it when I need to troubleshoot any concerns as they arise. I am so glad that I did this course as it is already making it easier to write my second novel.

Natasha Lester has an easy and engaging style of teaching and is a pleasure to listen to. The course is broken down into easy to follow pieces that you can tailor to suit your needs.

Having a bird's eye view of my novel has enabled me to plan it properly from the start. It is very easy to move scenes and chapters around as I need to and the colour coding enables me to balance point of view and identify major plot points. Structure and formula can actually help the creative process, rather than hinder it.

Two Hours to Scrivener Power is a great investment of your time and money. It is a comprehensive, easy to follow course that will set you up with the tools you need to complete your project on Scrivener.

Eva Rottenanger 5 months ago

AWC is my 'go-to' whenever something comes up in my journey that requires more information. I've almost completed my first book and have a publisher, but realised that help with marketing will be minimal. So, I went straight to AWC to see if help was there. Of course, it was! I enrolled immediately and have completed it. On the weekend, I'll set up a couple of the media pages and the website is on its way.

This course was really helpful, just what I needed. Thank you so very much. All my questions were answered, including those I never knew to ask!

The AWC delivers quality, comprehensive instruction each and every time on all aspects of writing and then supports this with newsletters and a Facebook group. I've done 8 courses so far :-)

Liane McDermott 5 months ago

The content was in-depth and the practical guidelines very useful to consolidate my knowledge. It has certainly provided me with more confidence and understanding of how to develop my characters. There is so much to learn about character development!

I'd highly recommend this course as it really spelt out the elements of character development that I was not aware of.

Kate King 5 months ago

I did most of the course while on a solitary holiday and wrote a substantial amount of a work that had been on the boil for years as practice. Now I just have to get on and finish it in the crevices of time around a full time job.

I particularly liked the module on narrative structure and look forward to experimenting with various structures in my work.

This course covered the process of writing creative non-fiction in a methodical and thorough way. The workbook consolidated what I'd heard in the lectures and helped me work methodically through the process of planning and beginning my work.

Anna Johnston 5 months ago

Having been so impressed with the Creative Writing Stage 1 course, it was a natural step for me to enrol in this one. I was initially hesitant to share my story as I didn't want anyone to steal the idea! However the peer feedback has been invaluable just like Pamela said it would be!

Pamela was fabulous! Kind, encouraging and insightful.

The actual content of the lessons was so helpful and I also enjoyed receiving and giving feedback. Getting really positive feedback for my work (and in particular the humour in my work) has given me the confidence to keep writing.

I couldn't recommend AWC more highly. My 10-year-old daughter is now asking to do the kids course as she's seen how much I have gotten out of this one (we workshop our writing together). Thank you! I'm already enrolled in another AWC course and can't wait to begin!

Nicole Moller 5 months ago

I have been a real estate agent for over 20 years and writing ads is my favourite part of the job, which is what attracted me to this course.

Dean's course was informative and his sense of humour made the course fun. I liked the whole course.

Georgia Moore 5 months ago

I thought Pamela was incredibly knowledgeable, and you could tell right from the start she knew what she was talking about. Her experience came through in the succinct and clear way she could describe concepts from character tropes to plot and series structure. She was also very generous with answering class questions, and encouraging us to keep in contact with each other and her beyond the end of the course.

I liked the chance to work on projects that we're actually writing and intending (in my case at least) to submit to publishing houses when ready. Getting quick feedback on our homework tasks worked well.

It clarified/reinforced a lot of points I already knew about plotting and world-building, but also expanded on that knowledge to a depth I hadn't considered. Also, I am keeping in touch with others in the course to start a writing group.

I found a lot of benefits in completing the course with AWC. Learning from someone who has been in the industry for years is invaluable, and the community feels incredibly supportive of aspiring writers.

Pilar Zegrati 5 months ago

The information was very good and clarified some misconceptions I have had for years. I also learned new things I was not even aware I did not know and started applying my new learnings straight away.

The tutor knew what she was talking about and was very helpful and knowledgeable. It was also great to get her personal experience around tools I have started to use e.g. Grammarly.

I enjoyed learning new things that I can apply in the workplace. Learning from other people's examples and learning from having the tutor work with me to edit some of my own previous work was very illuminating.

Thank you AWC for providing another high-quality course.

Andrea Howard 5 months ago

I found Zanni to be very knowledgeable, honest, and diplomatic with her constructive criticisms. So grateful that she was our tutor! The feedback videos were a great way to receive hints, tips, and direction in a clear and concise context. I wasn’t sure about posting assessments for everyone to see, but it was actually a great way to share ideas.

Great resources, easy to follow instructions and content. Great tutor and an overall rewarding experience. Thank you for the guidance and confidence boost I needed to move forward with my creative process of writing!!


Helen Filipou 5 months ago

For a first-time user of internet learning, I found the course easy to follow.

I thought the tutor was honest and generous with her feedback.

I enjoyed reading fellow students work, the challenge of getting work in, listening to audio lessons, feedback from other students, the positive and constructive advice from Cathie.

The course has lifted my spirits and has given me a renewed sense of confidence to continue on this path. Many thanks. I look forward to my next course with AWC.

Jordan Pollard 5 months ago

The course gave me the confidence I needed to get started and arm me with enough knowledge and applicable lessons to keep going. Loved it!

I had a wonderful time learning. I wasn't sure what my expectations were but it was very informative.

The tutor was very friendly, very knowledgeable and super helpful. Bernadette had a great way of explaining things - I could listen for hours.

I entered not knowing much... and now I know enough to feel comfortable to write copy - and that was the goal!

Bernie Jennings 5 months ago

This was my first online course. I was worried at the start I would struggle with the assignments. But everything was explained well.

This was a great starter course. I enjoyed listening to Zanni read out all our stories each week, and hearing how well they had developed over the five weeks.

It has given me the confidence to continue my dream of one day publishing my own children's picture book.

I was just really pleased how enjoyable the overall experience was. I'm keen to start the Masterclass course now that I've had such a great start.

Don't wait! Do it now! Or to quote Molly Meldrum 'Do yourself a favour!'

Leah Wilson 5 months ago

The course has given me insight in starting a writing business and the difference between content writing and corporate writing.

I would recommend this course to anyone that wants a career change into freelance writing.

Samantha Valentine 5 months ago

I liked that it was so in depth and provided exercises to complete that I might not have done otherwise. I think I've done a much better job at self-editing my manuscript because of this course.

Just do it!

Chareli Seet 5 months ago

Even though the class was not conducted face-to-face or via Zoom, Bernadette had a way of being very personable with every student through her weekly feedbacks. I valued every single feedback she provided because there was always something to learn.

The feedback and assignments were very interesting and challenging.

Made me feel quite energized about the ways you could write copy.

Rebekah Ball 5 months ago

I was a little anxious as I had never used Zoom before but the course was wonderful and I had a lot of opportunities to interact with my classmates.

L. A. Larkin provided a friendly and supportive learning environment.

I enjoyed getting to speak with my tutor and classmates in real-time and getting to know more about my classmates' work in breakout rooms.

I now understand the core differences between a detective novel and a thriller. At the start of the course I was struggling with a detective story; turns out I was hitting a wall because I was trying to write a thriller.

The story structure and narrative tension is something I struggle a lot with, but the way my tutor explained it, the second act finally made sense.

It's a wonderful course and a must if you're going into crime and thriller writing, regardless of level.

It was an overall wonderful course and I'm so glad I took it!

Matthew Koch 5 months ago

I enjoyed the balance between advice on writing style/what makes a ‘good’ feature article, and an overview of the industry more generally - in particular what editors are looking for and advice on how to actually get your work published is spot on.

I was very appreciative of Cat! She consistently provided constructive and very actionable feedback and advice.

The weekly audio lessons were well structured and very easy to find time throughout the week to complete each module. The examples provided in the audio and on the handouts brought the course content to life.

I also found the weekly assignments were challenging enough to consolidate the learning for the week and feel like you had achieved something (not just a 'ticking the box' exercise), without being excessively daunting or stressful. It was also good to interact with the other students, and see their assignments/feedback, as we are all from different backgrounds.

Thank you Valerie, Cat, and all involved for a wonderful course. I'm sure I will see you in another one soon!

Caroline McAleer 5 months ago

I thought I had learned loads on other courses. This one is head and shoulders above anything else I have done.

I had wanted to write a book and had done several introductory writing courses. As a terrible procrastinator, this one appealed because of deadlines and feedback. I also liked that it was focussed on novel writing and not prohibitively expensive!

The tutor was fantastic! Bronwyn gave detailed and very helpful feedback. I hit lucky that my tutor is a writer in a very similar genre to my planned book and therefore could help with that too. Her comments were encouraging and kind as well as pointing out issues I needed to address.

The camaraderie and learning potential of the submission and feedback schedule was immensely helpful. 9 of us from our group have gone on to create our own critique group to continue this.

But it wasn’t just the critique. I found the lessons and resources extremely helpful in developing my characters and story and know I will go back to them again and again.

My confidence has grown immensely and I’m convinced I’ll still be putting words on a page for a long time to come. The fear has gone (mostly!)

It’s motivational, helpful and really makes you think through your work at a deeper level that leads to improvement.

Taylor Bitz 5 months ago

The online audio recordings were concise and straight to the point, and provided all the information that I needed.

I loved the writing exercises. I enjoyed delving into the five senses and drawing upon my own experiences to smell, hear, taste, feel and see the surroundings that I was working with in the assignments.

The course has helped me continue to develop and edit my book in a way that makes me feel proud to be able to potentially self-publish and monetise the story.

I would say that it's fun, it's low-key, the exercises are easy and enjoyable to do and that the assessors and tutors are friendly and open to receiving and giving positive and encouraging feedback.

I enjoyed the course heaps and it was a great finish to the year.

Ranjana Kundu 5 months ago

I loved listening to the audio material... Valerie Khoo is a pleasure to listen to. I also liked the writing assignments, the way the course was structured and the opportunity to network with other aspiring writers and read and critique their work and get feedback.

It’s inspired and motivated me to dust off the cobwebs of my first draft I wrote many years ago and rewrite. That’s a big thing!

It’s a very inspiring and motivating experience to do one of their courses. Very well supported also by the podcasts and other material on the website and Facebook groups.

Brittany Browne 5 months ago

I wanted to gain an overview of the process of writing a novel and the technical skills required. I also wanted to kickstart my writing habit.

Cathie was excellent. She provided really practical and in-depth feedback. I was able to put her feedback into the next exercise week after week.

I loved the writing exercises and reading everyone's stories

I really loved it! It has provided me with the encouragement to start writing creatively and to instil a routine of writing frequently.

If you have always had the desire to write a novel but just didn't know where to begin, this is where you begin. I hadn't really written creatively prior to this course but have always wanted to. This has kickstarted this passion for me and has provided me with the basic structures on how to craft my stories. I loved it! I had so much fun. Thank you, Cathie, for all of your support and helpful feedback!

Deborah Mackie 5 months ago

Carli is very well informed and accomplished in the food writing arena, and she was very generous with her knowledge, tips, and insights. I enjoyed her personal knowledge of the industry.

It has given me the kick up the bum I needed. After losing traction in the travel writing field because of COVID, I've been in a bit of a writing funk. The course has given me renewed energy and determination - not just in the food writing sphere, but it's also encouraged me to get back in the saddle with travel writing.

I hadn't realised the market for recipe development and it's something I want to now explore further.

Very hands on and relevant courses; great tutors; great value for money. Being part of the graduate group after completion of the course is also important and attractive.

Joanna Donaldson 5 months ago

Lesley was a fantastic presenter!! I did enjoy the videos. She was clearly experienced and very encouraging. She knows the market.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm coming through the videos! And the market information. De-mystifying this genre as to things like word count and target age group.

I have started writing my first chapter book! This course gave me confidence to give it a go, with some pitch deadlines coming up.

For aspiring writers in WA, away from the action of Sydney and Melbourne, these are excellent, accessible courses that are totally targeted for the specific genre. Keep up the amazing work!!

Kate Whalan 5 months ago

Just a great well-rounded course. The tutor was great - honest feedback and friendly :)

I enjoyed getting feedback and the classes as read by Valerie. Also submitting assignments.

It’s given me confidence that I could actually write a book. I have a totally fresh understanding of storytelling and the mechanics.

Do it; you’ll regret you didn’t sooner. Can’t wait to do more courses soon.

Christine Runnion 5 months ago

The online tutor was great. The use of her own personal experiences made the lessons more interesting and enjoyable. I enjoyed the use of excerpts from books to illustrate key points and examples of types of successful books.

AWC is an excellent source of information and a good starting point for any new writer or person considering becoming a writer. I really enjoyed the course. It has given me the courage to have a go.

Arianne Perry 5 months ago

I enjoyed the actual demonstration on creating your own blog from scratch. It has given me the confidence that yes, I will be able to set up my own blog.

Great content that is structured well along with very knowledgeable and helpful tutors. While this particular course was 100% self-paced, without tutor interaction, it was still very detailed and easy to follow.

Linda Sulman 5 months ago

Reading soo many success stories gives me more hope than I had. It has given me the confidence to pursue my passion for writing.

Reinvent Yourself is the perfect start for anyone who is interested in following their writing dreams. I found this mini yet extremely jam-packed course full of helpful tips. A bible that I shall return to for that push I'll need when doubt starts to creep in.

Tricia Allen 6 months ago

Bernadette was clear and concise. She was able to impart industry specific examples and personal anecdotes to make the course personable and informative.

I have now started my own freelance writing business and am learning how to construct a website in WordPress. My life has changed completely.

There's no Fluff and Bubble in these courses. The learning is targeted and you can also have fun as part of the process.

Thank you for the opportunity to complete this course and special thanks to Bernadette for her warmth and guidance. I have a whole new vocabulary that I am keen to use in practice. Who'd have thought I could have an in-depth conversation about SEO 5 weeks ago? I certainly didn't.

Boby Tariq 6 months ago

It was a privilege to come in contact with Bernadette through my Copywriting Course at AWC. All the feedback provided by Bernadette was a futher learning opportunity.

I took up a career which was totally unplanned and unexpected. Bernadette gave me lots of confidence.

I would definitely recommend AWC. Thank you, Bernadette, for the skill and confidence you gave me through this course.

Rhonda Ooi 6 months ago

Thank you so much. I was looking for a new direction and I think I found it! I was worried I would not be able to write, but I found ideas flowed easily.

The tutor was lovely. The feedback was detailed and helpful. I feel much more confident in my abilities and I think I found my new passion!

Just take the leap, you will not regret it! Thanks Zanni!

Jade Fernandes 6 months ago

The tutor was superb! I enjoyed the feedback and Bernadette's delivery style - she is very relatable, you feel like she is in the room!

I feel confident that I have found my new profession.

Bernadette commented that Copywriting is the perfect "fusion of art and science" and she also said that it's a good trade for someone who has done "a bit of this and that - Jack of all trades" which really resonated with me and where I am currently at.

The AWC is the best in the industry. Thank you!

Melinda Woledge 6 months ago

I loved this course! I learnt so much about what is essential for a crime and thriller novel, about how these genres differ from other genres (and also from each other). It was practical and helpful.

I loved LA Larkin! She is an excellent tutor. Very engaging and she really knows her stuff. Whenever we read out our writing or asked questions, she was always able to answer them and provide real insights that I personally found really helped my story. The feedback from Louisa and others in the course was extremely beneficial and complemented the lessons.

I was nervous about the writing exercises but I enjoyed them and it was great to push myself out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed when we were able to get questions answered by Louisa - she gave great insights even in the brief time we had to ask questions and I know everyone found that helpful. Even if there was a question asked by another author and their story was very different from mine, I found the advice that Louisa gave could be applied to my story. Example, if she said to someone 'think about this' or 'this is how this TP needs to connect and raise the stakes', then I could apply that same thinking to my story.

I have done other novel writing courses (elsewhere, not AWC) and all have benefited me. I have a good understanding of the key turning points and how to structure a novel. But what this course helped me with was the actual specifics of what is required in a crime novel. So it went beyond the turning points and showed us what are essentials of the genre, how to ramp up tension, how to connect our story points, how to build to a climax etc. As writers on our first books, we need to learn two things: how to write and structure a novel, and then the specific requirements of our genres. This course gave me great insight and reinvigorated my writing journey.

The other benefit is that we, the group, have decided to continue meeting now the course has finished. It is a really supportive group and I would never have met these fellow writers otherwise.

If you see a course you like the look of, definitely book in! You won't regret it. I'm so happy I did this course! And 10 gold stars to Louisa - she is an excellent tutor and her teaching and insights were really valuable.

Tracy Howard 6 months ago

I haven't written for some time and thought this would be a great course to get back into the creativity, structure and focus of writing. I was very glad to be reminded of scenes and summaries, PoV and tense. It really assisted with reconnecting to what I love about good storytelling.

The tutor's feedback was incisive and very helpful.

I really enjoyed the resources and how they connected to the audio giving meaningful examples of what the lecturer was telling us. I enjoyed reading my own feedback but also the feedback given to other students because that was also helpful for me.

If you want to write something others will want to read then do a course with the Australian Writers' Centre.

Robyn Shilton 6 months ago

The tutor was an excellent communicator, sustained my interest, responsive and sensitive to the disparate skills of participants. Michelle was able to deconstruct the many complexities of editing and although there was such a lot of content I came away with several matters very clearly stamped in my brain.

So many areas that I was uncertain about or did not even know about; quotations, colons and semi colons, dangling modifiers, and more - the rules as explained by Michelle opened so many doors for me.

I love the tip about editing a rule at a time rather than trying to do everything at once (which is my practice). That was so illuminating for me.

The content is great. They give you a really valuable resource workbook, the tutor is an expert in her field and the price point is economical. This will be an excellent investment.

Kirsty Tyler 6 months ago

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I am so much happier. The previous writing courses I have done have been quite structured but at the AWC you give every writer room to breathe. I also find it really helpful doing these Fiction Essentials courses as I near the end of this draft. There is so much to fix up but I want to get some more tools in my kit before I take this to one of your longer novel courses. Great value for money too!

I really wanted to understand more about POV. I was about 70,000 words in to my novel in first person and was really interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of POV better. I was hoping I would come away with a better understanding as previous writing courses had not unravelled the mystery of POV as I had hoped.

I have switched from 1st to 3rd person POV and I feel like I have a stronger voice now. I am far more confident with POV. The depth and layers of each POV was really insightful.

Amazing resources, I guarantee you will enjoy it and learn something. Exceptional value for money.

Melanie Cage 6 months ago

It was the perfect course to help me get started on my crime and thriller novel. I had some ideas but had no clue how it was all meant to go. The course outline was thorough and the fact that the course was being conducted by L A Larkin was a massive draw card. You know you are getting quality when a best selling author is the teacher.

This course left me feeling so positive and happy about where my novel is headed. I have only just begun but this course gave me the skills to move on and look forward to potential publication.

Louisa was so personable and easygoing. I loved listening to her talk passionately about her craft. She was so positive with all participants. Louisa gave everyone time to express themselves and show ideas. Louisa was very generous with her positive feedback to me. I felt very excited when she said my story was something she would like to read.

I enjoyed everything. I loved meeting like-minded people from around the country and developing what will be strong connections. I loved learning about the structure and finally realising I have a direction.

I believe in myself and my ideas. I feel I am equipped with the skills to develop a great story that may one day be read by others.

I absolutely loved this course and will miss the weekly zoom meetings. I’m already deciding what my next 2 or 3 courses will be. I feel like I’ve found my place at the AWC.

Anna Haley 6 months ago

I am currently completing the Novel Writing Essentials program, which I love, and I wanted to learn more about the crime/thriller genre specifically, as this is the genre I am writing in. I loved that L.A. Larkin, a sucessful, published author was taking the class, and knew it would be of high quality.

Louise is brilliant! She is knowledgeable, intelligent, funny, down to earth and presented the course material in a clear and concise way that just made sense. I feel like she has given me a pair of glasses - all the fuzzy ideas I had about structure, plot, complications, turning points, action scenes and so on are now clear and in focus. I just wish I had done this course sooner!

As well as Lousia being a brilliant host, and learning so much, it was fantastic to meet the other writers. Some of us have formed a writers group and we will continue to meet up every fortnight, which will be invaluable during this journey.

I have outlined my entire novel, written an opening which is so much better than the opening I already had, I know where and when my turning points need to occur, I know how to write my climax and it all felt effortless and enjoyable. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!

Every class had multiple 'aha!' moments for me! Lousia teaches in such a way it all just makes sense, and she delivers the material with a mix of humour, insight and real life examples. She has pinpointed exactly what new writers in this genre need to know, and conveys it beautifully.

If you are interested in writing in the Crime and Thriller genre, this course is a must. A huge thank you to Lousia for giving up her time to teach and inspire new writers. It has made a huge difference to my writing journey and I can't thank her enough.

Kym Walley 6 months ago

I have had a history project in mind for the past few years but have found I am stuck on how to begin. I'm a Virgo so I typically feel I "could do better". So instead of just jumping in and going, I procrastinate. I needed a mentor or motivator to get moving.

At points in the course, I started to cry with relief that I'm not the only goose who doesn't know how to get started in discovering their path in writing. I can now flip my feelings of aloneness to motivation to write. Thank you and big hugs.

I enjoyed the no-nonsense approach. It was like having Valerie sitting next to me and encouraging me on. I opened my laptop and started writing. I didn't even worry about Chapter 1. I just wrote a scene that's been in my head. If it turns into a full story, kudos to me. If not, then I will just keep writing what feels right.

Before thinking of starting a course anywhere else, find your feet by doing one of AWC's courses. You'll probably find you won't need to go anywhere else.

Gregor MacNamara 6 months ago

The tutor was excellent! Nicole's feedback was always spot on and I always went back to revise my work based on her comments.

It's given me confidence to keep writing and get past the first chapter.

An excellent way to kickstart writing. Highly recommended.

Emma Georgeson 6 months ago

I had done Novel Writing Essentials with Cathie earlier in the year and was keen to continue studying to take my manuscript to the next level.

I enjoyed meeting other aspiring writers and learning about their stories and forming friendships and a writing tribe.

It helped me form a writing routine that fit around my daily life and I loved how the audio lessons always demonstrated all writers are different. What works for one, doesn't work for others. The 'just keep going, don't stop' mentality. Focus on finishing the first draft so you can go back and fix everything after.

I have recommended you guys! I have a lovely friend doing your picture book course right now! When we were talking about your courses, I shared my experiences with her and encouraged her to go for it.

Kenji Strazdins 6 months ago

I needed to revise the plot for both the mid-section and climax of my novel.

Louise Larkin was great with feedback; she made it useful and made you feel great at the same time! Loved her approach.

I enjoyed the interaction with my fellow crime/thriller writers.

Gill Thomas 6 months ago

I took quite a few ideas away from the course which are helping me complete my manuscript.

The tutor certainly knows her stuff and was good and fun to listen to.

I enjoyed interactions with other writers, the hints shared, and the tutor's methods and explanations

It helped me to focus more on what my manuscript was missing. I feel confident I can now do a final write through and complete it. Also linking up with other writers - we have now continued the group ourselves.

Highly recommend joining the AWC as there is just so much to learn and help you in your journey to be a writer. I have attended several courses and am looking for my next one. Really helps to keep me focused.

Paul O'Doherty 6 months ago

I'd started a manuscript and did Novel Writing Essentials and told myself if my classmates enjoyed my story I would continue. Everyone seemed to love it and this inspired me to push myself forward and continue.

The support of my classmates and tutor was especially helpful in knuckling down and writing my novel. Knowing someone was going to be reading my work made me accountable and that all spurred me on to finish, and then revise. I feel satisfied that I've finished, but a little sad that I have to fly away and finish the manuscript by myself.

The tutor introduced herself as an expert and explained the various things she'd done and her specialties. This gave her immediate respect; her knowledge of genre conventions and what NOT to do was particularly insightful. Her approach to feedback was very genuine; she told you all the things she liked before hitting you with what wasn't working, and what you needed to work on. I like the approach of finding the positives rather than just telling you what needs fixing.

I enjoyed my classmates' comments and assessments. It was such a diverse mix of age and background and everyone always seemed to have some little nugget of wisdom for me. Also, learning the bits people liked really helped me along, and of course what they disliked, because I have to go away and work on those areas. But it was in examining those areas that made me grow the most.

The final manuscript assessments nearly made me cry simply because I realised my story had made an impact on someone else. People were gaining all sorts of insights and growth from some of my storylines and characters in ways I'd never even imagined.

If you've always wanted to write a book, you need to give yourself a push and upskill yourself. There are techniques and processes you can learn to develop a craft which will get you to a full manuscript. In the past I felt I just wrote without a clear idea of how to do it and hoped I'd have an A-ha moment. The course showed me what I needed to change which I never could have done alone.

Once I could see my work slowly improve with each revision, the ideas started to flow on how I could improve my story. Learning what to exclude by virtue of my classmates' feedback also helped me grow and gave me a stronger awareness of what I needed to include.

David Rymer 6 months ago

Louise was fabulous! She rocked the balance between technical mastery and personal experience. I enjoyed the personal insights Louise shared.

I have a nearly completed manuscript and was looking for technical guidance specifically on writing thrillers, particularly around plotting, structure and pacing to help me polish the manuscript and ready it for the pitch phase.

I found the course's content really insightful, and the technical tips really, really made me think!

I realised some of the incremental edits I needed to make to my manuscript to give it more polish and take it to the next level.

The AWC is a fabulous, inspiring centre for anyone interested in understanding writing crime or thrillers and taking your manuscript through to publication.

Saffy Ossa 6 months ago

Louise Larkin was fantastic. So knowledgeable and obviously experienced in the genre. She was great at giving constructive feedback to ideas and very clear in the way she set out the information.

I enjoyed hearing other people's story ideas and being inspired by the different ways in which they wrote. I loved the breakout room and the availability to ask questions at any point.

Having already written 65k words and being completely confused and stuck, it took me back to the basics so that I could find my story again. My new understanding of structure and pace will help, I'm sure, to rewrite a much better story.

I had let the plot drive the story without thinking much about character and that was my biggest mistake starting out. I am so happy to have figured out this problem and be able to move forward with characters that I actually love writing.

Kate Hungerford 6 months ago

I wanted to gain more knowledge about how to write a novel. I have a story floating in my head and would love to publish one day.

Nicole was uplifting in her feedback and she had some great tips. I enjoyed reading others' work and seeing their feedback expanded my knowledge of the topic.

The course content covers everything I needed to get my book moving. My teacher was very supportive and gave positive and constructive feedback.

Fiona La Torre 6 months ago

I was recently made redundant, and was wanting to upskill in the area of marketing, which I have a degree in from many years ago. This course was recommended as a great way to do this. Plus, it was something that was new to me.

Bernadette was fantastic, entertaining and insightful. I found myself really enjoying the audios and I gained a lot of insight into the world of copywriting. Plus, she always provided valuable and detailed feedback, which I really appreciated.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the homework assignments. I was a little nervous about doing 'homework' again after so long, but I thoroughly enjoyed being able to have a bit of fun, and be creative, with the assignments.

It made me realise that I still had a passion for writing, and that I would ideally like my next career path to be on the creative side. I could definitely see myself pursuing a career in copywriting.

The whole course was one major learning moment for me. Everything was new to me.
I had a positive learning experience with AWC. You will receive valuable information, taught within a supportive and easy to navigate online environment.

Alexandra Guest 6 months ago

I write regularly as part of my job and hope to add a communication element to my position in the future. This course was a good opportunity to brush up on the basics as part of my professional development.

The course was a great refresher on the use of apostrophes and some other grammar mistakes. I also have already implemented a detailed planning sheet for an upcoming presentation that we have to record. It has been helpful to plan and organise in advance to ensure the recording of the video will be as smooth as possible.

Highly recommend courses through the AWC. This is my second course, the first was for personal interests (Writing Picture Books) and the second for professional reasons (Professional Writing Course). Both courses have been well presented and great value for money.

Kate Hamill 6 months ago

Bernadette was very welcoming and knowledgeable, and her feedback was honest in heplping me to become a better writer.

Whilst I'm normally shy, this course bought me out of my shell a little more, being able to discuss writing with my fellow students. At the time, it was daunting to critique other students' work and have them critique mine, but as we went along I found that it made me look at my writing in a different way.

It has enabled me to think of the different areas we studied in a different way. Before the course, I didn't put much thought into the pace and structure of my novel but now I know how important it is.

I would say that it helped my writing, and I enjoyed how the other students interpreted the writing exercises.

Most of all I had fun. By the end of the course, I didn't want it to end! Now to find the next chapter of my writing career.

Kathryn Dalziel 6 months ago

I completed both the Copywriting Essentials and SEO Copywriting courses with Bernadette and loved her teaching style and method. The information has proven invaluable, and this course was the next logical step to starting my own copywriting business.

Bernadette is a fantastic tutor and delivers information in a clear, concise, easy to understand way. I found her feedback incredibly useful and it's helped me gain a better understanding of how to formulate words into great copy.

I enjoyed learning from Bernadette's wealth of knowledge and interacting with other future copywriters.

It hasn't even been six months since I started the set of copywriting courses with AWC and already I'm on my way - I've had four jobs so far and I'm so thrilled - it feels really real!

DO IT! You absolutely won't regret it.

Olivia Nankivell 6 months ago

AMAZING content from Bernadette. It was concise, interesting, and practical.

Bernadette was fabulous. She made the effort to provide detailed feedback every single week.

I enjoyed the practicality of the content. I found myself glued to the screen and frantically taking notes! Every single module was extremely detailed, yet easy to understand. Bernadette created a complete snapshot of each module and reiterated important points. I loved her real-world examples and how she drew from her own experience as well.

I feel more confident to write words that sell products and ideas. As someone who wants to move into the environmental/sustainability space, I believe these skills will be useful to change hearts and minds.

I would say if you want to write in the digital space, sell products and ideas with words, or create motivating copy - this is the course for you.

Thank you so much.

Karen Kepert 6 months ago

I loved the Writing Picture Books class but felt like I needed to learn more.

The tutor was very easy to understand. I enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing what to do next and the confidence that I had the information I needed.

I've just sent my first picture book off to an illustrator.

Colleen Ricci 6 months ago

Zanni is a friendly, knowledgeable and generous tutor. Her feedback method was great. I enjoyed reading everyone's stories along with her and hearing the feedback. She was always positive, honest and respectful.

I enjoyed having a commitment to writing and editing. It was very satisfying, especially honing the work from one week to the next.

It has helped me realise that I can commit to writing something creative from start to finish. Also, that a small daily commitment can bring about big results. That perseverance has payoffs.

Suzanne Bowditch 6 months ago

I was attracted to the course because I'm writing a historical fantasy novel. Pamela was a wealth of knowledge and very helpful. I enjoyed sharing my writing.

I've learned a lot more about the fantasy genre. I realised that my novel is a historical fantasy genre, not a sci-fi book!

The teacher is helpful and informative and you'll learn heaps. The course is an opportunity to discuss with other writers and to workshop your writing.

Lucia Alesiani 6 months ago

I wanted to learn more about how to write Fantasy and Science Fiction. I was nervous about doing a course via Zoom as I hadn't done this before, but it was good; I felt comfortable.

Pamela put me at ease. I enjoyed having her as a tutor. She has a wealth of knowledge about the genre and I enjoyed her jokes.

I enjoyed listening to everyone's ideas for their novels. I enjoyed learning about world building, non-human characters, and how to build a magical system.

I feel like I understand better what is involved in writing a spec-fiction novel and I have some tools to help me improve my writing.

I love the courses offered at the Australian Writers' Centre. I keep coming back for more. They are unique and I learn new things each time.

Jo Kinvig 6 months ago

I love that it gave me everything I need to be able to start feature writing right now. Super practical and really great content.

Sue was great; she obviously really knows her stuff! Her feedback on my work and of my classmates' work was really helpful and insightful.

I was nervous initially. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it. But that was everything to do with me and nothing to do with this course. And in the first week, all nervousness was gone.

The thing is, I think I can write, but previously I relied on my instincts to take the story where it needed to go. This course has given me the templates to structure an article properly, know how to do those sparkly transitions, write a hook, and the all important ending. But also, how to analyse a publication, interview people, and pitch my work to a publication. It feels like everything you need to know to get started in feature writing is in this five-week course.

Best five weeks you'll ever spend if you'd like to be a freelance feature writer one day. Everything in this course is aimed at getting you paid work.

Charlotte Sinclair 6 months ago

I liked that it was 5 weeks and I could do it in my own time. It was also super helpful having access to the teacher and fellow classmates. One day I would really like to do feature writing on gardens and the gardening industry and this course seemed like a really practical way to get started with this dream.

Jocelyn Watts 6 months ago

This course not only covered what I wanted to know about SEO, but it also revealed other opportunities worth exploring. The tutor was excellent!

I enjoyed the wealth of information provided.

It's given me some direction on how to move forward with my website which has been in limbo since my husband died seven years ago. Working through the nuts and bolts of SEO revealed a focus for my website that's worth further investigation.

Learning about SEO copywiting is worth it, even if becoming a copywriter isn't your main goal. Having broad knowledge of the topic is valuable in many ways.

Victoria Ryan 6 months ago

The structured 30 day plan was very helpful. This course kept me focused. It helped me push through the days I didn’t feel like writing and allowed me to make time for short sessions. It’s not a big ask time-wise but it adds up quickly.

It’s a great place to get started; the AWC has content other writing courses don’t.

Vivian Michael 6 months ago

I enjoyed the stories. I absorbed everything easily because of the combination of audio and text. After a long work day, I played audio while following the text easily and got through it quickly because the content is inspirational and engaging.

I love the motivational aspects, the fact that the writers had varied backgrounds. I especially loved hearing about the lawyer turned children's writer. I repeatedly heard about flexibility of earning an income and travelling and I like this idea.

The courses are engaging, easy to fit into my busy work schedule running a law firm, and worth the money. Very glad I got started and look forward to completing many more courses.

Claudia Bonazzi 6 months ago

This course reflected exactly what I was looking for: a general overview on Copywriting from someone specialised in the field. The flexibility was also perfect.

Definitely Bernadette is a well-suited tutor for this course and gives a lot of insights on the job, which I found very useful. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and her handouts were a godsend!

I really appreciated sharing opinions and points of view with fellow classmates and the chance to ask direct questions to the tutor. Also receiving feedback was something you're always excited about.

I feel like it made the whole writing process more approachable, easy, and smooth to begin with. Moreover it sure improved my confidence and made my copy more results-oriented.

Take the course because it will give you a 360° view on copywriting, it will test your abilities, and will most certainly improve your assets. Hopefully, it will also be a starting point for you to go deeper into it if you're really interested. Bernadette speaks from experience which is the best way to learn!

Amelia Lewis 6 months ago

I haven't come across another writing course which explicitly analyses and teaches humour in this way.

This course gave me the confidence to start dabbling in funny middle-grade fiction, but also indirectly improved my picture book writing. In fact, an idea I came up with during one of Tim's suggested brainstorming exercises actually turned into a hilarious picture book which has been picked up by a publisher (a first for me!)

Tim Harris knows funny! He has crafted a course which unpacks humour in an easy-to-grasp, insightful way, and his delivery literally made me laugh out loud. I'm finishing this course knowing a wee bit more about toilet humour, ready to put my characters through hell for the sake of a joke, totally understanding recurring humour and totally understanding recurring humour. See? I'm so much funnier now. Thanks, Tim!

Heather Poppelier 6 months ago

I found the weekly presentations very interesting, well delivered and with great supporting resources.

It was fantastic to learn a new skill and engage my brain - especially since I have been on reduced hours for many months now due to COVID. The course gave me something to focus on and direct my energies into.

It has given me the courage to pursue copywriting as a career. While it still seems very daunting, I feel that it is possible and achievable thanks to the repeated encouragement and demystification of the field by Bernadette.

Great online platform and easy to work to the module deadlines. Simple and effective delivery.

Vasantha B 6 months ago

Bernadette has been a great tutor. Every word she spoke was very reassuring and encouraging. Particularly the feedback was very informative and educational.

Each module was well designed and structured. The assignments and feedback were most enjoyable.

I have learnt how to write for others to read. I can't wait to start my journey as a copywriter.

Selma Papapavlou 6 months ago

I've always wanted to know more about copywriting and whether it was an industry and career I could further pursue but didn't want to do a degree and spend years studying it. I was looking for a short course. This was an introductory, 5-week course that only required a few hours a week. It didn't feel intimidating. It was perfect for a novice like me. Also, I could fit it in with my schedule of being a 1st time mum with an active toddler and not spend hours doing so.

I loved it! I finally found my calling and would love to further explore this industry. The tutor was real. Her real-life knowledge was helpful. I think she would be someone you could easily approach if you had any queries about this industry.

SEO intrigued me. I would like to learn more. Also what surprised me was what I was capable of producing in such a tight time frame.

I found my calling! I want to further pursue copywriting. I am kicking myself that I DIDN'T DO THIS SOONER! I wish I did it in my 20s! Or even a few years ago! There's no time like the present and NOW I want to further develop my skills and eventually work as a freelancer. I have a LOT to learn! I have never felt more certain and excited about what I want to do for a living.

I think I had my "aha" moment when I completed my 1st assessment. It didn't feel daunting or difficult. It felt enjoyable and exciting. I gained clarity. I thought, "I can do this. I can actually see myself doing this for a living.”

The AWC has short courses that you are able to fit into your busy life and still feel like you've learned new skills and achieved something productive.

Thank you for continuously sending me email mailers. Eventually something clicked and I made it all work!

Megan Daniher 6 months ago

Listening to the podcast "So you want to be a writer" and the ep with Bernadette really piqued my interest. I decided to dig deeper into what copywriting was and the more I found out the more interested I have become. Natural progression was to book into this course.

The course has over-delivered for me. The tutor was approachable and professional. Each module was well planned and varied with no unnecessary overlapping.

I now want to pursue a career in copywriting. 100% enjoyed this course, thank you.

Nikki Dennis 6 months ago

Bernadette did a great job of opening my eyes to the world of SEO without being too technical and taking away from what I like best, the writing part.

I think Bernadette's approach was very friendly and informative. The course was full of practical info presented in a clear manner and demonstrated well with examples. Feedback was detailed and helpful.

It's really opened my eyes to the possibilities of a copywriting business. I've always liked writing, now I can hopefully make some more money from it!

The course has shown me how to create another revenue stream for my consulting business doing something I love.

Definitely go for it, you won't be disappointed.

Ayana Noble 6 months ago

I loved this course and all that it contained. My online tutor is brilliant and addressed every aspect of writing.

The design of the course is amazing. To the point. The tutor is brilliant, and the peer interaction invaluable. It was faultless.

The course revealed much about myself and my life and writing to me. I am humbled. Upon reflection, it's hard to say what one specific 'aha!' moment was for me. There were many.

This course is invaluable, no matter what you write. Thank you.

Rachel Nickless 6 months ago

The course was very well structured with very engaging lectures and I enjoyed the creativity kickstarter too. Overall the course was professional and well put together for an online experience.

Pamela clearly knows her stuff and was encouraging. She gave a lot of great feedback to the class and I learned from that.

There was a lot to enjoy about the course - I loved getting out of my comfort zone and learning about the mechanics of writing. The explanation that this course was like a building course versus a literature course at uni being like architecture was spot on. I also enjoyed connecting with other students and the videos about other writers in Creativity Kickstarter was inspiring - I bought all 3 of Sarah Bailley's books after watching/hearing her interviews!

I definitely improved my writing by doing this course. Thank you. It's made me want to be a creative writer even more, and start to narrow down what I want to write about. At the same time, it has highlighted to me just how much I still have to learn and how much sheer hard work I will have to put in. Journalistic writing is quite natural for me now - this is a totally different ball game!

Jude Anison 6 months ago

I knew about AWC from Furious Fiction, and have entered a few over the past 18 months or so. But I've had a novel in mind, stopped/started over the past 7-8 years. I knew I had to do something like this though, or it would just remain a dream.

I had the usual self-doubt, with imposter syndrome kicking in early. But I managed to get over that. It's been brilliant.

Bron was great. My second submission consisted of a pretty intense couple of scenes. She gave me nothing but positive feedback and encouragement. And interestingly, everyone else's feedback was remarkably similar to hers.

I enjoyed the chance to read other people's work, see the issues and challenges they are wrestling with, and hopefully give them the positive feedback that helps them with their writing.

I think it's given me the confidence to think yes, I can do this thing. And produce something I think I'll be happy with.

I've written (non fiction) for a living for decades. I've learnt so much from this course. If you want to be a better writer, do it!

Frankie Pinch 6 months ago

Alex was generous with her knowledge and kind to us as students. Her feedback was grounded, practical & encouraging. I enjoyed the lessons, practices and set tasks.

I feel more confident and ready to pitch ideas. I learned about pitching several years ago with Valerie but feared the process. This time I feel ready and I’m not as fearful of the outcome, good or bad, if my idea is sound and the techniques are in check.

Just dive in whatever your writing goals or interests! I would add that the courses I have completed have given me the skills and confidence to get going and if I can, you can too.

A big thank you!!

Maria Alessandrino 6 months ago

I was a bit concerned about time (juggling a baby and work) but found that the audio really helped with this and it was nice to have a reason to set time aside for the reading and assignments.

Allison was great - her feedback was always clear and helpful and she always offered suggestions or different directions to try.

It has pushed me back into a writing routine. It's a great way to learn new skills and get your writing on track.

Jürgen Stahl 6 months ago

Excellent! Pamela was thorough, quick, critical and encouraging at the same time!

I enjoyed the feedback from Pam and classmates, the design of the course, and the handouts.

It got me into a writing habit, 500 words a day, no matter what.

An excellent course to get started, very much a ‘hands-on’ (bum on seat) course. Already signed up for 2 follow-up programmes so there you go!

Anna Thomson 6 months ago

Kate was exceptionally generous and very helpful. Professional, knowledgeable, kind and constructive.

I enjoyed the focus on each separate step of novel construction and editing. I had a bit of an epiphany as a result of session two on the nuts and bolts structure of my novel and what I needed to change. And also discussion of the novel with Kate, which was both encouraging and realistic.

A great big thank you to Kate! It was a brilliant course. I've been waiting to do it for two years and it was everything I had hoped for and more.

Astrid Keir-Stanley 6 months ago

I had heard really great things about this course from a number of published authors in podcasts, interviews etc. They mentioned that this was their 'go to' course to learn about all things picture books.

Zanni provided amazing considered and helpful feedback. She's clearly very dedicated and passionate about picture books and is willing to pass on her knowledge in a very helpful way. I really enjoyed listening to Zanni and hearing her feedback about the participants' stories.

The course is exceptional and so is Zanni as an instructor. It was very helpful to learn about the technical aspects of picture book writing, particularly about the structure and pagination.

I always thought it was hard to understand the concept of 'show don't tell' but having completed this course I really have a much better grasp of this!

Don't bother writing a picture book until you have completed this course.

Stephanie Rogulic 6 months ago

I have been wanting to refine and improve my skill as a writer in this genre. I had no idea how little I knew, very grateful.

The tutor was honest and careful in reading our assessments. Very good.

I learned a lot about how important it is to keep up with the times when writing children’s literature.

Georgina Sierra 6 months ago

I have been looking at ways to transition to an occupation that allows me to work from home (or anywhere really). I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to complete the work with having two kids under the age of three (spoiler...you can!).

I found Sue to be knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. I liked the positivity, knowledge and how this course answered all of my questions about freelance writing.

There was so much information that when I spoke with a journalist/editor friend about freelance writing she confirmed everything on this course.

I have always been someone who loves creative writing. I have undertaken studies recently that required me to submit essays for examination. They were not really creative and my writing in those was OK. I gained great marks for knowledge but not so much the writing. Since starting this course, I can see where I 'went wrong' and my writing has definitely been impacted to be better.

It was informative, encouraging and full of the right information. A big thank you!

Apsara Baldovino 6 months ago

I have been toying with writing a picture book for a few years and decided I would do it now whilst on maternity leave.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in writing picture books. I absolutely loved Zanni Louise. She was thoughtful, kind, and always had very constructive advice. Her feedback was always delivered beautifully so that you could grow and improve.

I love that each week there were assignments as this really helped to apply the techniques. Having Zanni then provide feedback was absolutely powerful. It's this part I missed the most when it was all over!!

Since finishing the course, all I want to do is write, write and write! I have been obsessed!

You must take this course. It will change your life!

TJ Edwards 6 months ago

Kate Forsyth is a career author and this gives her words and methods weight. I'd also heard countless great things about the course and seen Kate talk on many occasions.

Kate is not only extremely knowledgeable but overwhelmingly generous with her time. She was very honest and upfront with her opinions and feedback, but this allowed us to trust her more. I enjoyed Kate as a presenter and how well the notes were laid out.

Even while participating in NaNoWriMo, I've found my latest draft to be cleaner already and both chapters start much better than I usually would have. Also, paying attention to voice (both narrative and character) is making the story have a lot more of an impact.

This course is a must for people such as myself who don't have a writing background or experience with an editor.

Thus far I've taken a number of courses face-to-face, at my own pace, and via zoom, and all of them were tremendous value for money with some truly experienced and professional authors. If you're nervous about spending the money, start small and work your way up to the bigger, more intense courses!

Thanks folks for supporting authors in the way that you do. From the Podcast, to the Community, and obviously these classes taught by industry professionals and experts, I feel much closer to achieving my dream of becoming a published author than ever before.

Saffron Lombardo 6 months ago

Kate was warm, welcoming and informative. She answered all questions and helped to inspire me to keep going but on a more informed path.

I was struggling with how to keep pace and move forward. Kate really cleared the path with structure, making a clear line forward on how to fix my novel in practical ways. She also opened up a new way in how I look at the actual words in a sentence, scene, story.

I highly recommend this course if you have come to a point where you know you have a good story but are stuck on how to move forward. Very inspirational.

Donna Groves 6 months ago

This course does exactly what it promises. Absolutely worth every cent. It also provided a lockdown lifeline!

Alex is a natural teacher. Very supportive and inspirational. The Zoom session was great and I loved doing the profile piece.

I think you've clearly perfected this course over the years. It's really on the mark. It gives you the basics and the key to the door. You just need to open it when finished, if you want to.

I'm going to get off my rear end and get going.

Shelley Dark 6 months ago

The world of publishing is so complicated with so much esoteric jargon, I was grateful to have a course I could listen to, over and over, as it’s hard to take it in all at once.

I really enjoyed all of it because it’s so practical and hands on, but I especially liked learning about different books sizes and formats and what they mean to the author. It was also great to hear an explanation of contracts, clause by clause.

I now look at books in bookshops in a different way. I know which are trade paperbacks, which are mass market. I look at covers and sizes and paper and print size and promo materials and the way they’re stacked on the shelf. All a mystery to me before this course.

AWC courses are written and presented by successful writers who know the current publishing market. Your writing will improve as well as your knowledge of the industry and your chances of being published.

Alison Jeffries 6 months ago

I find editing my own work difficult and I felt I needed to improve my skills.

I think Kate Forsyth is a wonderful teacher, wonderfully erudite and full of passion for the craft of writing.

I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, lots of handy info and practical tips. Beautiful visuals in the slides to support the learning material. And Kate is just a marvellous presenter.

I just feel more confident that I have some more tools available to assist me when I get lost in the process. I like the way Kate reminded us how to think about literary techniques and apply them to our own work.

Fantastic presenters, relevant and practical information about the craft of writing.

Karen Gribbin 6 months ago

I wanted to know more about getting my blogs more readership. The content was easy to understand and informative. I now understand where I've been going wrong. I now have the knowledge of my goals, and structure of my blog page.

Priya 6 months ago

For a couple of years we have tried to find avenues to develop my daughter's interest in writing, so your program has filled a real need for us. Thank you so much for taking the time to give individualised feedback to her about her story, Allison. What a great idea to do it through the medium of the video! I wish I had recorded her face when she started to watch your video. She was absolutely chuffed!!! Your feedback was encouraging and incredibly constructive. She has revisited her story with your feedback to edit and improve it. She has a really strong desire to write and become an author one day. Once again, many many thanks for your time and support.

Courtney Nayda 6 months ago

When I noticed Pamela would be the tutor, I was eager.

It's just a great experience. Joining other people, commenting, learning and being brave enough to post. Truly helped my confidence.

Pamela took the time to critique everyone every week. Her comments on my own writing and that of others were valuable and helpful.

I enjoyed finding my voice, squashing that self-doubt. Though that is technically not taught in the course, it does give you the push to think, learn, explore and allow you to see that it is possible.

I loved that the lessons were broken down in bite-size pieces. It is less daunting to listen for twenty minutes than over an hour.

I can write, I know that now. I just have to put it all together and let the self-doubt go. Focus on writing and getting the words down and the rest will come.

It's the push you need to take yourself seriously. The tutor, the lessons, the course mates are all there to give you that nudge into the writing world and it is a fabulous feeling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will likely do more. Thank you.

Karen Gribbin 6 months ago

I blog on my domain page, but wanted to know more about getting the best out of blogging that I can. I learnt a lot about what I should have been doing from the start.

The course was easy to navigate, and the speakers and videos were of good quality.

Amanda Maxwell 6 months ago

I thought Pamela's feedback was always positive and constructive, offering alternatives that made sense. She really knew "her stuff" and I would then go back and take on board what she had suggested.

I really enjoyed the tasks that were set each week and the feedback that we received from Pamela. The tasks allowed me to extend my writing and I have become motivated to continue my writing and look forward to the next course!

I also liked Valerie's voice on the audio - it was always positive and upbeat. Very easy to understand with lots of invaluable tips.

I have always been interested in writing and it has now allowed me to sit down and work more on my manuscript. The course, while introductory, offered a taster for further development. I am looking forward to starting the Novel Writing Essentials course and perhaps then looking at further feedback on my work through other programs with the AWC.

Adam Bridges 6 months ago

I’ve been using Scrivener for a while but I felt like I’d been using it inefficiently. I was looking for a guide and found this course.

The pace of the course was done just at the right pace. Didn’t condescend but also wasn’t complicated.

I feel more confident using Scrivener which means I should be able to spend more time writing rather than worrying if I’m pressing the wrong button.

This course will give you the confidence to use Scrivener effectively so you can concentrate on writing.

Monica Clark 6 months ago

I was worried that other's might criticize my work too harshly, but I was wrong. Everybody was so nice and supportive. And it was actually better to have honest feedback. It improved my story a lot more!

Pamela was good. Gave honest feedback and helpful advice.

I enjoyed working on my story, and reading other people's stories. Hearing positive feedback. Also recognizing errors in other work that would help my own mistakes.

It helped me with the extra boost I needed to keep writing. When I noticed other similar writing styles to mine, it boosted my confidence a bit more!

Helen Kassidis 6 months ago

I enjoyed reading other work and being part of a creative experience. I learned that it's ok to write without wanting to be published. It's fabulous to have a safe and supportive creative space to express the writer within.

Christina Hondros 6 months ago

I am interested in writing upper primary and YA novels and thought this would be a great and informative course to do. I have also completed Creative Writing Stage 1 so I knew that this would be a high-quality course.

Allison provided wonderful and helpful feedback for my written pieces. I think what I enjoyed most was interacting with others and getting a wide variety of perspectives.

This course has made me want to begin writing my novel. It was the push I needed. The AWC is a wonderful place where you not only learn, but gain invaluable feedback from actual writers!

Leanne Margaret 6 months ago

The amount of detail exceeded my expectations. I've noticed an improvement in my writing. It's much easier to make decisions about how to structure and punctuate sentences.

It's like a language I only partially knew is rising from between the words of everything. I'm reading with an eye for punctuation and grammar, which I barely noticed before. I wouldn't say I feel confident with my grammar yet, but I've taken some huge steps. Thanks AWC.

I've loved AWC courses because they have helped me to increase my skills and confidence. The online format is well organised and accessible. Grammar is grammar, and no more fun than at high school. But this grammar course will improve your writing and teach you things you thought you already knew. Totally worth the effort.

Patsyanne Dudman 6 months ago

I was surfing the net when I saw your website. It has been a crap year and I was looking for something fresh and different, plus I had just quit my job and I needed something new, challenging and refreshing.

The course provided a beautiful map of highways which I have never considered to take. Information is very powerful.

I enjoyed hearing about real people who have taken the steps to succeed and the opportunities in a variety of areas to learn.

It has made me have faith in myself. I do a lot of photography and it is only in recent years I have been sharing my photos as I did not think I was good enough. I am the same with my writing. Now I will learn and be proud of my writing.

I would highly recommend AWC and actually this course, as it makes you think about yourself, no one else but yourself. As we are the only person who stops ourselves from moving forward.

Christopher Hook 6 months ago

I've made multiple attempts to write a novel but keep getting stuck. Previous courses I have done have been rigidly focussed on specific structures... very by the numbers. This seemed more useful.

The tutor gave really useful feedback! I like the video form too as it meant he could talk for some time and really dig into what we were doing. I enjoyed the exercises/feedback.

The course gave me an idea about a novel that could work. Also reminded me of the importance of character.

Morgan Goss 6 months ago

The lessons were great and very engaging. I have done a year of creative writing at uni and I found this course much more practical.

It has helped me have the confidence to go on to one of the novel writing courses. Also helped understand more of the work of writing.

The AWC is a great place to start on your writing journey.

Aly Kenna 6 months ago

I enjoyed reading everyone's assignments. Having access to everyone's assignments and Stephen's feedback on each helped to reinforce the course materials. I particularly appreciated the level of feedback Stephen provided.

Stephen was thorough and his feedback well considered. I would not hesitate to take another course with Stephen as a tutor.

I have already begun thinking about the structure of my novel. I have a better understanding of structure and scene.

If you are serious about embarking on a writer's journey, one of the best things you can do is take a course from AWC. You won't regret it.

I would like to thank Stephen for being an excellent tutor.

Nick King 6 months ago

Allison's feedback felt insightful, fair and clear. Her experience was evident and impressive. The module podcasts were excellent and more in-depth than I expected. The assignments were fun.

It has given me the confidence to continue novel writing. I have more self-belief that - with further learning and experience - I will get there.

If you're serious about writing, you'll definitely come away from a course with new knowledge.

Sarah Nicholson 6 months ago

The tutor seemed to know what she was talking about and offered realistic feedback based on what is considered favourably by publishers.

I enjoyed getting to practice writing and receive feedback.

I now understand the process of writing picture books better and feel more equipped to go on to publish work.

The course is achievable and offers something fun and different for you to do. You'll definitely gain some new knowledge.

Sue Thompson 6 months ago

I've wanted to know about writing for middle grade and young adult readers. I thought having Allison as a tutor would be great.

It was wonderful to get constructive and encouraging feedback from a great tutor.

I enjoyed having fun with writing again. I've had a break for a few years. I've reconnected with my writing voice and my creativity.

I think the pacing was good. The fact that it wasn't an intense, time consuming course meant I had time to think about each exercise and take in the lectures.

The lectures are relevant for today's industry and the environment is very supportive.

I'm glad I could do this course during our harsh, Melbourne lock-down. It gave me a ray of hope and a guiding purpose in this difficult time :)

Donna Carton 6 months ago

I have been a journalist for many years and wanted to try creative writing in a structured environment. I was a little nervous of sharing my writing attempts but that passed quickly in the supportive environment.

The feedback seemed measured and consistent. Stephen pointed out flaws or parts of work that could be changed but always did so constructively and always with words of praise for other areas of the piece where he could.

I enjoyed making myself focus and write. I also loved reading everyone else's stories.

For me, the course reminded me of how much I love to write creatively and more importantly, showed me I need to set writing time aside and focus only on that for the specified time. The assignments were a great lesson in that.

If you've always wanted to write, there is bound to be a course for you. Do it. There is nothing at all to lose and always something to gain.

Tanya Enright 6 months ago

It was fantastic to have Alex's feedback. Alex is attentive and thorough.

The course boosted my confidence to pitch my articles. There are not many freelance writers that are reliable. This provides an opportunity for conscientious writers. I have a chance to be published.

Thanks for another great course, AWC!

Jo Lewis 6 months ago

Stephen was incredibly supportive and gave amazing feedback to all participants.

I do believe now that I have the capabilities to write a novel and move forward with it. Prior to the course, it would have continued to be a dream.

I told one of my fellow bus operators, who is also thinking about writing, a little of my background and my fears about putting pen to paper (or finger to laptop lol) and what I had got out of this course. He took the details and was going to look into it.

Thank you. I look forward to doing other courses.

Ben King 6 months ago

I wanted to develop my writing skills while I've been writing my first manuscript. I didn't have any hesitations. I had just completed Creative Writing Stage 1 and knew that I would enjoy this as well.

Pamela's feedback was great. I found her approach of using the video messages as a great way to take on the critiques.

I enjoyed the editing process for assessing my classmates’ work. I found it valuable in reassessing my own writing. It was great to see other creative ideas and the different approaches.

I had been mulling over a story arc for my manuscript. I was unsure where to take it. By having the class take a look I was able to decide where I wanted to take the story and plotted out an outline. I don't think I'd be at that point without the class.

It has helped to keep me motivated in my writing. I now have the constant voice in my head to continue writing.

It's a good starting point to see if you'd like to give writing it a try. The foundation classes don't require too much of a commitment and there are other classes to continue onto. It was great. Thank you!

Aly Kenna 6 months ago

I am about to start writing my second middle grade novel and thought it would be a good idea to go into this one with a good sense of the fundamentals before I start... a bit of procrastination I know, but worthwhile.

I appreciated the course content, assignments, and the level of feedback Allison provided. Also the number of students felt right. I enjoyed reading everyone's assignments and learned so much from Allison's feedback on all. I appreciated Allison's feedback on my assignments and agreed with her feedback on all assignments throughout the course. In each instance, it reassured me that I am on track with my learning and writer’s journey.

I enjoyed reading everyone's assignments. There is so much talent in this group and everyone has such a unique voice. I looked forward to reading the assignments every week and will miss that the most. I also enjoyed reading Allison's feedback on all our assignments.

I will write my middle grade novel with a strategy in mind. I will finish it and edit the drafts. And ultimately I will save time with less revisions because I feel like I have a good handle on the fundamentals going into it.

I recommend AWC all the time. I always tell people it's a good idea to take a course from AWC before they get too far into their writing journey - it helps set the stage. I have done this for picture book writing and now I will recommend this one as well. I would like to thank Allison for being a wonderful tutor and also let her know that I appreciated her speedy feedback.

Jessica Horn 6 months ago

The course was wonderful. I never realised how much I could edit and improve something I already thought was good. I feel like I now have the tools to take on picture book writing with confidence. And I feel I also gained editing skills I could apply in other writing!

Zanni was great. Very supportive and helpful and I could see that she enjoys teaching. Her videos were a great way to receive feedback.

I can’t stop thinking about picture books!

Arianne Perry 6 months ago

I now look at both online and print media very differently and analyze who their target audience is along with their subject matter. How long ago some of the articles may have been written and the work that goes on behind the scenes.

I found Sue very professional with good feedback to make you think about your audience and/or publication, ensuring both your subject and writing style match both.

(AWC is) a great learning environment that is very supportive with professional and helpful tutors.

Yara T. 6 months ago

I learnt so much from it. If I were to be honest, I loved module 1 where we created the character the best.

(The tutor) seemed very kind and professional. Her feedback was helpful and informative. Using the feedback, I was able to create another draft which I then sent in exchange of the Q&A option so that I could have it marked. Once again she gave wonderful feedback that I shall put into action on my scene to make it even better than before.

Laurel Ah See 6 months ago

I have always loved reading and writing. I am at a crossroads in my life and want to indulge in a little ‘me time’. So, learning the art of reading and writing different genres seems fitting.

Also, as an older Aboriginal woman, I feel it is high time I gave voice to my lived experience in this time and place. There are a plethora of Aboriginal writers out there but only a few have ‘shown’ the struggles of contemporary Wiradjuri country.

It was a thrill actually ‘following through’ with something I have always dreamed of doing. Another ‘tick a box’.

I feel empowered to add voice to the pain experienced by my mob, to have a forum for tiddas to ‘come together’.

DO IT. I recently showed my daughter, sister and brother in law this course. They asked for the link!

Keep up the good work.

Alison Bourke 6 months ago

I have always loved picture books and wanted to write but it never seemed to be the right time. I decided that now it was and I had been thinking about completing this course to get me motivated and give me the skills and confidence to start.

I really loved this course. It was relevant, motivational, informative, interesting, and very practical.

I was very impressed with how quickly Zanni assessed our work and provided helpful and encouraging feedback. I found her points were well-considered and professionally delivered. She gave constructive advice on how to improve our manuscripts which was very helpful.

I think it's just given me some very specific information regarding picture books and simply written stories for children and the importance of showing rather than telling in my stories. It's given me more confidence to write and believe that perhaps I could create something good enough to achieve publication if I work really hard and continue to refine my stories and submit them to publishers when the stories are ready.

This was a great course. I learnt so much about writing picture books and about myself as a writer. Thank you. I am excited to continue to use these skills to write more stories and submit them to publishers.

Annette Miles-Mccarron 6 months ago

A wonderful introductory course. Very professionally packaged. Effortless navigation through the course handouts, lessons and assignments.

Jeanette Becklar 6 months ago

Pamela identified the potential and is eager for an emerging writer to keep going and improve and learn as much as possible while developing writing skills. She was always positive - firm and positive.

I enjoyed reading other emerging writers' work and the workshopping.

During the Novel Writing Essentials course I had a writing epiphany: writing will become the easy part when you learn as much as possible (and I mean everything!) about the characters you have created, then the shape of your synopsis will develop. If you don't focus on these ingredients the 'stuck' feeling or frustration will keep occurring. Return to the characters and be directed by their mannerisms, beliefs, confidence, ability and more. They will direct you.

Gregory Lewis 6 months ago

I enjoyed listening to Valerie's audio - she has a voice that (for me) made the subject matter easy to listen to and her industry knowledge is great.

The course really does give a person a very good understanding of the basics to start freelancing. I would definitely recommend the course.

Livia De Sanctis 6 months ago

I was in the last couple of months of parental leave and in a Melbourne Covid lockdown. I've always loved writing, and after spending this last year with my two little ones reading and enjoying countless books, I thought it would be wonderful to learn more about writing picture books.

I thought Zanni was a great tutor. The format of sharing live video feedback was a good one as it felt like you were getting her first, fresh impressions of our work, and it was really useful hearing everyone else's feedback. She went the extra mile to answer all our additional questions, and I think she shared some really valuable thoughts and advice.

Getting to instantly apply what was learnt during the week in our stories for each week's assignment was a brilliant way to dive right in. It's easy to umm and ahh when it comes to writing, but the fast pace here meant you just had to crack on with it, which I found worked very well for me. I think there were so many brilliant insights shared by both the online tutor but also in all the audio and handouts. It was a really frank, realistic look at the industry, and (without crushing dreams), I think it sets students up for what are the best formula/tools for success when it comes to the realities of creating a picture book.

I'm feeling inspired... I feel having a published picture book actually feels like it could (maybe!) be possible one day. Obviously with a lot of hard work and refining all these wonderful new skills and all the rest, but even just learning about the industry, about how sales and royalties work, about all the structures and language elements, have made it all feel less daunting and unattainable.

This course is really excellent for anyone with an interest in writing a picture book. It spans the journey from defining what a picture is, to creating your own author platform once you have a published book. It's fast-paced, packed with industry and author insights, and helps you turn the ideas buzzing in your head into a structured story that people will actually care about.

Really enjoyed it, I'm keen to do lots of practice on my own now, and then consider the next course on honing a manuscript.

Lola Stass 6 months ago

Pamela was supportive and informative. I enjoyed the structure of the course, the intensity, the assignment outline, the length of the assignments (not too long).

I truly appreciate the feedback and reading through other peers' pieces. For me, this is personal, as hearing positive feedback was essential. It is a brilliant starter course. Thank you to the AWC staff.

Bethany K. 6 months ago

Pamela was incredibly helpful and gave excellent specific feedback and gave lots of insight into writing and publishing when answering my questions. The feedback and answers provided were really useful and fascinating to learn.

Probably a major learning moment was just hearing about the different ways authors and other writers write and plan their stories and that it doesn't really matter how you do it (compared to school where there's always a method and steps you're supposed to take).

The course has been amazing and super helpful and insightful, so thanks!

Melanie Edwards 6 months ago

Inspired me to write again and to get the character floating in my head down on a piece of paper.

Peta Henshelwood 6 months ago

I completed the Creative Writing Stage 1 course first and found this course a great course to follow up. It was a rewarding process to work through to further developing my characters.

I found the process of working at my own pace through this course gave me the freedom to take my time and really absorb the ideas shared.

Although I'd thought I had given my characters a background story, it really made me think and understand their motivations more fully.

There will be less writer's block if you put in the work to fully develop your characters, then you can focus on the storyline and enjoy the writing process because you know how your characters think, feel and react to certain situations in your story!

Madeline Kuluris 6 months ago

The videos were engaging and easy to follow.

(The course) helped me tailor my writing skills for blog writing.

This course is a good starting point for starting to blog and is encouraging even for beginners or those with no writing experience.

Claire Beyer 6 months ago

I'd been looking at writing courses for some time but the AWC always seemed to be the one I kept returning too. I've been receiving the newsletter for some time as well and love it. As a starter course this one was a good length too.

It was all pretty good but the assignments were great. I was always looking forward to the next assignment so I could put any feedback in to practise.

Annabel's feedback was always great and spot on. I found that specific lines or words I was most unsure of myself were the ones Annabel pointed out! So it was a good lesson in learning to trust your instincts. She was knowledgeable and fair in her feedback but most of all I appreciated her honesty.

It has definitely set me on the path to being a better writer, in just five short weeks! And it's also given me more confidence to continue with my fledgling novel.

Paul Hyland 6 months ago

It has been a great 'reality check' - talking with other budding writers, listening to Pamela's experiences in the industry, and workshopping. You were right, workshopping is very useful...

Pamela was very approachable, very responsive and interactive, and very knowledgeable. It was really great to have such an experienced tutor.

(I enjoyed) making connections with my classmates and talking outside of school! It is great to be connected with a peer group and sharing our struggles.

Hoorah! and Thank You!

Rebekah de Robillard 6 months ago

I tried to write a novel in lockdown, and realised my writing skills were severely malnourished. Googling writing courses, this one had the most attractive information, tutors, and was Australian - which helps with practical info in terms of publishing.

It has given me much more inspiration to write and much more knowledge with which to do so.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Fiona Egan 6 months ago

Carli is an excellent tutor: well prepared and plenty of real-world experience.

I enjoyed the range of backgrounds of the participants. It was particularly useful to have a business analyst and front-end dev in the group. It was also interesting to hear from writers working in different sectors from me.

I feel more confident about what I'm doing!

Kate Hecimovic 6 months ago

It's making me take steps to finally make my dreams a reality. It's now or never.

Laura Baird 6 months ago

I wanted to develop my writing skills and find a course that had flexibility but also enough structure to create a sense of discipline. I was led to looking up the the course by listening to the "So You Want to be a Writer" Podcast.

I would say it's worthwhile and have already recommended it to friends.

Jenny Wilson 6 months ago

Pamela has such a strong grasp of the skill of writing. She is so adept at seeing why something works or doesn't and how to make it better.

Once again it was the incidental pieces of information from Pamela that made it so worthwhile.

I want to keep going. I've never had that before.

Jeff Mohun 6 months ago

Just thank you very much team. Everything went smoothly. I could not have asked for an online course to be managed any better.

Laura Milton 6 months ago

The AWC is highly professional and organised. Things ran very smoothly, modules were always available when promised, and feedback was prompt. It was great seeing other people’s work, and learning from their successes or failures as well as my own.

Vivienne Barrett 6 months ago

I was curious about writing fiction but had no idea where to start. This course based on the feedback I read from others, was exactly right for me and the fact that I am a beginner.

I loved all aspects - the resources, the audios - I took many notes and I'm pleased that I will have access to them for 12 months, I enjoyed the interaction with others in the group as well.

For me receiving feedback from a published author and them saying how much they enjoyed reading my pieces and that the writing "worked" made me feel like I really could write a book. Also, the way the course sets out how to go about writing a novel was fabulous - I know that I will do the Writing Workout next and then do Novel Writing Essentials after that.

I would definitely recommend this program for people interested in exploring writing and taking it to the next step. The content was of high quality, the tutor was engaging and very helpful in her constructive feedback and the people on the course very supportive!

Thank you AWC for providing a way for absolute beginner writers to move forward in their writing dream. I can now actually imagine holding my book in my hand one day... taking it small steps at a time.

Naiara G. 6 months ago

I wanted to learn how to write fiction so I could write my own book and this course description sounded perfect for me and was exactly what I was looking for.

I loved the assignments and getting feedback on them.

Pamela was lovely and very encouraging. She provided me with wonderful feedback and opened my mind to many new ideas.

It really helped me to get into the nitty gritty of a story and made me think of all the little details that wouldn't normally cross my mind. Every time I read a book or watch a movie now, I really think about the characters and plot, what things work, what things don't and what things I like.

I loved everything about this Teen Creative Writers' course!

Mandy Clancey 6 months ago

I am interested in writing for children and I had not really previously considered writing humour. When I saw this course offered, I thought it would be worthwhile seeing if it was something I would enjoy and could be good at.

The video lessons were funny and very easy to understand. The activities were also fun to do.

I think I have learned that writing humour for children is possibly something I could do. At the very least it is an option which I hadn't considered before and can now look into expanding my skills if I want to.

Jo Crowe 6 months ago

I have completed a draft of a novel and needed some advice and direction on how to edit my work. (Also) I have done a couple of other AWC courses and really benefitted from the learnings.

The Course is thorough and gives specific advice on where to start with editing your first draft. Made me hone in on structure, and I now realise how much has to be done to get a manuscript up to scratch. I have a lot of work to do but feel motivated to do it with a clear process outlined for me.

I like that the modules are focussed on specific topics and split the editing process up so you can tackle one topic at a time. Feels less overwhelming. The handouts are great and a good resource to go back to whenever you need to.

I feel more energised to deal with the editing process and feel ready to make the time to write the next draft.

For anyone interested in writing a novel or having a career in writing, the AWC has so many great courses to choose from to help you on your way. I listen to the podcast weekly and love hearing about writer's journeys. It gives me inspiration to write and work towards my goal of completing a novel.

Mark Shannon 6 months ago

I'd read a number of positive reviews about the course so i thought i'd give it a go.

The course was great for giving me the discipline to sit down and get some writing done.

Annabel is a thoughtful, clear communicator and her feedback was always constructive. She followed up her feedback on my first assignment by providing me with some research on the issue I had attempted to portray.

Also, what seemed at first like restrictive word limits on the assignments actually helped me to produce some of the best writing I've done simply by making every word count. The process of editing the early drafts down to say 200 words has been a revelation. I found out that I write better when I have to edit ruthlessly.

I'd recommend this particular course to anybody starting out as a writer.

Vicki Skidmore 6 months ago

I have already created my blog and written my first post while working through the course. It truly made me confident to get started.

James Davidson 6 months ago

I most enjoyed being able to read the other students' work, and also listen to the feedback they received (from Annabel each week), as this provided a much wider range of critique and info to learn from. I also enjoyed commenting on other students work and having my own work discussed.

One hesitation was having to do it online (but this turned out totally fine). And the other was the price ..., but I would say that it was totally worth it in the end.

Had a lot of fun, will be doing another course in the near future!

Melanie Powell 6 months ago

I am passionate about finishing my first novel and making it the best it can be. I have loved every course from the AWC - I particularly like the interaction and real-world examples.

The handouts are excellent - I particularly like the four colour scene builder/reminder, and the power editing process pictorial.

I have explored and enjoyed many courses through the AWC over the years, finally nailing what I am most passionate about - writing my first fiction novel.

The steps, structure and real-world examples have been invaluable - enabling me to improve my writing style, and I have especially loved the interaction and direct, specific and honest feedback by Pamela (and her humour and quick wit!) and in earlier courses Bernadette, Cathie and Allison. I have also made some friends for life.

Karen Rolandsen 6 months ago

The course is friendly and has great advice.

Stephanie Wilson 6 months ago

Something that caught my attention was how much I didn't know about the craft of writing. I loved this. It was great to delve into different POVs, story structure, character descriptions, and pace. These are the things we don't often learn, even in university.

I think my tutor gave some excellent insight into our stories. She definitely knows what she's doing.

I've learnt that I need to learn the craft of writing, and this is actually a lot different to learning at uni.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain insight into how others perceive their writing (rather than just polite family and friends), and to those who want to learn about the craft of writing.

Great work team.

Angela Winton-Keirl 6 months ago

I loved listening and watching Leslie's presentations. She was so easy to follow; very pleasant.

The AWC is definitely worth signing up for. Plenty of advice, information and guidelines to assist in writing chapter books for 6-9 year olds.

The course has allowed me to sit down and focus on story-writing, instead of putting off writing.

Really enjoyed the course...Thank you.

Cherie Corbett-Jones 6 months ago

Natasha was incredibly generous with her knowledge and experience, sharing both the good and the bad. Her enthusiasm was infectious and with the knowledge that she presented, it made you feel like you had a chance of succeeding.

I now feel like I can approach agents or publishers in a professional manner and will know how to deal with their acceptance (hopefully!) or rejection and be able to gracefully move onto the next step.

The AWC is a wonderful place for wannabe writers to connect with others and to get professional help that will assist them in achieving their dreams.

Guy Rushton 6 months ago

I have been submitting entries to furious fiction, and although I have not yet made the long list, I have been quite pleased with my stories. I have also enjoyed writing them. I do not think my grammar is too bad, but I do not actually know the rules. I do not know the rules of punctuation either, but just wing it. With spelling, at least I know what I spell wrong, and how to use spell check. So I reckon I have probably benefited exponentially from doing this course and getting feedback. I expect I will do another course, but not until I have digested this one, and incorporated it into my writing. I do not expect that to take too long. I have enjoyed the last five weeks.

... it is fun, and will probably help you.

Necia Zimmermann 6 months ago

That feeling of butterflies in my body happened from the moment the first video started.

Am I becoming addicted to these wonderful courses?

Exceeded expectations. Thankyou.

Mandy Quadara 6 months ago

Zanni was a wonderful tutor, it was a pleasure to see she is committed to helping others achieve their dreams.

It makes you look at things so different, ‘oh there’s a story in that’ and the confidence it brings that it is actually possible to get your book published. I look forward to putting pen to paper now.

I have learnt so much from this course and I am looking forward to where this will take me next on my writing journey.

If anyone is thinking of doing this course I would highly recommend it.

Stephanie Hope 7 months ago

The Freelance Writing course is comprehensive without being overwhelming and gives you the confidence to give it a go!

The length of the course is a big win - being able to learn so much in a short period time is so helpful.

Joanne Malherbe 7 months ago

Profile writing can be an uncertain activity with as many variables as stories to tell. David Leser from the AWC Profile Writing course has compiled a tool kit to help structure and work with all the uncertainty. He generously shares his extensive knowledge and experience in a comfortable and friendly manner and offers industry tips and suggestions all the way through the course. I highly recommend the course.

David Leser is inspiring and although he sets a high bar he makes me believe I can reach for it. I have been writing life stories for a local Hospice in a volunteer capacity for the past few years. I am always seeking to improve my writing in anyway I can. This course has helped give structure to my story writing approach and the tool kit I have been given is something I will rely on heavily going forward. Thank you.

Cherie Corbett-Jones 7 months ago

Picture books often seem magical and doing this course is like being given the spell book that tells you all the ingredients you need to create one of these deceptively simple books. From structure and story arc to language and characters, this course has it all. I know that I'll be referring back to the notes often as I construct more stories to send out into the world.

If you're interested in writing or even learning about picture books this is something worth investing in! It's packed full of information and tips and you'll never look at a picture book in the same way again.

Christine Jones 7 months ago

Thank you, a lot of information was given. Some is common sense and other parts I did not know. Ultimately the learning is great.

It has certainly given me a lot to consider and think about. Go for it!

Eve Courtney 7 months ago

I now feel much more confident about navigating the industry and road to publication. I have concrete steps I can put in place, and a realistic sense of what to expect.

Leah Eichner 7 months ago

I love to write and have a few stories in the works but I really had no idea how to finish them with a view to being published traditionally. The first thing I wanted was tips on how to complete my manuscript, which in turn would help me move on to the next stage.

Writing is a true love of mine and studying it or being able to get a job in the field would be a dream.

I enjoyed reading other students work. It really helped me decide what I should and shouldn't be doing. My classmates were very helpful.

Angela was very positive and informative. I got a lot out of the course because of her attitude towards writing.

The comments about being committed to your writing really inspired me. The second and third drafts and how to get them done was very valuable information for me at this stage.

I'd like to thank everyone for putting these courses together and for creating a place us writers feel comfortable.

Anne Fithall-Jones 7 months ago

I've had ideas for books in my mind for about 20yrs, but never known what to do with them. I googled and researched writing courses and this one drew me in.

Angela's responses/feedback were positive with insightful criticisms that provided opportunity for growth.

Every time I wrote, regardless of topic and difficulty of subject matter, I would find myself excited and stimulated; eager to write more.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the process and am now eager to push forward with my first book.

Gearoid Towey 7 months ago

It is a great introduction to writing skills, professional yet relaxed and the format is easy to follow with great resources and tutors. Also it doesn't matter what level you are at.

Christine Reed 7 months ago

Patti is an extremely good lecturer allowing each participant adequate time and not allowing interruptions. Her feedback was very constructive. I would love to do another course with Patti.

Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Emma Hopkirk 7 months ago

The Writing Picture Books course with AWC was fantastic. Professionally presented audio content and useful information in each week's handouts. It was great to see other students developing and improving throughout the course. Zanni gave some specific feedback to help move my writing forward in such a specialised area. If anyone is keen to find out more about writing picture books and an overview of the publishing process, this would be a great course to get started with.

Anne King 7 months ago

Angela was very encouraging, she always said the right thing and in a very positive way, even when she was pointing out some mistake.

My major learning point was knowing that you have to go over your written drafts many times, not just write once or twice and then leave it.

Sadly it made me realise that I should have done this years ago.

Thank you very much, I have enjoyed this experience.

Amy Petsalis 7 months ago

It was nice to feel at ease and do it in my own time. I have a toddler who keeps me very busy plus I’m a teacher too so it’s nice to be able to do this in the free time I do get without deadlines or cut offs.

It’s given me the information I need to start blogging or even expand to perhaps seek out writing for a smaller business.

That’s it’s affordable, informative and gives you the ease and comfort to study in your own time while having the templates to keep that will help in all that you apply yourself to.

Tracy Griffin 7 months ago

There is a lot to learn and writing children's picture books is more complex than I originally thought.

It was great to have a currently published picture book author as a tutor. Her perspective was amazing!

I also liked reading through other people's ideas and stories, it was great to see how other people wrote and to think about what I might do differently with the same piece. The course was a good opportunity to try out a few ideas that had been bubbling around in the brain for quite a while, with mixed results!

Amanda Canfield 7 months ago

I've been a teacher for years and always thought that's all I could ever be. This course opened up my eyes to other possible careers that I could pursue using my writing skills.

Cat was a kind tutor who gave open and honest feedback about our work. She was prompt to answer any questions posted in the chat.

Thank you...I have a notebook full of notes and a head full of ideas!

Naomi Shippen 7 months ago

I am in the final stages of completing the novel I have been working on for the past two years. When I saw this course advertised, I wanted to make sure I had covered everything. AWC courses are always so thorough and full of common sense advice so I knew that doing this course would help me to finalise my novel.

This course was so thorough and easy to follow. It reassured me about what I have done well in my novel and has showed me where I need to do more work. The module on beginnings and endings was particularly relevant for me, as I have recently changed the ending to my novel. I now realise that I need to change the beginning to align with that. Your course has given me some helpful advice on what I need to do to make my opening chapters more compelling and relevant to the ending.

This a a thorough, common sense course that will make the processes you need to follow very clear. This course demystifies what it takes to create a great story without taking away the magic.

Sandra Findlay 7 months ago

What a clear, concise and well-presented course it was. Natasha repeated things that were important and she spoke clearly and in a way that made it easy to understand.

I like the idea of the corkboard and I like the way you can just write random scenes without worrying about layout until later. I'm really keen to get writing now.

Also I purchased this course a while ago and then my computer crashed. Now with a new computer I listened to the course again. I love the fact that I could revisit the course, and I will probably continue to do this until my 12 months are up!

... Scrivener is so useful for writing ... it is very much worth taking time to get to know the program to get the most out of it. Basically as my Dad always said, 'Read the instructions'.

Sumi Mahendran 7 months ago

I wanted to kickstart my creativity as I was having a major slump during the lockdowns.

I thoroughly enjoyed Angela's comments and feedback and felt so inspired and encouraged. Angela has such a nurturing and profound way of guiding us through the process and providing encouraging feedback.

Reading other people's different styles and issues helped me see mine and take on their feedback.

I felt my writing improve with the guidance and feedback over the course of the 5 weeks. Writing a scene now feels clearer to me. After the final, glowing feedback from Angela, I feel inspired and encouraged to send my stories to publications.

I absolutely love the podcast and never miss an episode. I love the newsletter. And this course has given me the inspiration and encouragement to keep writing.

Mikaela Cumbers 7 months ago

The tutor was knowledgeable, informed and interested. I enjoyed the assignments and feedback sessions.

When posting assignments - I realised that I really DO love writing and writing under pressure. It was a really fun and really productive course.

I really feel motivated to push forward with the pursuit of a career in picture books and/or publishing.

I-Chia Lu 7 months ago

The environment in the classroom was safe and friendly. The lecture audio recordings are helpful and they step by step teach people how to write creatively. The tutor is really knowledgeable.

I enjoyed writing homework. Doing assignments was challenging but if it was not, I would not have that much fun. I tried my best and had a sense of accomplishment after completing the course.

I now have some tools if I want to write stories. When stuck, I can go back to the check list and get to know my characters more. Practicing POV was fun.

I enjoyed the course immensely and had fun.

Ben Palmer 7 months ago

The advertised content was very relevant to improving my ability for achieving better listing write-ups.

Great course in a casual delivery by author.

I enjoyed the casual delivery of content and ability to stop and start until completed. Makes you think from a different perspective. A more formal description of what I had been doing without thinking about “why” I did it.

Melanie Cage 7 months ago

I am one of those people that has said I have always wanted to write a novel but I had no idea where to start. I read some reviews and saw so many successful writers and authors. I knew I had to do it.

The exercises to work through to get to the writing point I found really helpful. The audio lessons were great. Excellent feedback. I have gained a lot from everything I have learnt. Thank you, Angela, for all your great work.

I enjoyed actually writing. Breaking things down into small sections so I could make sense of what I was going to do.

I'm more confident in my ability to write. The course says just write so this is what I will do. I won't put it off anymore. Just write. Don't worry if you haven't got the story sorted in your head... just write.

If you have ever thought about writing at all definitely do a course that is relevant to your area of interest. It can only be beneficial to you.

Thank you for opening my eyes to creative writing. I am already looking at what my next course will be. I have found the online connection with other students great as well.

Jennie De Neefe 7 months ago

The toolkit David leads us through is very useful. I took time after each module to look through my notes, research and interviews to ensure I had really used my senses to listen to the person being interviewed, whether it was the primary source or secondary.

If you want to learn to hone your craft of research and writing then David Leser's course on Profile Writing is essential learning. I am not a profile writer, I'm a memoir writer, but I found the things discussed in the modules were relevant to my craft.

Gill Thomas 7 months ago

AWC seemed to be a beacon for me when I was a bit muddled with my 'completed' manuscript. Research showed all these fantastic courses and roadmaps for me - thank god for AWC!!

I enjoyed listening to the voice - easy to understand and listen to with a bit of fun thrown in.

It helped me pull the journey steps all together - a map for my journey.

Well worth the time, effort and money if you are serious about becoming a published author.

Martha Valakos Boaden 7 months ago

Seeing the success that past students had accomplished gave me the confidence that this was the right organisation to give me the foundation and building blocks I needed to get started.

Sue was great and her feedback was extremely valuable. It helped in guiding me in the right direction and gave me the confidence I need to move forward.

Valerie's audio lessons and her knowledge were fantastic. I loved that I could pause and take down the important stuff and also go back and listen to them when I needed to. It made me feel like I was in an actual class. I liked that we got to see each other’s work as I think we learn something from each other in that way.

It made me realise I can do this if I put my mind to it.

I learnt so much about the industry as a whole and have a huge respect for the established freelance writers out there. Now I am suddenly drawn to the magazine aisle in the supermarket and find myself buying print publications, which is something I have not done in years. Now I look at magazines in a different light, assessing their content and calculating freelance v in-house writers before I buy.

It has made me realise what my niche is. What I really want to tell the world about. I found my passion (apart from writing that is) so it's on to the next course to learn as much as I can to be the best I can be.

If you want to be a writer then the AWC is where you need to go to get started. They will provide you with the foundation, knowledge, skills, and confidence you need so you can catch that dream and start living it instead of just dreaming about it.

Looking forward to doing the next course with the AWC. This was a great experience.

Valerie Miller 7 months ago

I wanted to improve my writing and to develop strong self-editing skills. This course helped me to re-learn grammar that I took for granted and reminded me of others. The fact it was geared to fiction writing made it extremely worthwhile.

I loved doing the exercises. Which I am going to re-do on a regular basis to really entrench the learning and refine my writing skills further.

I am more aware of what and why I am writing in terms of the grammatical structure. I have actually written a few pieces while doing this course and I have already noticed a marked improvement and heightened awareness.

If you want to be a skilled fiction writer you need to do this course. If you think you are a crafted writer, especially if editing is not your profession, then you must do this course. This course will sharpen your writing skills.

Rod Schultz 7 months ago

I was looking to improve upon my media release strategy and success rate as well as qualify my experience.

The information was easily digested and I was impressed by the amount of support material provided. I will find these downloads very useful in the future.

Valerie seemed very knowledgeable and experienced with the subject and provided interesting examples to see the methods applied in various industries and circumstances.

I now know that my previous attempts were on the right track and the tips and advice contained in this course will refine my efforts and maximise the impact and success of future media releases.

The course was easy to access, the information was clear and thorough and I enjoyed the content.

Karen Young 7 months ago

I loved it all. It's been such a wonderful experience. I was diagnosed with clinical depression four years ago which pummelled my creativity into the ground. This course has helped me to tap into that again which has been incredible. I don't have the words (ironic I know) to adequately explain just how significant this course has been for me.

Stephen was fantastic. I loved listening to his feedback about all of our assignments. He gave really constructive suggestions and had a lovely way of dealing with assignments that needed quite a bit of feedback. I particularly like his style of 'less is more' as it made me really think about whether I needed to include a word or sentence. He was also great at engaging with everyone in the comments section.

I enjoyed igniting my love of writing once again. Sharing a part of myself with a bunch of strangers can be daunting but I loved every minute of it. I loved listening to the lessons. I loved the interactions with the other students and giving and receiving feedback. I felt quite nervous giving feedback at the start and would only really say what I liked but for module 5, I pushed myself to provide some constructive feedback and found I really enjoyed the process. And didn't feel at all mean as I thought I might!

I've learnt so much about writing... a ridiculous amount! It's hard to process it all but I think the information provided and the assignments given are fabulous and having access for a year means you can go back and listen and read all over again. I am so excited to keep going with my writing and in fact, after Module 3, I gave myself the challenge of writing a 200 word story about a place every day for a month and I'm absolutely loving it.

Creative Writing Stage 1 is the first course I've done with the Australian Writers' Centre and it far exceeded my expectations. The amount of knowledge that is shared over five weeks is quite extraordinary and the assignments are designed to make the most of all the knowledge you're acquiring as you progress through the modules. You don't need to have any prior writing experience for this course as you're given all the information you need along the way. I'm really impressed by AWC and have already registered to do another writing course starting next month.

Just a huge thank you to Stephen... he was such a fantastic tutor!

Sharon Stanley 7 months ago

I wanted to explore the idea of moving from business and blog writing to creative writing - to see what creativity I might have hidden inside my brain.

I enjoyed learning that there is a structure or process to follow which for me made the idea of creating something out of nothing much less daunting and more achievable. I surprised myself with what I was able to write.

I am now writing a book - it may never be finished or published, but I am writing!

Give it a go, you may surprise yourself.

Judith Betts 7 months ago

I wanted the flexibility of being able to do the course at any time and liked the idea of getting and giving feedback from other writers. I have really appreciated the detailed feedback I got from Bronwyn. She takes enormous time and effort to provide very helpful advice.

I had thought about enrolling in a writing course in the UK, but when I read poor reviews about the UK course, I opted for the Australian course, and I have not been disappointed.

The online format of the course suited me perfectly. I liked the recorded lectures and the class materials, which were excellent.

My online tutor was amazing. Her experience as a writer made her the ideal person to provide feedback. I also read the feedback she provided to other students and was delighted when we both observed similar things.

I feel that I have learned a great deal about writing. I have written as an academic before now, but this is my first time writing a novel. There is lots to learn and I am enjoying the process.

I also enjoy the connection with fellow students. I hope that we will keep in touch and continue to provide each other with support.

I have not written fiction or a novel before. Most of my reading and writing has been academic. Writing a novel is completely new and I feel that I have learned a great deal, but have lots to learn.

The course suited me perfectly. The hours were flexible; the course content was helpful; the tutor was wise, insightful and considerate; and colleagues were open and constructive in their feedback. It was also great value for money. I plan on taking the 6 months Write Your Novel course.

Lynette Tweed 7 months ago

I wanted to learn techniques to add humour to my stories. I heard a podcast with Tim and thought that he would be a wonderful person to learn from.

I enjoyed Tim's enthusiasm and light-heartedness.

I am thinking about how I can make scenes humorous by using some of the ideas that Tim taught me. When writing funny books for children it is okay to be silly and think outside the box.

The courses are practical and easily accessible. You can do them in your own time and truly help you to think about your writing.

Kathrin Allen 7 months ago

Bernadette Schwerdt is one of the most generous tutors I have had the privilege of learning under. Her ability to make the classes fun and informative is a real credit to her. The feedback provided was informative and well structured. I would take the opportunity to enrol in her future courses.

I enjoyed the fun we had with each other's submissions and Bernadette's stories. And the speed with which my copy improved, along with my confidence.

I now believe I have the tools I need to write well. To be able to write copy that people will enjoy reading. I now take the time to draft my material. I'm good at this!

The Australian Writers' Centre (AWC) has a wonderful website. Take a look for yourselves. The list of courses is amazing, and the online learning platform is the most user friendly I've experienced. Check it out and see what course resonates with you.

Just, thank you so much!

Margaret Wieringa 7 months ago

It's very nice to know how to use some of the features before plunging into a project.

Paula Black 7 months ago

I liked the structure and pace of the course. Although initially I didn't think I could do it but I did. I love the feedback process, and now understand the benefits of sharing your work with the group.

Bernadette is an excellent tutor who provides constructive feedback.

It was easy to follow; the resources and materials were very helpful.

I gained a lot of confidence to continue developing my writing skills. I am not novel ready yet but with practice I can get there.

I realised how important it is to enjoy the process, especially editing. Also, I have a greater appreciation for writers and how hard they work to produce a novel.

It's a great learning experience and so much fun.

Bethany Sinclair-Giardini 7 months ago

Bronwyn was brilliant - made some fabulous feedback suggestions and a good dose of constructive criticism to really give you something to work with.

I enjoyed the networking with other students. Even though I was nervous about the idea of others critiquing my work, it's an invaluable tool in learning how to become a better writer. Likewise, reading the work of others, you can learn how they deal with things within their narrative and apply what you've learnt to your own writing

It's made me believe that I am onto something here, with my book idea, and I think I have the encouragement to continue. Up until then, I have been seeing it as just an interesting hobby!

AWC are great at cutting through all the noise within the writing landscape and getting you to focus on what's important. They provide a much required blend of focusing on your own words but also learning to become a better reader which in turn influences your own writing and makes you a better writer!

I'm now really excited to be commencing Write Your Novel with Bernadette this weekend!

Hilary Pearce 7 months ago

I enjoyed the challenge and the online lessons that I was able to listen to anytime.

The AWC gave me the confidence and support to try something that I've been interested in trying for a long time.

Debbie Warrier 7 months ago

I honestly felt the course was comprehensive, concrete and well set out. I would say that it was better than my Graduate Diploma in Journalism with regards to covering print journalism.

Sue was very supportive, encouraging and honest. She also has worked for noteworthy publications so has got credibility.

I enjoyed getting feedback from the assignments that we had. It was a bit daunting doing them but getting encouragement and direction was very helpful.

I think it's given me a new mindset on how to think like a writer. It was a refresher but also covered a lot of new ground.

Do it! You won't regret it.

Zoe B. 7 months ago

There’s not a lot of writing programs offered for teenagers and the idea of direct feedback from a professional was very appealing.

I thought the tutor was very nice and clearly knew what she was talking about. I valued all of her feedback and her enjoyment of my work really made me more confident as a writer.

I enjoyed the feedback and the freedom of how it ran.

It made me more confident and gave my writing more structure, especially when it came to planning.

Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to try this again or try a similar program like this in the future.

Emma Hughes 7 months ago

I have recommended the AWC many times for its practical and down to earth way of communicating, its invaluable perspective on the industry and the exceptional podcast with Val and Al.

Tanya Enright-Kynoch 7 months ago

Bernadette is an engaging tutor with a wealth of knowledge.

Rebecca Marshallsay 7 months ago

Zanni provided kind, constructive feedback overall and seemed to look for the strengths in every piece.

The content delivery is excellent - the mix of handouts, audio and feedback makes for an enjoyable learning experience.

It has encouraged me to keep writing and makes me feel that getting published is not always easy but it is possible with preparation, practice, networking and by getting to know the industry well.

Thank you to Zanni and the AWC. I was very pleased with the decision to complete this course. It was enjoyable and I feel much more knowledgeable about children's picture books.

Olwyn Jones 7 months ago

Bouquets to Bron, her feedback was incredibly valuable to me. To have the opportunity to be assessed by a published historical fiction author was helpful and eye opening. I enjoyed reading the work of others, as well as their feedback to me, and being motivated to get behind my desk and continue writing!

I felt my story was validated by all who gave feedback. Initially I'd been afraid it could have been ridiculed as it is lightweight compared to most. I now accept that a mix of writing is needed to cater for all types of readers.

If you have a great story in your head but are struggling to move beyond the first few chapters, this course can help by providing constructive criticism (and praise) from a peer group and tutor. I found it was not only motivational but it also gave me the confidence to navigate what I expect will be a frustrating and fantastic road ahead!

Nick Leslie 7 months ago

The AWC website was INCREDIBLY welcoming for writers, particularly those who were either new or very rusty. The humour and constant words of encouragement sprinkled throughout the site, ads, newsletters and course outlines made it very approachable.

It was a little out of my price range at first, especially during COVID. Plus, obviously, the fear that I wouldn't take criticism well, even if it was completely well-intentioned! But I quickly deduced that it was a worthwhile investment, particularly from the AWC, so I saved up for a little while and put the money aside for when it opened up again.

I thought Bernadette was very fair in her feedback. She gave honest, actionable criticism for each of us.

I enjoyed the self-paced structure. The way the whole process was broken down into small, achievable bits. There's also a great sense of humour and "informality" with the AWC, which makes the whole process waaaay less daunting.

Receiving real, meaty feedback on my work helped me see the minor (mostly) technical flaws in my writing and allowed me to improve my skills. I can already see a difference to what I'm writing now to what I wrote even just a month ago.

The AWC seemed like a very welcoming, collaborative place, even online.

Necia Zimmermann 7 months ago

Hearing that it is possible has fed my fire for writing.
At this stage, I’m the only one that believes in me to do this, so reinventing myself is my support.

George Votzourakis 7 months ago

It was a good valued introductory course to learning how to put together a children's picture book. The feedback was useful and succinct.

I enjoyed reading children’s books again, haven't done that in many years. Learning about all the little intricacies of this industry.

It's inspired me to write my book, and I'm enrolling in the Masterclass for that assistance.

The Australian Writers' Centre provides courses by people who have been there and done that, and will guide you to achieve your dream.

Catherine Woodger 7 months ago

I definitely enjoyed the practical content of the course. Explains the nuts and bolts of the craft and in an order that makes sense. Each week builds on the knowledge of the previous week in a seamless fashion. Liked the combination of audio lessons and handouts. I'd rewind the audio, listen again, and move on when ready. Liked the encouraging tone.

Sue provided thoughtful and constructive feedback.

It's given me confidence in my writing abilities and the belief that I could be a freelance writer if I apply all I've learned in this course. It's now up to me to get on with it.

'Wear out your shoes and luck will follow.' Like most creative endeavours, it's 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration!! in other words, don't sit around waiting for inspiration, just get started and the ideas will come.

It's a very supportive environment and it's very practical. The tutors are experienced professionals.... oh and it's a lot of fun! A bit challenging of course, as it should be.

Thank you to Valerie and Sue for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Thank you for taking the time to put together a really practical course. Thanks also to the team behind the scenes who responded quickly to my emails. By the way, the learning hub is very user-friendly.

Kirsty Street 7 months ago

I wanted to understand the steps to be able to pitch, find stories, and get them out there. This was only 5 weeks which was a perfect short course.

I enjoyed being able to access all the student's contributions and found this to be a good learning. I enjoyed the thorough comments from Sue and her constructive feedback was helpful in pointing me in the right direction. I enjoyed being able to choose my own story and apply all the skills I am learning to that story.

I know that I can write well and that I am on the right track. This reinforced to me that this is a good journey for me to be on and to be persistent in reaching my goals. That I do have the skills to be able to write well.

I would say that it is easy to achieve in the timeframe, the assignments don’t take up too much of your week, and the learning is flexible and valuable. I completed Blogging for Beginners and Reinventing Yourself while I was doing this course! Both of these complemented well.

Lloyd Ellis 7 months ago

I was nervous about taking this step, whether I'd be up to it. It did wonders for my confidence. Bernadette was a great tutor, very encouraging, really helped me develop confidence about my ability as a writer.

Saskia van Graver 7 months ago

I was interested in learning a new skill which could potentially provide a source of income. Bernadette was incredibly knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others. It's a stepping stone to your new copywriting career.

Simone Rosamond-Davis 7 months ago

This course was fantastic. I thought the structure was brilliant and every Monday morning the dog got a particularly long walk, while I listened to the lessons.

The tutor was brilliant. So helpful and motivating. I feel like everybody on the course learnt so much in such a short time. Between the first submission and the second, you could see the improvement in their work... particularly in 'showing not telling'.

I enjoyed the lessons and the personal feedback, especially from the tutor.

Due to the course, I set myself a deadline (before I was procrastinating and kept going back to edit). I learnt that I need to keep moving forward and now I'm writing from 5.30-6.30am each day and have to write 1000 words. I hope to have my first draft finished by November/December. Fingers crossed!

I'm a writer (was a journalist and now a teacher, specialising as an Instructional Leader in writing) but I learnt a lot and didn't realise how much I needed the motivation. It's a great course for a busy person.

Talisa Salmon 7 months ago

I appreciated the care and attention Bernadette gave to all of us, the opportunity to read fellow classmates' writing and the feedback given to them. The support of an encouraging yet discerning tutor stayed with me all week.

I enjoyed the weekly deadline as a motivator, as well as the opportunity to work alongside my classmates.

The course material is so interesting, I will relisten and reread it as I feel it really enriched my writing. I have extended some of the exercises, e.g. imagining fully the location & setting before writing, character building and using POV, and have found them incredibly useful to improve my writing.

The effect of the course has been both practically and emotionally supportive. The structural guidance has been delicious! I wish I learned these techniques earlier. Surprisingly, I felt encouraged by the creative 'risk' taken by my classmates. The way we were gently upheld and firmly guided has been a revelation.

The course material is informative, helpful and never patronising. The course is structured well. Each week you have the opportunity to apply new techniques and receive supportive feedback. If you are keen to learn the fundamentals of creative writing then this is the course for you.

A heartfelt thanks to this organisation. I have already signed up for one of the Fiction Essentials and plan to do more.

Duana Toppi 7 months ago

Thank you for providing a wonderful course with a spectacular, insightful and supportive teacher. Zanni was very knowledgeable, fair and supportive. I enjoyed the creativity and the challenge.

I definitely feel that this is an avenue I wish to pursue and that I may have some success in.

I look forward to enrolling in more courses.

Rhiannon Reintjens 7 months ago

I've always loved to write stories for children, but I knew that I needed help to perfect my craft. I'd heard very good reviews for this course so I gave it a try. I didn't enrol earlier because finance has always been an issue for me and I wasn't sure if the course would be worth it as it was only 5 weeks long. But I was wrong!

Zanni was an excellent tutor. You could see that she had the experience and the knowledge of a picture book writer. Her feedback was honest and constructive, but always positive. She wouldn't just tell you that something needed work, but would also provide suggestions on how to fix it. I'm incredibly happy that Zanni was my tutor.

I enjoyed being able to connect with like-minded people, encouraging each other and being inspired by their work. You build a real sense of community, even though you're based online.

I have more confidence, not only in my ability as a writer, but also the confidence to be able to approach publishers. I feel that I have a more solid foundation, which will make it easier to stand behind my books.

The Australian Writers' Centre is not just a teaching resource but a real community. The connections you make with your tutors and others are so valuable. Everyone is positive and encouraging; you come away from each session feeling revived and refreshed. The tutors really know their craft. I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time. 100% worth it!

Valerie Miller 7 months ago

This course was fantastic. It actually took me longer to complete as I stopped to build my platform. I am pleased to say that it has been a great experience and that I am enjoying my social media presence and blogging a great deal because of the advice the course has given me. It was a fantastic course.

I am an emerging writer and wanted to get my platform created so I could use the time as I write my novel to gain traction and build relationships. I wanted to become more informed in what other writers are doing and to keep abreast of industry news. I also wanted to make sure that I used social media in the best possible way as a writer and as a writer within the community.

I am connecting with writers and building some warm and genuine connections. I feel that I am part of the writing community, not just in Australia but with people oversees as well.

If you want to be a writer then the Australian Writers' Centre is the place to get all the skills, knowledge, support and advice from. It is the community you will connect with as an emerging writer.

Raylee Huggett 7 months ago

It was an area that I needed more training and experience in. I want to use this in my future writing.

I enjoyed researching the keywords and what worked best. I'm looking forward to going into more depth with this.

The course has tightened my writing and I've gained a better understanding of content keywords, H1, H2, etc.

Go for it - you will not regret doing their courses or reading their resources. I’m looking forward to doing more courses.

Linda Swadling 7 months ago

I have had some books accepted for publication with a small publisher but I know I have a lot to learn. I had ideas for other books and had written a rough draft of another so I decided to use this course to improve my writing and learn more about the writing process.

I really liked the structure of the course and thought 5 weeks was a great introduction into the world of writing picture books. I work well to a deadline so I found the module each week with submission by Sunday 11:59 worked well and fit easily into my schedule.

I really enjoyed the feedback provided by Zanni not just for my submissions but for the other students as well. I found some great information in her reviews and feedback that I have incorporated into my current drafts. The challenge to create new stories and incorporate the feedback. The information in each module gave a great understanding of requirements. I think each component was introduced in a great way without being too overwhelming.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the format of it that I would love to continue with structured writing like this, but I think the course was perfect the way it was. The right length, right amount of information, and great feedback.

I have already incorporated the ideas into my current drafts but it has also given me some insight into why my books have stalled with my publisher. There are some bits of information that I hadn't sent through as I wasn't sure what it was asking and now I know. Definitely less is more with picture books. I had been writing to give clues to the reader and illustrator but I have learned to trust my writing and let the story give the clues.

The course is well structured and you will find great information here. I am actually going to recommend this to a lady I know who would like to enter into children's book illustrating.

Hannah Juanta 7 months ago

I am in the process of discovering my 'next right thing' in life, while juggling two kids, and would love to be able to pursue my love of writing in a more professional/paid capacity. The course was very appealing as it was online with limited contact hours and this suited my mum-life at the moment. The reviews of the course were also really good and from like-minded people.

The assignments were actually really fun and creative, and pushed me in terms of how I usually write vs. how a freelancer would write.

Thank you, Val and Sue, for your input and support in creating and facilitating this!

It's an easy paced, informative way to learn something totally new or hone existing skills while learning from some of the best. It was a great 5 weeks - I wish it were longer!

I'm calling myself a writer and we're doing this.

Charlotte Eldridge 7 months ago

I had completed the Copywriting Essentials course and really enjoyed it. This course was more in depth which I loved, and I like the teaching and course style.

The tutor was fantastic. Encouraging and constructive.

I enjoyed being able to get feedback. This has been hugely beneficial and just given me the right push to set up as a freelance copywriter. Thank you, Bernadette. I have the confidence to write! I have been provided with set formulas, tricks to help me if I am stuck and tools I can use that won't cost the world.

Sharmayne Riseley 7 months ago

I was inspired by the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast and continue to be inspired. The price made me pause, but it was worth it. My writing has improved in leaps and bounds.

The course really stretched my writing muscles. Bernadette's feedback was helpful and constructive, without pandering to our egos. I really appreciated having her 'by my side'. The writing exercises made me try new things with my writing and that was invaluable.

Learning how to imagine a scene and character before starting to write has made an incredible difference to my writing. Also, taking into account the Yellow, Black, Red and Blue colours of scene writing is something I will refer to for every scene.

It's a worthwhile investment with an outcome that is tangible and effective.

THANK YOU! I have tried a few other courses elsewhere, but the AWC Creative Writing Stage 1 course has actually delivered what it promised - and then some. Thank you so much for being the shove I needed to get going.

Penelope Field 7 months ago

I wanted to create a solid foundation in my creative writing and decided to start with the basics.

Stephen Hart is a great tutor who gives constructive and objective feedback, giving everyone a fair chance in this course. I really enjoyed seeing other fellow writers and their works, helping each other to improve and grow in creative writing.

This course really helped to build a solid foundation in my creative writing, especially with creating characters, which has always been a challenge for me. A major learning moment for me was when I realised how much actually went into creating a character, even minor ones.

This course is beneficial, easy to access and reasonably priced. Definitely worth checking out and giving a go if you want to get started with creative writing.

Debey Green 7 months ago

The overview gave a great outline of the course, and I felt that I would be able to re-establish a regular writing routine with having the discipline of needing to submit an assignment each week. And because it was only five weeks, I felt confident that I would complete the whole course. I’ve done other courses with AWC and always loved the content but at times I’ve let life get in the way and not completed the whole course.

Bernadette was amazing and her comments were always insightful and helpful, as well as instilling confidence. It was also great to be able to read my classmates' work and gain more knowledge from Bernadette’s comments.

I enjoyed the easy way in which the lessons were delivered helped build enthusiasm about allowing a storyline and characters to build in my mind.

It was great to learn that there’s not just ONE way to approach a story. Whether you are a ‘plotter’ or a ‘pantser’, either is ok. And it gave me the confidence to let my imagination run wild, knowing that I can come back and trim things later.

I’ve loved getting to know my characters as though they are real people and adding dimension to them.

If you’re not sure where to start, look through AWC’s courses and find something that you think will get you started.

Cheryl Stone 7 months ago

After googling many authors, groups and courses, I decided to go with AWC after hearing from other authors what a fantastic group it was. I was impressed with the course content that was delivered in such a short time.

Zanni had wonderful feedback that was motivating and knowledgeable.

I enjoyed simply allowing myself to give it a go. I have realized the difficulty in producing a picture book - a lot more complicated than had been thought! I have sparked an interest in following on and gaining a deeper understanding of my own writing. I have a long road ahead!

- Engaging my senses to assist with my writing.
- Contacts that I will use to gain more knowledge and understanding of writing.
- Planning the future to include writing and publishing a picture book
- Learning more about writing!

INDEED go ahead! Choose from the many courses available and get involved in the contact groups and lists of resources made available.

Thank you for sparking my interest even further!

Kate Burns 7 months ago

I was hesitant about the cost and online nature of the course. Afterwards, I didn't think over the cost as I found it so valuable in many ways. The online format worked much better than I expected.

Nicole always provided constructive feedback, was encouraging, and seemed to emit a warm, welcoming vibe even though it was all online. I really found her very helpful. Being affirmed of what I had done well was also very reassuring, and her suggestions were always spot on! I'm very grateful for her input.

I came away each week with a much greater appreciation of the art of writing. I realised the weight of each word on the page and the meaning it could construe. The feedback was invaluable as I have found it difficult to find someone who can give me specific feedback. It was reassuring to know I was on the right track in some parts and what I could do to improve.

To be honest, I have been mass consuming books with my addiction to reading for so long that it was only during this course that I developed an even greater respect for writers and authors. I never fully appreciated them and the journey they went on to complete and publish their work. It is an enormous commitment, a soul baring art form - it takes a ton of self-motivation and evaluation and picking yourself up again and again after feedback that can be deflating even if it is true and helpful and well-meaning!

That's not to mention that my eyes were opened to the weight of each word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, scene, plot. Mind blown. Makes me overwhelmed but strangely also driven.

If you enjoy writing - do it!

Thank you for running such worthwhile classes!

Dannielle Cresp 7 months ago

I wanted to self-publish on Kindle and wanted to take the guess work out of it.

I liked that it took me through all the steps, even the ones I hadn't really considered necessary.

I have successfully published my first novel to Kindle via KDP!

The Australian Writers' Centre has fantastic courses that are detailed and easy to follow. They take away the guess work of becoming the best writer you can be.

Nichole McCausland 7 months ago

I completed the Copywriting Essentials course and the SEO component lit my fire! I love Bernadette's approach and have enjoyed seeking her out on other platforms. I'm super keen to turn my writing into $$.

James Duncan 7 months ago

I enjoyed applying the content that I learned. It's taught me many things about writing and spurred me to persevere with a story.

Good chance to learn and gain momentum writing. Thanks! I'll probably see you again.

Femke Withag 7 months ago

I really liked the Zoom meetings. Bernadette was a great tutor and host and I much enjoyed the interaction with my fellow students.

Very professional and experienced. It was clear that Bernadette has been working in the literary scene for a long time and her remarks and questions were always insightful and useful.

I most enjoyed the interaction with everyone on Zoom. We laughed a lot and shared a lot. It was a nice group and everyone was very generous and made an effort to deliver honest and useful feedback to other participants.

I feel like I’ve made progress in my writing. I also have a better idea of how to go forward with my stories, especially regarding their structure! I even hope to publish one short story I submitted for this course.

I am a fan of AWC anyway and have recommended the centre to a few people already. I would tell them that the Writing Workout was the perfect thing to do to keep writing.

A big thank you and till next time :)

Carole Low 7 months ago

I am still trying to digest the massive amount of helpful information included in the modules. So much I didn't know about the nuts and bolts of writing.

It was obvious that Bernadette had taken the time to read every piece in its entirety. Her remarks were always positive. I also found the mp lessons made for easy listening.

It made me want to keep going - I had stalled for quite some time before this course came along. Now I can look at my writing in a new light. I found that I was much more aware of what to look for and also have a more realistic idea of long it actually takes to get a novel to publication stage.

If you want to write and you are wondering where to begin, try this!

Kaytie Dell 7 months ago

I have always loved creative writing and wanted to explore it further and further my skills and knowledge in this area.

I really enjoyed everything about this course.

Stephen was very knowledgeable. His feedback was always constructive and he always gave you something to try next time.

I am now more confident in pursuing my dream of being an author. It's an amazing and informative course with plenty of support available.

Chrystal Psaltopoulos 7 months ago

I wanted to refresh my skills and learn more about how to write great copy.

Loved the course and was particularly pleased to see that Bernadette provided feedback for all our assignments.

Highly recommended - very beneficial, easy to follow and great feedback from assignments.

I feel more confident to say I can write copy now. Thanks Bernadette for a great course! I look forward to doing more!

Katherine Shanley 7 months ago

Stephen is very thorough, considered and compassionate in his feedback. I enjoyed the motivational force of having feedback every week.

It has confirmed that the germ of an idea for a book that I got while doing the Writing for Children course in 2014 is a viable prospect for a full length novel.

Sean McGunnigle 7 months ago

I thought the course and the handouts were very thorough, as expected. It was however the emphasis on what is important in the lessons that really impressed me. The lessons were definitely the highlight. It was also a bonus being able to listen in the car on the way to work.

I was very impressed by the tutor's knowledge and helpful suggestions.

I can now see that writing is a craft that I can learn and get better at.

AWC understands the basics of good writing and how to do it. The course was thoroughly enjoyable.

VM Ryan 7 months ago

I have had this software for a while but never really used it. I really wanted to try to figure out whether it would be useful or a better way for me to write.

This course was a great introduction to the software. It was really well presented and simplified the whole process of using the program in such a way that I could just jump in and start work.

I love the sections on cork board, outlining and labelling. It's a great way to organise things. In the past the greatest barriers to writing for me has been organisation.

Great course, easy to enrol, well organised content.

Venetia Vernon 7 months ago

Bernadette was a fantastic tutor, making everyone feel welcome and valued. She was knowledgeable, encouraging and gave valuable feedback. The workshopping proved to be enjoyable.

It has giving me more confidence to move forwards.

Bernadette Franzoni 7 months ago

The tutor was encouraging but he was also able to critique in a positive way.

I enjoyed writing the pieces and listening to the feedback. Having never read "To Kill a Mockingbird" (which was on my must-read list) was a bonus.

I am more confident now and I am keen to re-read what I had previously written before the course as I know now what makes an ok story into a good story.

Have a go. It is not as scary as you think; it's easy to follow. The more you put in the more you will get out of the course.

Annette McQuarrie 7 months ago

I was actually looking at a creative writing course being offered when I came across the copywriting course. I was impressed by the course content and Bernadette's experience. I decided it would complement my editing and give me another job angle.

It is well-paced and perfect for someone starting out or wanting to do a refresher.

Bernadette is an engaging, informative instructor with a wealth of knowledge which she shares with such joy. Great sense of humour and clear communication skills. Her feedback was spot on and extremely helpful.

I enjoyed listening to Bernadette and learning from her. She knows so much and it's great to have the option of revisiting the material for 12 months to cement everything she has taught us.

I've expanded my business to include copywriting, I've revamped my website and as a result, I've been offered some ongoing work with an established publicist.

Definitely do a course. There are so many to choose from, the tutors are top quality and you can achieve wonderful results. Possibly better results than you could have anticipated.

Mar Ferrer 7 months ago

I really enjoyed listening to Alex's clear and concise feedback. Great and meaningful feedback, always flagging good points. Thanks Alex! It's been a pleasure.

Rosemary Hobern 7 months ago

I wanted someone to bring together all the essentials so I could get a jump on starting freelance work. I thought there might be a lot of negative feedback, which would be discouraging when you're just starting out. In fact, it was all a very positive and fun experience.

The tutor has a great voice - pleasant and positive and absolutely no verbal tics, which is incredibly rare. The feedback was helpful and invariably positive.

I liked the gradual structure. I learned quite a bit without realising it and feel a lot more confident about possible copywriting interviews. I can now discuss headlines, SEO and social media marketing with the best of them!

Starting to freelance in your fifties is daunting when you know that most of your competition grew up with computers and social media. I have the advantage of having written for years, including several novels, and I probably had a more rigorous grammatical education, but they have the advantage of being at ease with the jargon and social media. None of this is rocket science, but I feel much more confident about the concepts now.

It has increased my confidence tenfold. That none of this is actually terribly difficult, once you switch your brain into copywriting mode. Bernadette will explain how to do that. It's also a lot of fun and I think I could make a success of it. You'll have a good tutor and a clearly set out course. You'll learn a lot without realising it and it will help you feel confident in a quickly changing world.

Just thanks to Bernadette. I was pretty nervous about this course but I had fun and learned a lot.

Murray Wellings 7 months ago

I thought the feedback provided by Pamela was very helpful. Listening to the feedback for all students, as opposed to just my own, gave me further insight that I think will be useful going forward.

It's nice knowing you are on the right path. The other students seemed to like the characters I am developing. You always have doubts when you are working in your own little bubble. Also knowing there are other people at the same point as me feels kind of nice.

This is the second course I have done and I'm sure I'll be back for more.

Om S. 7 months ago

I wanted to get practical, methodical advice to help in my writing, and this looked like it covered a variety of skills I wanted to brush up on.

The feedback Ms. Freeman gave me completely exceeded my expectations. I was expecting some simple written comments, but the video format was great and I really appreciated her feedback. There were a lot of gems in what she said. I have a very positive impression of her.

I enjoyed the assignments and listening to the feedback I got from my mentor.

It gave me some practical tips which I’ve used in writing projects and has allowed me to think clearly about how to organise my efforts in writing (and it’s worked, too, since I’ve used some of these tips in school assessments, and to some success :) )

Morgen Brown 7 months ago

I was impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the feedback process, as well as the focus on the positive. I enjoyed the ability to give and get feedback.

I had begun to wane in my drive and inspiration, but my love of writing has been rekindled.

I would say that it is a great way to connect with like-minded people who wish to develop their writing skills in a supportive environment. Thank you.

Rob Ehlers 7 months ago

I needed a change and have always been interested in writing but have never had the confidence to pursue it. Given the reputation of AWC, I knew this short course would be targeted to someone like me, and it was.

It has all the information you need to get yourself going as a writer. All the resources and practical information is provided.

Joshua Dickens 7 months ago

I wanted to learn more about creative writing. This course stood out due to the online method and the experience of the teachers. It was very good, better than I thought it would be. I hadn’t studied writing before so everything I learnt was new.

Annabel is fantastic. Her feedback was exceptional and from her feedback I was able to increase my knowledge even further.

I liked everything about this course. I now know that I wish to continue learning about creative writing and have started writing at home in my spare time.

Give it a go. It’s a great course to do online and everyone is welcoming.

Amariah Berechiah 7 months ago

I wanted to get some writing guidance within content writing for various articles.

I liked the strategy templates and the ABC examples, the variety of articles. It was simply articulated which made each session enjoyable. The resources were great to use.

A well-structured writing course that was very beneficial for me.

It gives me the confidence to handle different types of articles.

Amariah Berechiah 7 months ago

I enjoyed the structure and various examples of different types of blogs. The information was conveyed simply.

It was a great course, it had great examples, ideas and structure.

Clare McQuillen 7 months ago

I enjoyed hearing from people who had reinvented themselves without any prior experience, while working or parenting full time. Their stories made it seem possible that I could actually do it too.

I needed inspiration and hearing these success stories strengthened my determination to get started. It also made me realise that while I might like to dabble in writing articles and short stories, my real passion lies in novel writing.

I needed to hear Val say people in their forties, fifties and older can do this - I needed validation that I'm not too old to start.

Mel Morey 7 months ago

The tutor was very knowledgeable. Explained things well. Personable. Delivered feedback with respect. I enjoyed the feedback.

As I work in local government, I have been taught to write in a certain way. This course has reinforced some aspects, but has expanded my mind in other aspects. Very enjoyable, real world examples, quite a few 'aha!' moments.

Dalre Chin 7 months ago

I had been journaling and writing notes of inspirations and ideas that come to mind for a very long time but have never been able to construct a story or a sequence of scenes. I really wanted to gain some technical skills in writing fiction to move me forward.

I wasn't too familiar with the Australian Writers Centre and the course being entirely online, I was a little nervous but it has been an excellent experience. I'm glad I enrolled.

Annabel was very efficient in her feedback while still giving us her undivided attention to each piece of writing. She's obviously very experienced and knowledgeable.

I really enjoyed getting to read other people's work and hearing feedback on them. We are all very different in our writing styles and ideas that we put on the page, so it was special to be able to get insight into other people's writing heads!

Since starting this course, I have been able to develop my story's plot outline and have written the first 2000 words, which I have never been able to achieve before.

I feel that I have more tools up my sleeve to help me through the writing process, which gives me more motivation to continue on. I wasn't sure I could pull it off before but now I believe that I can and I am thoroughly enjoying the writing experience.

If you are feeling stuck with your dream of getting started on writing a story, take this course. It will help with the technical side of writing, turning your inspirations and ideas into a concrete story that can be written and made sense of.

Anna Mahoney 7 months ago

I was attracted to this course because I wanted to know more about blogging and why I should consider it. I enjoyed the informal tone coupled with lots of valuable tips. I had no idea it would be so easy to do. AWC has really improved my writing skills and knowledge of the tools available to me as a writer.

Linda Blore 7 months ago

The tutor's feedback and approach was great. It was also great to see other people's work and their feedback. Such a broad range of students too meant there was alot to learn from their approaches (what worked and what didn't).

"Show don't tell" and "less is more" seem like small things but they put language around something that I could see in mine and other people's writing when it wasn't quite working so now it's so much easier for me to avoid it and edit it.

Annabel was a great tutor. It's motivating and nice to share your work with others even if it's far from perfect and you're just learning. It felt like a safe space.

Shannon Meyerkort 7 months ago

It appealed to me because it breaks down what can feel like an overwhelming task into manageable chunks. I did the whole course over a few days (without actually doing any of the steps) to get my head around what I needed to do, and will now go back and follow the steps. I like how it has already made me think big picture about my themes and characters, so I will go into the edit thinking critically.

It helps you see a logic to the editing process - it's helpful to think of it as layers and steps as it makes it not so overwhelming. While I already knew a fair chunk of the advice, the course has laid it out in a very structured manner.

I found the course useful in demystifying the process of self-editing by breaking down an overwhelming process into ordered and structured steps. I have no doubt my books will be much improved for the knowledge I now possess!

Audrey Dargan 7 months ago

I thought Bernadette an excellent tutor. I enjoyed sharing work with the other members of the group. Learning about different concepts. How powerful the written word is on the consciousness of the writer; how writing engages the intelligence and the emotional aspects of the writer. How important it is to use language appropriate to the character depicted.

I would encourage aspiring writers to enrol in the courses offered by Australian Writers' Centre. I really enjoyed being part of the class.